Lot 48: August 2015

August 31, 2015

men tell all - august edition

i love guys behind the blog!!!  they are so much fun! let's dive into another edition with heavens to betsy, shall we??

1. How did you meet your significant other?  met her at lds institute of religion. i walked into the classroom and i saw her sitting there and she was the most beautiful woman i have ever seen in my entire life.  {awwwww} i was really nervous to talk to her.  fortunately for me, she is not a shy person and she easily initiated the conversation and we have been talking together companionably ever since.

2. What is your top love language? What is your significant other's love language?  my top love language is touch.  i love to cuddle and kiss and hold her.  and she is words of affirmation.  she always likes when i am saying nice things to her the most.  {i think my love language is quality time.  i get really upset when people cancel plans on me and i need people who i love to just spend time with me.}

3. If you're engaged or married, how did you propose? If you are not, how did you ask your girl out? {since you can find our proposal story here, i asked him the latter} i think you asked me out.  i was going to ask me to the hockey game but i think you asked me first.  i went to class knowing there was a hockey game and i was going to ask you at the end of class if you wanted to go but then your friend mentioned it first and you beat me to it.  i remember bringing candy and my friends were all around and i said "maybe we should share with them" and you said "no! my candy!" and i thought i was really cute. {anyone who knows me knows i don't share candy.  hi my name is lauren and i am a sugaraholic} and in the car i piled blankets on you because you were so cold and you were shivery and looked so cute it was adorable.

4. Share a funny wedding story with us - it could be from your own or one you attended.  your uncle nolans speech at our ring ceremony at our wedding.  your uncle is a talker, and your dad and other uncle were making fun of him of how long he talks.  he was supposed to give a short scripture on love and marriage, but ended up talking for like, 20 minutes.  towards the end, he said "my brother is giving me the eye, i think that means i should stop talking right now."  that guy can talk. 

5. On the topic of love, who was your childhood crush?  i don't remember her name but it was in fifth grade and i pulled the chair out from underneath her when she went to sit down.  i thought "oh yeah, i've got the moves. she knows i like her." {when he told me that story, i thought that sounded exactly like what my dad would do.  i had taran tell him that story and my dad shrugged and said, 'yes, sounds like a perfect plan.'  my dad and taran are so similar.  both pranksters.}

August 28, 2015

why i don't drink

*first i must disclaim that i make absolutely NO judgements towards anybody's lifestyles and this in NO WAY is a post with a shaking finger to all those who drink.  i am only stating my own opinions and beliefs.  you have beliefs that i stand behind you in your right to share yours, and i hope you stand behind my right to share mine.  in reality, this post probably isn't a big deal, but i have like, practically a paranoia about offending people.** 

hello! happy friday! this is a blog post that has been sitting in my draft folders for a while now and has been something that i have long been wanting to address.  because i don't drink just because i am mormon.  it really isn't just that reason, it isn't just because it is against my beliefs.  it is so much more than that.  and i have a platform to explain myself and voice why.  

you could really peg it to a promise i made to my dad when i was 5.  i was raised mormon, and was therefore, taught from a very young age about the word of wisdom, and that my church's gospel teaching's does not condone alcohol or drugs.  period.  obviously, not drugs, nobody condones drugs, except for pot (although many argue pot isn't a drug) but in my church, no alcohol period.  not an occasional glass of wine with dinner, not at parties, nothing.  ever.  it's not like we are going to throw you out on your butt if you go into church smelling of alcohol, because if you try to only let people into church who haven't sinned, there would be no one there. but if are drinking, that is a problem that has to be dealt with the bishop, our equivalent of a priest of rabbi or what have you.

anyway.  i made up songs a lot when i was little.  and i loved my savior and the teachings of the gospel from a young age.  one day after church, i started singing this song about how i would never drink alcohol or do drugs and my dad rerecorded it.  it's very special, we both hold it very dear.  i'm 25.  and i have kept that promise.  i have been in more bars than i can count to go dancing, and have never had a drop.  i keep my promises.  but it more than just a promise to my dad.  because if i really wanted to drink, a 20 year old promise i made when i was wee bit high wasn't going to stop me.

1) i can't stand the smell of the stuff.  i really can't.  just like i can't eat something that smells bad, i can't drink something that smells bad. i get just a whiff of alcohol and i nearly toss my cookies.  i'm sorry, i really, really don't see the appeal. the appeal i can see is wine or any other fruity drinks.  

2) hang overs seem like hell.  they really do.  i've seen enough of them on tv and in movies and heard about them from friends that yes, they are in fact, just that bad.  noooo thank you.  it sounds awful.  i don't want to put my body through that. 

