Lot 48: favorite RHONYC moments

August 26, 2015

favorite RHONYC moments

i just finished watching RHONYC season 3 and man oh man is that show hilarious and entertaining.  i thought i would share some of my favorite moments because i love that show like i love the kardashians: so far from reality and ridiculous and just the best comedy on television.  ridiculous. 
for sure one of my favorite moments was ramona walking at brooklyn fashion weekend.  jill said it right "it was like an alien invaded her body."  ramona is known for her crazy eyes, but this was just another level. and it was completely hilarious.  i almost died laughing.
can we talk about kelly for a second? she is INSANE!!! shse has to pick a fight with EVERYONE! if someone is just sitting there having a normal conversation, she has to voice her unwanted opinions and just attacks everyone.  visciously.  and then when she recounts the encounter to jill or luann or to someone else, she plays herself as the victim.  she needs professional help. like they say at the end of season 3 when they are on their trip when they realize that this b*** is crazy and she really needs to go to a professional.
kelly, we will never ever be friends. call in taylor swift so she can get the message across.  you are far too crazy.

how i feel every single time kelly talks. 

no actually this is more accurate

and how i felt once she let the trip early

and of course, ramona always needs her wine, which just makes things funnier
we can't leave without discussing the countess. cause we know she is a tiger. this look perfectly depicts her personality.  rawwrrrrrr.  she is a countess and she won't let you forget it!!
but we can't forget to discuss the funniest, split in my side, mouth gaping open 'like is this real' moment in a my thus far experience of RHONYC.  when luann decided to SING and record a song she "wrote." i can't even tell you how horrible she was.  the end result was it was mixed into a million pieces and ended up being a dance song because she can't hold a tune to save her life so it had to be mixed and turned into a dance tune in order for it to be listenable. (is that word?) i was laughing so hard i couldn't even.  it was one of those rare moments that taran was watching it with me and we were both just staring open mouthed agape.  beyond hilarious.
may RHONYC live on!! 
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  1. I can't say I have watched any of the Real Housewives franchise, but I just may need to start now that I have proper internet and television! It looks like the perfect train wreck! --Dorrie @ Rt 1 US 1

  2. My friend Michele watches ALL of the RH shows and she doesn't understand why I don't watch them too. I don't know...reading this post makes me kinda think maybe I AM missing something...

  3. I am all about Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County and used to love New York, but I gave it up for a few seasons, and started again with the current season that just ended. It was so good. I have always liked Luann but girl has got to go after this last season!

  4. Old school NHONY is awesome!! Why did Luann think she could sing? And Ramona had crazy eyes on that runway. Yikes!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  5. Omg, I love hosewives anything. I'm really embarrassed to admit it, but every time they're on, regardless of the season, I have to tune in. That Ramona catwalk. YES!!!! LOL, she's just all kinds of crazy and I'm so glad that Bethenney was back this season. She always tells it like it is.


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