Lot 48: parade of homes

August 17, 2015

parade of homes

i love attending the parade of homes each year.  do you have such a thing where you live? it's so much fun.  you get a map and get to go into these amazing houses and tour them and be jealous and go home hating where you live.

taran and i only had one day to hit the houses, and there are 44, so we didn't go to any house under $1 million.  the first house we went to blew my freaking mind.  and it will blow yours too.  and it's a vacation home, not even a main home! seriously thinking of squatting! this family obviously wants to come for the skiing and maybe to get out of the humidity for a bit in the summer. 
this house was $1.7 million

right when you walk in, you see a water fountain above the fireplace.  aaa-mazing. 

  beautiful living room with a beautiful view.
you walk onto the patio and it is in the perfect spot away from the sun so it is just right temperature.  i would have breakfast there every morning. 

 looking down from the patio is a gorgeous pool and basketball court.

inside is one of the mind blowing kids rooms.  and boy oh boy were there many.

the seven dwarfs room!! filled with jewels and seven dwarfs music! and it was connected to snow white's cottage.

snow white's cottage. blurry picture of her bed. 

can you believe the detail in this room?  they hired 6 artists to draw all of these rooms! and there were 14 hidden apples in this room! the drawings were amazing! 

 a super hero room.  perfect for any little hero obsessed boy.

and then my very favorite room... the princess room!!  

 i wanted to live in this room!! it was such an amazing princess room, any little (or big girl's) dream!! i was obsessed! i wanted to stay in there forever!

then there was the hobbit room!

a rock trail to the hobbit lair

and a slide from the roof of the hobbit lair!

the little lair was so cute! you can totally tell this picture was doctored.  it was really dark so i tried to warm it up a bit but you still can't really tell what was in there.  there was a little ladder up to the roof where the slide was!

the view from the top of the hobbit lair! green "grass" on the roof and the slide.  the slide was very much made for kids.  i barely fit in the slide!

outside there was this beautiful crooked wooden stair path to this beautiful gazeebo. 

such a beautiful house! it was gorgeous! are you having house envy like i am?

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  1. Oh wow, I would LOOOVE to do something like this...! I wonder if I can convince the owners of the fabulous houses to open them up for us!! Princess room, what a lucky girl!!! So jealous! ;)


  2. Wow I've never heard of that but that house is amazing. The only thing I would not look forward to in a house like that is the cleaning. But I'm sure they probably are able to hire a cleaning person. Love the architecture of the house too.


  3. Wow, that house is trippy. I always here about parade of homes, but I've never done it. Come link up today!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  4. What a beautiful house! I can't believe they put so much effort into a vacation home!


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