3) and last but not least and really, the most important, i have some alcoholism in my family.  i have seen it destroy too many lives.  i have seen it take too many souls, too many marriages, too many lives to justify getting anywhere near it.  i believe alcoholism is genetic.  and i know i have that gene.  i can look each of you in the face and tell you i really believe there is at least an 80% i would be an alcoholic.  it runs too deep in my family.  it runs too deep in veins for that not to happen.  i also know my personality.  with that and my genes, it wouldn't mix well.  

4) to explain for those curious why the lds church is against alcohol, let me see if i can explain accurately.  mostly, it is for reason #3 i cited.  alcohol is a slippery slope.  actually, when the church was being formed back in the 1800s, everyone from the prophet to people like me drank wine. and chewed tobacco.  because it was the 1800s and they had no idea it was bad for them.  the prophet, the prophet that brought the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (that is us "mormons" actual name? whodathunk? that's why we prefer to be refered to as lds or Latter Day Saints so we don't have to say that incredibly long name every time we talk about us) back to earth was named Joseph Smith. He received revelation from God (because, really, how else was he going to find out.  it was the 1800s, people) that wine and tobacco was bad for us and he ceased distributing all that stuff in church and passed the doctrine of the word of wisdom, which we still have today.  people were really confused, and his counselors were kind of mad like "what do you mean we can't chew tobacco in our meetings anymore?? you mean never at all?" it was a hard change for a lot of people, and a lot of people just left church because of it.  their loss.  we believe that our bodies are temples, temples given to us by God and that we are to treat them with respect by taking care of them.  taking care of them by not partaking of things that are bad for us like alcohol and drugs and caffeine (let's not get into that. no coffee.  blurred lines on soda. i drink the diet dr pepper.  i loooooove me the diet dr pepper) and there are bunches and bunches of scriptures on eating healthy and sleeping enough and exercising and taking care of your body.  because our bodies are temples are to be taken care of.  

whew! and that is why doctrine says we can't drink alcohol!! because it's bad for us and addictive.  

there are times when i'm having a really rough day and i'm watching tv and i see someone on tv having an equally rough day (cough olivia pope cough) and they pour a glass of wine and i think "that looks nice. i bet that would actually 'take the edge off' if i had just one" but i never will.  i will go to this grave never knowing what alcohol tastes like.   and that is just f-i-n-e by me.

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August 26, 2015

favorite RHONYC moments

i just finished watching RHONYC season 3 and man oh man is that show hilarious and entertaining.  i thought i would share some of my favorite moments because i love that show like i love the kardashians: so far from reality and ridiculous and just the best comedy on television.  ridiculous. 
for sure one of my favorite moments was ramona walking at brooklyn fashion weekend.  jill said it right "it was like an alien invaded her body."  ramona is known for her crazy eyes, but this was just another level. and it was completely hilarious.  i almost died laughing.
can we talk about kelly for a second? she is INSANE!!! shse has to pick a fight with EVERYONE! if someone is just sitting there having a normal conversation, she has to voice her unwanted opinions and just attacks everyone.  visciously.  and then when she recounts the encounter to jill or luann or to someone else, she plays herself as the victim.  she needs professional help. like they say at the end of season 3 when they are on their trip when they realize that this b*** is crazy and she really needs to go to a professional.
kelly, we will never ever be friends. call in taylor swift so she can get the message across.  you are far too crazy.

how i feel every single time kelly talks. 

no actually this is more accurate

and how i felt once she let the trip early

and of course, ramona always needs her wine, which just makes things funnier
we can't leave without discussing the countess. cause we know she is a tiger. this look perfectly depicts her personality.  rawwrrrrrr.  she is a countess and she won't let you forget it!!
but we can't forget to discuss the funniest, split in my side, mouth gaping open 'like is this real' moment in a my thus far experience of RHONYC.  when luann decided to SING and record a song she "wrote." i can't even tell you how horrible she was.  the end result was it was mixed into a million pieces and ended up being a dance song because she can't hold a tune to save her life so it had to be mixed and turned into a dance tune in order for it to be listenable. (is that word?) i was laughing so hard i couldn't even.  it was one of those rare moments that taran was watching it with me and we were both just staring open mouthed agape.  beyond hilarious.
may RHONYC live on!! 
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August 24, 2015

aunt fear

are you an aunt?  if you are, you might be able to relate to this.  for me, there is a certain amount of terror that accompanies taking care of my nieces and nephews.  keeping a child alive requires constant attention and more responsibility than any other task in my life.  each time i am asked to watch one of my nieces of nephews, particularly if it is one of the babies like isaac (1 yr) or june (9 mo), i feel panic, terror and utter fear. it isn't so bad with my nieces and nephews who are 3+ in age, but anything below that, just plain fear.

