Lot 48: fri-YAY!!!

September 18, 2015


hey hey hey it's friday! and i am so happy that it is!! a few good things are happening today that i am excited about!! 

1. you all know that i hate having long hair.  it's that time again.  it is far too long and is time to chop it off to that magical spot that is always my rule of thumb: the collarbone.  keep it at the collarbone, people, and nobody gets hurt.  my hair is just so d*** thick i can't stand it when it's long.  i'm drowning in it!! 

2. the state fair!! it's been going on for a week and we will go tonight or tomorrow, a few pictures from last year...

don't you love fairs? i do!! they are so much fun!! it poured rain a few days this week, so it will probably be muddy on the grounds, but that won't keep us away!! i'm so excited! 

3. speaking of excited, tomorrow is producer's preview for my show!! {quick recap if you don't know: i am in a salem witch trials dinner theater show that will run the month of october.  i play the town judges bratty daughter who at the end turns out to be the lead witch of the coven. it's a lot of fun and i am so happy to be back in the saddle of acting again after a 6 year hiatus!}  so tomorrow at rehearsal we get to do the show at a restaurant we will do the show and, i get to try on my costume, we will have sound, and it will start to feel real! i'm really excited! we have worked so hard and are so close to opening! i can't wait!

4.  i'm so glad that belinda is doing a friday linkup! i always look forward to her friday posts and now i can linkup with her on fridays! her friday posts are always the most fun with her starbucks selfie and are so uplifting and make me look forward to the weekend even more! 

5.  the emmy's are this weekend!!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!! this is my superbowl!!! as an aspiring comedy writer, i make sure to never miss watching the emmys, and since i don't have a working tv, i have to go to my in laws to watch.  i look forward to this time of year every year and i can't WAIT!! this year i am seriously considering putting on a gown to go watch, to make me feel like i am actually attending. i'm serious, i probably will.  watch instagram, because there is no way i would do that and not instagram it.

have a happy weekend!! 


  1. Amen to keeping it at the collarbone! That's the trick. Now if I could just remember that every time I try to go longer or shorter...

  2. Hi my weekend has so far been pretty good went out for lunch yesterday as on Tuesday (22nd) Tim and I will have been married for 31 years


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