Lot 48: why i don't drink

August 28, 2015

why i don't drink

*first i must disclaim that i make absolutely NO judgements towards anybody's lifestyles and this in NO WAY is a post with a shaking finger to all those who drink.  i am only stating my own opinions and beliefs.  you have beliefs that i stand behind you in your right to share yours, and i hope you stand behind my right to share mine.  in reality, this post probably isn't a big deal, but i have like, practically a paranoia about offending people.** 

hello! happy friday! this is a blog post that has been sitting in my draft folders for a while now and has been something that i have long been wanting to address.  because i don't drink just because i am mormon.  it really isn't just that reason, it isn't just because it is against my beliefs.  it is so much more than that.  and i have a platform to explain myself and voice why.  

you could really peg it to a promise i made to my dad when i was 5.  i was raised mormon, and was therefore, taught from a very young age about the word of wisdom, and that my church's gospel teaching's does not condone alcohol or drugs.  period.  obviously, not drugs, nobody condones drugs, except for pot (although many argue pot isn't a drug) but in my church, no alcohol period.  not an occasional glass of wine with dinner, not at parties, nothing.  ever.  it's not like we are going to throw you out on your butt if you go into church smelling of alcohol, because if you try to only let people into church who haven't sinned, there would be no one there. but if are drinking, that is a problem that has to be dealt with the bishop, our equivalent of a priest of rabbi or what have you.

anyway.  i made up songs a lot when i was little.  and i loved my savior and the teachings of the gospel from a young age.  one day after church, i started singing this song about how i would never drink alcohol or do drugs and my dad rerecorded it.  it's very special, we both hold it very dear.  i'm 25.  and i have kept that promise.  i have been in more bars than i can count to go dancing, and have never had a drop.  i keep my promises.  but it more than just a promise to my dad.  because if i really wanted to drink, a 20 year old promise i made when i was wee bit high wasn't going to stop me.

1) i can't stand the smell of the stuff.  i really can't.  just like i can't eat something that smells bad, i can't drink something that smells bad. i get just a whiff of alcohol and i nearly toss my cookies.  i'm sorry, i really, really don't see the appeal. the appeal i can see is wine or any other fruity drinks.  

2) hang overs seem like hell.  they really do.  i've seen enough of them on tv and in movies and heard about them from friends that yes, they are in fact, just that bad.  noooo thank you.  it sounds awful.  i don't want to put my body through that. 

3) and last but not least and really, the most important, i have some alcoholism in my family.  i have seen it destroy too many lives.  i have seen it take too many souls, too many marriages, too many lives to justify getting anywhere near it.  i believe alcoholism is genetic.  and i know i have that gene.  i can look each of you in the face and tell you i really believe there is at least an 80% i would be an alcoholic.  it runs too deep in my family.  it runs too deep in veins for that not to happen.  i also know my personality.  with that and my genes, it wouldn't mix well.  

4) to explain for those curious why the lds church is against alcohol, let me see if i can explain accurately.  mostly, it is for reason #3 i cited.  alcohol is a slippery slope.  actually, when the church was being formed back in the 1800s, everyone from the prophet to people like me drank wine. and chewed tobacco.  because it was the 1800s and they had no idea it was bad for them.  the prophet, the prophet that brought the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (that is us "mormons" actual name? whodathunk? that's why we prefer to be refered to as lds or Latter Day Saints so we don't have to say that incredibly long name every time we talk about us) back to earth was named Joseph Smith. He received revelation from God (because, really, how else was he going to find out.  it was the 1800s, people) that wine and tobacco was bad for us and he ceased distributing all that stuff in church and passed the doctrine of the word of wisdom, which we still have today.  people were really confused, and his counselors were kind of mad like "what do you mean we can't chew tobacco in our meetings anymore?? you mean never at all?" it was a hard change for a lot of people, and a lot of people just left church because of it.  their loss.  we believe that our bodies are temples, temples given to us by God and that we are to treat them with respect by taking care of them.  taking care of them by not partaking of things that are bad for us like alcohol and drugs and caffeine (let's not get into that. no coffee.  blurred lines on soda. i drink the diet dr pepper.  i loooooove me the diet dr pepper) and there are bunches and bunches of scriptures on eating healthy and sleeping enough and exercising and taking care of your body.  because our bodies are temples are to be taken care of.  

whew! and that is why doctrine says we can't drink alcohol!! because it's bad for us and addictive.  

there are times when i'm having a really rough day and i'm watching tv and i see someone on tv having an equally rough day (cough olivia pope cough) and they pour a glass of wine and i think "that looks nice. i bet that would actually 'take the edge off' if i had just one" but i never will.  i will go to this grave never knowing what alcohol tastes like.   and that is just f-i-n-e by me.

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  1. I can't say that I've NEVER had any alcohol, but it's not something that has ever been a habit and it's been years since I've even touched it. That doesn't mean I'm not tempted sometimes...


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