in a way, i should be flattered and recognize the amount of respect my sister has for me as she is putting her most prized possession, the thing she loves most in the world, in my hands.  but when i think of it like that, even more panic and terror ensues. and also, i immediately get these images in my head of horrible things that could happen and how it would effect my relationship with my sister and how if something happened she would never forgive me and how i would never be able to live with myself if something happened to these sweet babes because i love them most in the world and i love them more than i ever thought possible.  so just, lots of terror. lots of panic.  lots of fear.  
we just ended our week long family vacation in park city, where we vacation each year.   our resort has an amazing pool, and you know kids, all they want to do is swim if they can see a pool.  so that's what we did every day.  

one day my sister asked if i could watch isaac while she went to the room to finish packing.  terror.  panic.  i said "yes! of course!" i love isaac and want him to myself, but it is so hard to keep babies alive! it is so hard to watch them every second! we were doing just fine when he decided he wanted to crawl out of the pool and explore the area of the lounge chairs.  before i knew if, he grabbed an itty bitty piece of gravel.  i tried with all my might to grab it out of his hand, but babies are like super heroes, they have super human stregnth and when they find something they really want to play with, there is no stopping them.  so before i could stop him, he had popped that piece of gravel into his mouth like a piece of candy.  serious terror. serious panic.  i pried open his mouth and stuck my finger in there to try to get it out and he started to cry and i'm like "child, i'm trying to save your life!!!!" but i couldn't see anything.  i called my mom over.  side note: my mom is a nurse, my dad is a doctor.  that's how they met. cute love story here.  i told her what happened she pried his mouth open and she couldn't see anything either.  i got my dad, who is an ear nose and throat doctor and has pried things out of babies mouths more times than he can count.  he couldn't see anything either. i told them how small the piece of gravel was.  my dad brushed it off and said "oh he will pass that, he will be fine." when i told my sister what happened, more panic and terror ensued.  

i was told to watch him again when they rode the alpine slide (awesome concrete slide that you ride down the mountain on a little cart where you can push on the handle to go faster or slower. tons of fun) where i was fully surprised they still trusted me.  but this time i was determined! no rocks for him!! watch him even closer! we did just fine that time. i kept him the shade as i was instructed! i kept him happy! i gave him water often! and he was not at all stoked, however,  to take selfies with me.  he was confused by the camera.  i tried to take the stroller down like, four steps because i thought he would like seeing the bungee trampoline jumpers but i couldn't figure out how to safely get him down the steps in his stroller and due to aunt fear, i didn't want to do it wrong and jostle him or have him tumble out even though i had buckled him in.  so i was just standing there contemplating looking like an idiot when this nice teenage boy said "do you need help??" and kindly carried the stroller down the steps.  "thank you so much, " i replied "i'm not the mom, i'm the aunt, i don't know what i'm doing!"  i know a lot, it's true! i've been an aunt for 5 years, have babysat for countless hours and have watched my sisters be moms closely all these years, but i still don't know what they know! aunt fear! i have a bad case of it!

then taran and i went to lunch at my favorite restaurant  in park city and in the middle my other sister called me and in a rush said "can you watch june? you're watching june" so i asked the hostess for a high chair and my sister went to the alpine slide and june joined us for lunch.  june.  my junebug with her big beautiful eyes and her huge smile.  she kills me.  she is SO GORGEOUS.  it just isn't fair to the rest of us.  but the day before, she had been playing on the bed with me and had put my water bottle cap in her mouth.  it was far too big for her to swallow so i didn't do anything.  my mom came in the room and said "lauren! what are you doing? that could obstruct her airway!!!" obstruct her airway?!?! aunt terror. aunt panic. what is that.  "mom, she can't swallow that!! it is waaay too big! i don't know about obstructing airways! what is that?!?! i'm not a mom! i don't know these things!!" 

that's the problem with being an aunt.  i feel like i am expected to know everything a mom knows but i don't.  i'm not around the kids 24/7 like the moms are, when they are fussy, i am not entirely sure why.  hungry? sleepy? bored? do they want to crawl? are they scared? what's going on? i know nothing, really.  i have aunt fear at it's finest.  i don't think it will ever go away, probably not until my oldest child is 18. and then mom fear is a completely different story.  but i do have an advantage for when i have my own kids.  i won't be blind when i pop out of my own due to my experience as an aunt.  and i am sure grateful for that. 

