Lot 48: netflix finds part 3

September 3, 2015

netflix finds part 3

another edition of netflix finds!! yay!! happy day! these are my favorite posts to write! i love sharing my favorite netflix finds with you! there are so many movies, it is so hard to sort through all of them.  to catch up, here is my first list of netflix finds and my second.  
i think you know by now that my favorite movies on netflix are the cute love happens girl has a dream type situation.  and i think that netflix knows that by now because it came up on the main screen when it released on instant, and i was thankful.  this movie was cute and is a cross between twelfth night and cinderella.  i know.  sounds weird.  but, it's cute.  and i liked it. 

i loved this one! a raising helen situation.  classic story of a woman who inherits a baby and has no idea what she is doing and then falls in love with baby and does she drop corporate life? does she? or not? hmmmm... find out i guess..

i think this got bad reviews, but i don't know why.  i loved this one.  i am fascinated by royalty, and also by diana.  and this was brilliant.  it focuses on her relationship with the infamous indian doctor that you hear so much about (but in reality, come on, i was about 4 when she died, so my knowledge of her is slim, so i had never heard of said infamous affair and taran and i had to look up the doctor afterwards to see if he was real.  he is.) diana reminded me a lot of me.  she was a very pressured woman who really needed to mental care, seriously.  she handled it remarkably well, i thought, from what the film showed.  and what i did read from the reviews, is that the film was accurate.  

this film was really, really funny.  a couple buys a duplex in brooklyn and has a very annoying, very aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhh-i-am-going-to-strangle-you neighbor above them who is a very old woman.  she drives them crazy and causes really funny scenes.  definitely a date night movie.  

i loved this one.  it really explored a happy accident trying to juggle it all and trying to raise a baby you didn't expect but love to pieces and taking for granted your friends who basically raise your baby with you.  i have always loved krysten ritter and really admire her for writing this film.  i absolutely loved it.

 this was my absolute favorite out of all the movies i watched on this list.  it's one of those movies that you love so much you wish you could forget it all so you could experience it again.  i want to watch more movies by this writer.  it is about a woman who got hit by a car and broke an arm and a leg and lives in, like, a fifth floor walk up in NYC and really can't take care of herself because, hello, she has a broken arm and leg.  her ex boyfriend broke up with her after she took care of him for two years through colon (was it that?) cancer.  to even the score, she asks him to take care of her.  display of human guilt, hate, love, revenge, and mostly friendship unfolds in this highly entertaining movie about the fine line between hate and love and oh my word how much do i sound like a movie critic. just watch it k? k.

this movie was kind of depressing but also worth a watch.  it's about a cobbler who with a magical cobbler machinado can become the person who owns the shoes by wearing the shoes.  the plot is fun because he gets into some trouble but gets his way out of it and does a lot of good with his magic shoes.  worth a watch.

and those are my netflix finds!! and these are old finds, i haven't really found any lately, so if you have, please, recommend some to me!! 


  1. I love these posts from you! I always save them so I can reference them again when I'm scrolling through Netflix with nothing to watch! :)

  2. Thank you!! I feel like I usually spend just as much time searching for a good movie as watching the movie itself! I def just added these to my watch list.

  3. Is it bad that I remember when Baby Boom was out in theaters?

  4. I thought Diana was good. It followed a piece of her life that many people didn't know about.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. I LOVE Baby Boom and Duplex. Those are both such fun movies.

    I didn't see Diana but I really wanted to. I'll check it out. I always loved Diana. I was in college when she died. In fact, I was 4 when she and Prince Charles got married, and I can remember my mom watching the wedding and I was fascinated by that long train.


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