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August 20, 2015


i thought i would do a currently post since i haven't done one in a while and there is a lot to catch up on!! 

volunteering..... at my church's distribution center once a week and absolutely loving it. it is such a spiritual uplift for the week and so much fun.  i also start next week volunteering at refugee center helping out with their after school program with their elementary aged kids.  i can't wait, i'm so excited! but man, the background checks and getting everything together for them has been crazy! because i lived in london and california in the past 5 years, i had to get a background check from london as well as an american one, and i had to get fingerprinted. crazy! i am also working on getting all my paperwork together to volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter i volunteered at several years ago.  the process to start is very long and so i don't expect to start there for a while.  but i am so happy and my life is filled with meaning that i didn't have before.  when i say that, i don't want anyone to think i haven't found meaning in my life in my marriage or with my family or in my faith or anything, this is just life meaning in a way that i have never had it before: in how i spend my time.  i am so grateful for it and absolutely love it.  

listening to..... madonna's rebel heart album.  i've been listening to it since i read her interview in cosmo a few months ago.  it's so good! i can't stop listening to it! 

vacationing.... in park city.  yes, where sundance film festival is.  if you have been around my blog a while, you might remember our family vacation there from last year, and yes, we vacation there every year.  it is easy for my parents to drive 5 hours to my sisters and i and we all take turns spending the night at the resort.  taran and i stayed there sunday night and he took the day off on monday.  we have so much fun just playing games, wandering main street and swimming, swimming swimming.  and of course, the alpine slide.  don't know what that is? just look at last year's post and you shall see the awesomeness that is the alpine slide.  it is so much fun.  

missing...... my niecephews.  my nephew lincoln and my nieces london and capri who moved to arizona in june. i get to see those sweet babes in just two weeks for labor day weekend! another family weekend at our house and we all are just itching to see jess and the kids again.  we miss them SO MUCH.  i can't wait to play with them again and last time i talked to them on the phone i couldn't believe how much london was talking! and capri is getting so big and lincoln is in preschool! how did this happen?!?! they are still babies! they can't be in preschool!! 

missing.... london.  the city.  doing this background check with london and having to contact london and hear all their jargin and everything made my heart ache so deeply.  london has my heart; some of my most cherished and best memories are there.  i wish i could move back.  maybe.  i think i could be happy there permanently.  

watching.. san andreas.  i went to that movie with my friend the other day and the whole time all i said was "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, stephanie, oh my gosh, oh my gosh."  the thing with disaster movies is usually it is brought on by some crazy terrorist villian or something, but this could actually happen.  and now i am scared to live on land.  or in the sea.  can i live in space please? that movie was so intense!! i was freaking the freak out the entire time!! 

reading... the knockoff, ameriecan sniper,  and the peach keeper.  and those are just the books i have cracked.  there is a huge stack of 3 more books that i haven't cracked yet that i have checked out from the library including primates of park avenue, the status of all things, forever, interrupted.  i'll let you know how it goes. 

waiting.... for fall.  i really hate summer, always have.  i am pooled out, which is the only good thing about summer and i hate the heat and fall is my all time favorite season.  so in the spirit of nudging mother nature in the right direction, i thought a sale would do the trick! SPONSOR SALE!!! all ads are 30% off now!! use code ENDSUMMER ad checkout!! happy thursday!  

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  1. What a great woman you are doing all that volunteering...it sounds like you really love it! The resort looks like a fun time and I know you are SO excited to see your nieces and nephews...ENJOY! XO!

  2. You are one busy woman! I used to volunteer at my church's food and clothing room once a week and I'm so sad I don't get to do it anymore...maybe one day I can again. I'm glad you got all the background checks completed!

  3. I'm so happy that you are volunteering like a mad woman and loving it! I'm a little bit jealous that you get to spend your days doing such good things!

  4. Oh that "corner"in Notting Hill... I miss my old stomping grounds...!! Feel like all my friends have packed up and moved back to London and others are following suit... Good times!


  5. That's so great that you are volunteering and finding so much meaning in how you spend your time! One of my big goals for this upcoming year has been to find a nonprofit or charity that I am passionate about and can work with closely. :)


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