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August 20, 2015


i thought i would do a currently post since i haven't done one in a while and there is a lot to catch up on!! 

volunteering..... at my church's distribution center once a week and absolutely loving it. it is such a spiritual uplift for the week and so much fun.  i also start next week volunteering at refugee center helping out with their after school program with their elementary aged kids.  i can't wait, i'm so excited! but man, the background checks and getting everything together for them has been crazy! because i lived in london and california in the past 5 years, i had to get a background check from london as well as an american one, and i had to get fingerprinted. crazy! i am also working on getting all my paperwork together to volunteer at a domestic abuse shelter i volunteered at several years ago.  the process to start is very long and so i don't expect to start there for a while.  but i am so happy and my life is filled with meaning that i didn't have before.  when i say that, i don't want anyone to think i haven't found meaning in my life in my marriage or with my family or in my faith or anything, this is just life meaning in a way that i have never had it before: in how i spend my time.  i am so grateful for it and absolutely love it.  

listening to..... madonna's rebel heart album.  i've been listening to it since i read her interview in cosmo a few months ago.  it's so good! i can't stop listening to it! 

vacationing.... in park city.  yes, where sundance film festival is.  if you have been around my blog a while, you might remember our family vacation there from last year, and yes, we vacation there every year.  it is easy for my parents to drive 5 hours to my sisters and i and we all take turns spending the night at the resort.  taran and i stayed there sunday night and he took the day off on monday.  we have so much fun just playing games, wandering main street and swimming, swimming swimming.  and of course, the alpine slide.  don't know what that is? just look at last year's post and you shall see the awesomeness that is the alpine slide.  it is so much fun.  

missing...... my niecephews.  my nephew lincoln and my nieces london and capri who moved to arizona in june. i get to see those sweet babes in just two weeks for labor day weekend! another family weekend at our house and we all are just itching to see jess and the kids again.  we miss them SO MUCH.  i can't wait to play with them again and last time i talked to them on the phone i couldn't believe how much london was talking! and capri is getting so big and lincoln is in preschool! how did this happen?!?! they are still babies! they can't be in preschool!! 

missing.... london.  the city.  doing this background check with london and having to contact london and hear all their jargin and everything made my heart ache so deeply.  london has my heart; some of my most cherished and best memories are there.  i wish i could move back.  maybe.  i think i could be happy there permanently.  

watching.. san andreas.  i went to that movie with my friend the other day and the whole time all i said was "oh my gosh, oh my gosh, stephanie, oh my gosh, oh my gosh."  the thing with disaster movies is usually it is brought on by some crazy terrorist villian or something, but this could actually happen.  and now i am scared to live on land.  or in the sea.  can i live in space please? that movie was so intense!! i was freaking the freak out the entire time!! 

reading... the knockoff, ameriecan sniper,  and the peach keeper.  and those are just the books i have cracked.  there is a huge stack of 3 more books that i haven't cracked yet that i have checked out from the library including primates of park avenue, the status of all things, forever, interrupted.  i'll let you know how it goes. 

waiting.... for fall.  i really hate summer, always have.  i am pooled out, which is the only good thing about summer and i hate the heat and fall is my all time favorite season.  so in the spirit of nudging mother nature in the right direction, i thought a sale would do the trick! SPONSOR SALE!!! all ads are 30% off now!! use code ENDSUMMER ad checkout!! happy thursday!  

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August 17, 2015

parade of homes

i love attending the parade of homes each year.  do you have such a thing where you live? it's so much fun.  you get a map and get to go into these amazing houses and tour them and be jealous and go home hating where you live.

taran and i only had one day to hit the houses, and there are 44, so we didn't go to any house under $1 million.  the first house we went to blew my freaking mind.  and it will blow yours too.  and it's a vacation home, not even a main home! seriously thinking of squatting! this family obviously wants to come for the skiing and maybe to get out of the humidity for a bit in the summer. 
this house was $1.7 million

right when you walk in, you see a water fountain above the fireplace.  aaa-mazing. 

  beautiful living room with a beautiful view.
you walk onto the patio and it is in the perfect spot away from the sun so it is just right temperature.  i would have breakfast there every morning. 

 looking down from the patio is a gorgeous pool and basketball court.

inside is one of the mind blowing kids rooms.  and boy oh boy were there many.

the seven dwarfs room!! filled with jewels and seven dwarfs music! and it was connected to snow white's cottage.

snow white's cottage. blurry picture of her bed. 

can you believe the detail in this room?  they hired 6 artists to draw all of these rooms! and there were 14 hidden apples in this room! the drawings were amazing! 

 a super hero room.  perfect for any little hero obsessed boy.

and then my very favorite room... the princess room!!  

 i wanted to live in this room!! it was such an amazing princess room, any little (or big girl's) dream!! i was obsessed! i wanted to stay in there forever!

then there was the hobbit room!

a rock trail to the hobbit lair

and a slide from the roof of the hobbit lair!

the little lair was so cute! you can totally tell this picture was doctored.  it was really dark so i tried to warm it up a bit but you still can't really tell what was in there.  there was a little ladder up to the roof where the slide was!

the view from the top of the hobbit lair! green "grass" on the roof and the slide.  the slide was very much made for kids.  i barely fit in the slide!

outside there was this beautiful crooked wooden stair path to this beautiful gazeebo. 

such a beautiful house! it was gorgeous! are you having house envy like i am?

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