Lot 48: girl, please, you got nothing on me with fall

September 9, 2015

girl, please, you got nothing on me with fall

there are a lot of posts floating around the internet about fall now that labor day has passed.  and it kind of makes me laugh.  it's like if someone was talking about taylor swift and how they feel like they would be friends with her or how much they love her when i'm like, her best friend in real life or something.

me and fall has something special.  don't tell taran, shhhhh.  we have a special bond, you see.  summer makes me really anxious.  i hate summer.  it makes all the hairs on my neck stand up and makes me really jumpy for some reason.  but fall.  oh fall, my beautiful, beautiful fall.  it calms me.  it soothes me.  it is like a really warm hug that lasts for months.  i feel peaceful.

i love the way the trees look, the way the leaves change.   the smell of the crisp fall air.  the smell of pumpkin.  baking pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.  those are my favorite cookies and i bake them year round, but this time, it isn't weird! 

i love dressing up in warm clothes, warm sweaters, warm socks.  i love the clothes.  booths, scarfs, the works.  it's all so cute!

i love drinks hot chocolate and cuddling up in my bed trying to get warm with a good book and my cozy blankets.  fall brings more snuggles, and just more comfort.  

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  1. I like fall. I used to like it more when I lived in Utah and there was an obvious change in the seasons, but I like it.

    Summer will always be my favorite, though.

  2. Fall is really cool. My only problem with it is that is leads to winter. Womp, womp.

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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