Lot 48: love your body

September 16, 2015

love your body

we are far too hard on ourselves not only when it comes to ourselves in general, but especially when it comes to our bodies. i wanted to share some inspirational body image quotes i found from this buzzfeed article that really made me feel better about myself and made me think.  i hope they lift you up as they did me! 

 {classic quote}


this one kind of shocked me.  it's hard to think tswift has body issues.  she is a stick. 

have a wonderful wednesday!


  1. These are great! Women can be so hard on each other. I went through a period of great stress in my life where I was down to a size 0, and it made me realize that there is literally no way to win when it comes to looks. My mom was terrified I was anorexic, and my niece who is just built larger told me how much she hated me pretty much every time she saw me. Loosing weight and shrinking sizes without trying makes people really upset- even when it was coming at the expense of my health and happiness. Now I'm much heavier and even a little on the chunky side- but I've started working more on eating to be healthy and happy and being physically fit for MYSELF rather than focusing on a size or the opinion of others. It's sad all the conflicting messages and damage we push on ourselves and others- great post!

  2. It has taken me a long time to love who I am my body isn't thin or in great shape but I am a kind loving person and that is important


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