Lot 48: sweet's candy company

August 12, 2015

sweet's candy company

well well i'm baaacck! who missed me? or did you notice i took an accidental break from blogging? it's okay if you didn't notice i was gone.  alllll is forgiven.

a few weeks ago, i something happened that can only be described as a living a dream that i never thought i would actually get to experience.  i toured a candy company.  and it was magical.  i have toured a chocolate factory, but it only had chocolate and i am more of a tangy sweets kind of gal, give me a lemon drop over chocolate any day.  this place was my dream.  it made taffy, jelly beans, and everything in between.  it was complete magic.  and i will go back very soon, just you wait and see. 
i was really confused when we got there and the name of the company had a possessive 's.'  "sweet's, like sweet is someone's last name? is that what is happening here?" yes.  a guy with the last name sweet founded the company, but really, i mean, what else was he gonna do.  he had to be a candy maker, his name didn't give him much of a choice now did it?

we weren't allowed in the factory, so we watched a live feed and some videos.  we saw the huge roll of taffy get rolled and then cut up and packed and oh my my it made me drool. 

once packaged, it goes down these huge vaults to be sorted. huge, huge machines. don't worry, we got free samples.

then we watched how the jelly beans are made.

this part isn't done by machines, they have to pour the flavors into buckets and then into bigger buckets.  i bought a bag of the jelly beans after (i'll show you the store at the end) and once the jelly beans were gone, i got some jelly beans from a different maker at target.  the difference was staggering.  what i realized and remembered from the tour, was that each jelly bean's flavor isn't only in the coating, but in the middle too.  the ones i got at target were only in the coating and were so flavorless and bleeehhh and now this candy company has spoiled me and ruined me forever for other candy.

they had a little museum with antiques from the dawn of the candy company and it was really adorable. 

the carpeting when you enter the factory

this was reception. so cute! 

they had trivia all over the stair wall and you could fill out a sheet and if you got them all right you could win a thing of taffy but we just wanted to wander around instead.  but i really liked this piece fo trivia ;)

the candy at the factory was so cheap! and you could get taffy that wasn't packaged properly or whatever for cheaper in these huge boxes! yes please!

everything on all the walls made me drool.  writing this makes me drool.

this is a miniature size version of the big machine that turns the jelly beans to shake them up and get the coating on all of them and then get the gel coating on them that separates them.  it was loud.

and now the best part.... the store!!

i love orange sticks! i know i said i'm a tangy girl, but this is an exception because it is tangy chocolate!

huge huge jelly beans!! 

i loved touring the candy company with my friend steph! everything was so cheap! you could get an assorted bag from that taffy behind me for less than $2 and they had the best flavors! my favorite was lemon lime. YUM! the factory is actually pretty close to where i live and i think it is about time for me to run down there to get more taffy.  and jelly beans.  but i think this time i'll get jumbo fruit sours.  


  1. Oh my gosh, so I love chocolate but that taffy looks drool-worthy. Looks like such a cool experience!

  2. This is SO cool, what a fun experience! Sounds like you had the best time...how great!

  3. What a fun place! Looks like such a great experience!

  4. What a fun experience! I would love to go there!

  5. Oh my goodness, what a fun day!

    xx Kelly
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