Lot 48: some of my favorite reads

July 27, 2015

some of my favorite reads

i would title this "summer reads" like you see on every blog you have read this summer, but i'm not going to limit this to just reading in the summer time because we all have lives and also i am posting this near the end of summer, so why call it summer reads anyway? let's just go with these are some of my favorite reads and you should read them too, okay? i think a lot of these books are really popular and i am not the only person who has read these and you have probably seen these titles floating around the internet for a while now.  which tells you something: they need to be read. 

we were liars: this book completely throws you for the biggest curveball that you could not see.  i don't remember how i came across this book, i think it was from a blogger's list of reads to be read like this one, but i read it and the entire time i was thinking "yeah, okay, alright, so what's the catch" and then you go "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH. yeah, i did not see that."  it's about a group of cousins who come from a very wealthy family and their grandfather owns an entire island that they all spend the summers at.  the cousins are best friends, but something mysterious happens one summer and oh oh oh what isss it??!?!? 

the rosie project:  not only is this book worth your time, i think this author is one of the most unique voices i have ever read.  graeme writes so intelligently, and the characters are so bold and well developed it is just beautiful.  the book is about a very socially awkward scientist who, essentially, does a scientific experiment on himself to see if he is capable of finding a mate.  this is my #3 favorite book of all time.

the pretender:  so odd how i ended up reading this book.  i got an email from my library saying "the e-book you requested the pretender is ready for download to your ipad or kindle." i hadn't requested the book but downloaded it anyway and started reading and it was sooooooo goood.  it's set in the 1800s in england about a woman who needs a man to pretend to be her husband so she can search for her brother.  because how dare she be alone and traveling as a non married woman, what a scandal.  so she enlists the help of a handsome chap who has secrets of his own and things go rollin' and it's just GREAT. read it now. i couldn't put it down. 

attachments: out of all the books i have read in my life, this is my favorite book of all time.   at time when email is brand new, he is in charge of watching a newspaper's staff's emails and red flagging if anyone is writing about anything non work related and wasting company time.  while doing so, he reads the emails of two best friends, and falls in love with one of them.  it is the sweetest book and i love it wholeheartedly and i know you will too. 

midnight in austenland.  we all know of the austenland books.  i have seen the movie but not read the first book.  you haven't either? no need to worry, first and second book are completely unrelated from one another.  this book is more murder mystery than romance and is one that i couldn't put down.  i don't really know how to explain the plot without giving anything away.  so just trust me. 

lost lake:  this is by far my favorite sarah addison allen book.  a widow who thinks she has no family but her awful mother in law discovers a letter from her aunt inviting her and her son to come visit anytime.  with a need to escape, she escapes to lost lake, an inn in south Georgia.  there they find themselves again along with hidden secrets of the inn and of course, a rebirth of our protagonist. this is #4 on my top 5 list of fav books.  

big little lies.  this is my #2 book. this book has layer after layer after layer of plots and twists and turns and things you really don't see coming. essentially, it is about a group of neighbors and their secrets.  that is the only way for me to describe it without giving anything about.  i know this book has been thrown about a lot in the blog community.  read it read it read it read it.  you'll be so happy you did. 

good in bed:  i am currently reading this book and am almost done.  a book about an overweight woman named cannie who finds herself the subject of a male contributed column of a nation wide magazine, the column good in bed is written by her ex boyfriend who writes about "loving a larger woman" and about his road to recovery from her broken heart, courtesy of cannie.  after being nationally humiliated, the book follows cannie as she grows, matures, learns, and a lot of other things happen too that i can't give away.  i am really enjoying it so far. 

noticed i don't have a fifth favorite book? that is still up for grabs! follow me on goodreads!

happy monday! xoxo


  1. I love a good book when I find an author I like I try to read all I can get my hand on by that author

  2. I have We Were Liars on my reading list! Am adding the others as well. Thanks!


  3. I loved Good in Bed and I really want to read The Rosie Project.

  4. Oooo... so many of these sounds really good! Can't wait to check them out!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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