Lot 48: hey it's friday already

September 25, 2015

hey it's friday already

hey! how did we get to friday again? time to wrap the week up by listing things that i'm excited about, things that have happend this week, etc. 

1. the opening of my show is getting so close! we open in ONE WEEK!!  i can't believe it!! there is still a lot of work to be done on the show, but it will get done! i'm just so excited to start doing the show! the thing i am most worried about is mingling with audience members before the dinner theater show starts while i'm in character.  i don't know what to talk about! eeeekk! 

2.  i am really proud of myself for filling my life with meaningful, fulfilling things.  my  volunteer work is really making me happy and is making such a difference in my life.  i am about to hopefully embark on a new volunteer opportunity i had my interview this week so cross your fingers i really want it to work out! 

3. linking up with bailey for blogtember by sharing 3 songs that i am really connecting with right now. 

i found troye sivan through taylor swift's instagram.   she posted that she was listening to him and so i started listening and now i can't stop.  something big is a great pump up LETS DO IT song and stockholm is a soft rock gem that makes you feel cool driving around with the windows down. bam.

4.  wonder how a tv show goes from brain to screen? if you didn't catch it last year, read my post on the anatomy of a television show explaining how exactly a tv series gets made.  speaking of tv, i started watching the mysteries of laura and weird loners.  weird loners only has 6 episodes and hulu only has 5 episodes of the mysteries of laura but it is so good i wish they had all the episodes!! i want more!! TMOL is really really good and i wish i could binge watch the episodes!! i also started binge watching orphan black and WOW OH WOW OH WOW SO GOOD OH MY GOSH. 

5.  it is now officially fall (yay!) and yet here it is 90 degrees still.  apparently the weather didn't get the memo. and i want it to be fall so badly, because you know how i feel about fall!!  is it fall like weather where you live? 
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  1. Yeah, isn't it SO rude of the weather not to be on the same page as the apparent seasons? Lame! ;)

  2. Yeah...when I was driving across the desert last night, it was 97 in Baker, California at 9:30 at night. Someone seriously needs to remind the weather that it's fall now.

    I'm so excited for your show! You are gonna rock!


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