Lot 48: netflix finds part 2

July 16, 2015

netflix finds part 2

i think i am going to make this a series because i have found so many movies on netflix that i have loved or hated or liked that i want to share! and i love writing these posts, they are so much fun! you can find my first netflix finds post here.

this was a really cute movie.  it's about a guy in trouble money and gambling wise and needs a girl to take to his brother's wedding to show his parents that he has got his life on track in order for his parent's to give him a loan.  he somehow ends up taking a girl from a mental institution where he is a janitor, and they end up on a cross country road trip where things happen and yada yada.  she is a wonderful character whom you can't help but love and this is a movie you can't help but go "awwww" at several times throughout. worth your time. a cute date movie. 

i loved this movie for the reason that it was about a girl who has no confidence and loves a boy that thinks of her like a little sister.  she is naive and hides in a shell and takes no risks and the movie is one of those where the protagonist comes out of said shell and gains confidence and falls in love with two men in the process.  it's quite perfect.  and i loved it wholeheartedly.  i want another movie extremely similar to this.  out of all of these on this list, this was one of my favorites. 

call me a girl, but i am fascinated by princesses.  and i have always been fascinated by grace kelly.  going into the movie, i really didn't know anything about her, so i took this film with a grain of salt. it got horrible reviews and i can see why.  i enjoyed it while i was watching it but after and looking back, i realized how inconsistent and poor it was.  a true disappointment. 

a cary grant classic! and i love sophia loren! my dad speaks italian and so i've always known what a big deal she was in italy and here.  i loved this movie.  so cute. i felt bad for the kids at the beginning, but so cute, just a classic 60's movie. dad has a pack of kids on his hands and no one to help him with them.  sophia loren becomes his nanny.  they fall in love.  swoon.

this was another one of my favorites.  i want another movie like this one.  i liked the narration and the everything about it.  i thought i would hate it because the title along kind of made me gag, but i loved it.  and the plot is in the title.  i was really shocked at how much i liked it.

a playboy's dying father wishes he could see his son get married.  on his way home for his best friend's mother's wedding, he tells his father is engaged to his best friend's sister.  they keep up the fa├žade for a while and fall in love in the process whatdoyaknow and it is so cute and you know how much i love wedding movies.  loved it loved it.

based on a true story, back in the 50's, people would write in slogans for contests to win things.  this mother of 10 fed her children on this talent.  she is really brilliant and her husband is a jerk and julianne moore plays her and it was a solid good movie. worth your time. 

not worth your time.  a washed up soap actress is hated by several of her coworkers who conspire to get her cast off the show.  the plot thickens as it goes on.  bleh.  watch if you're bored. 

this is did enjoy. it has a huge twist. and then another twist.  and you're like "waaaaaaa" and it is just a good action movie that doesn't have a lot of violence.  more like a psychological thriller.  

and that is part 2 of my netflix finds! 


  1. I will definitely be checking some of these out! I am currently binge watching army wives on Netflix so once I finish that, it's movie time! I started watching grace of Monaco but couldn't finish it--I was bored out of my mind. I think I might do a post about what TV series to binge watch on Netflix--thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I am always looking for some new netflix movies to watch! Thanks!!

  3. I like both I Don't Know How She Does It and Barefoot. I haven't seen the other ones yet.. I'll have to check them out!

  4. Yay! I didn't find anything on Netflix this week, so I'll have to check these out!

  5. I had really wanted to watch Grace of Monaco, but then I read the reviews and decided to skip it. Sounds like a good thing!

    And I pretty much love anything with Cary Grant!

  6. OMG, thank you so much for this list! Every time my BF and I tune into Netflix, we always settle on a movie that neither of us is completely happy with. This looks like a great list :) Have a great weekend!

  7. I jotted all the ones you liked down! Thank you so much, I plan to indulge starting tonight!

  8. I just watched One Small Hitch on Sunday! Such a fun movie to watch and yeah, loved it too! Going to have check out Barefoot (and the others), is that what happened to Scott Speedman? Hehe



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