Lot 48: what is beauty?

July 3, 2015

what is beauty?

hi friends! i know i am late to my own party, but better late than never, right? today's you are beautiful prompt with emelia and i is what is beauty? what does it mean to you? 
Lot 48

i love this prompt.  and i am sure it will be no surprise to you that beauty does not just mean to me a pretty face.  sure, it can mean that.  but to me, it comes from within.  and at the center of it, centrally, beauty comes from God's creations.  that includes trees, mountains, flowers, animals, and most importantly, the people He has created.  

i see beauty in random acts of kindness, in children, in a husband kissing his wife's pregnant belly, in hearing a child's laugh.  in strangers embracing one another in comfort.  in hard work.  in family.  in loyalty.  

i see beauty in confidence, in people believing in themselves.  in believing in their dreams.  in believing in themselves.

i see beauty in the woman who gave me a cookie for a free at chick-fil-a when she could see i was upset and told me to have a better day.  i see beauty all around me. and in you.

i see beauty in bloggers.  in those of you who write from the heart, who try to make the world a better place, word by word.  i see beauty in your souls, in your personalities, in your kindness, as you raise your children, as you are supportive wives, partners, friends, active parts of your communities.  

i see beauty all around me.  my definition of beauty isn't who is skinny, who is a model, who has a perfect bone structure or who has a thigh gap or who has perfect skin.  cliché, but beauty to me, is what is on the inside.

what is beauty to you? linkup below! we have decided to do these linkups monthly, so the next linkup will be thursday, august 6! 


  1. yes! i think it's important to CHOOSE to see the beauty too. And you do!

  2. There really IS beauty all around. Sometimes it's harder to spot, but it's always there. Thank you for reminding me.


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