Lot 48: lauren's tv awards

July 6, 2015

lauren's tv awards

there are tons and tons of awards shows that rank tv shows as the best in certain categories.  and i know it isn't awards season, but i want to do my own tv awards, because i don't always agree with the golden globes and the emmys and also, because it's fun.  and as a hopeful bright eyed and busy-tailed sitcom writer, it's expected that i have an opinion, right?

best television series to make you laugh so hard you miss all the jokes that are happening because you just can't keep up

best television series to make you feel sick to your stomach and go "WHAAAAAAAT" at the same time

best show to make you hate your life and wish you had more friends but somehow laugh at the same time

best show to watch when you feel homesick or your heart hurts 

best show to make you laugh at the end of a really bad day and just really, a classic comedy show

best television series that is so addicting that you literally count down the days until the next episode airs

best show to make you feel extremely uncomfortable

best show to make you wonder how watching average everyday events can make you laugh so hard 

best television series to examine human life and the many flaws of the american dream 

best good ol' soap opera that is a solid good drama to curl up to at the end of the day

best comedy television series to break through barriers of comedy since seinfeld.  no doubt the most brilliant comedy series since the turn of the century

good solid cop drama that keeps you pleased episode after episode

best new refreshing comedy. creators of parks and rec, you have done it again.

the show that makes you want to slap your friends if they say they haven't seen it because WHY and HOW could they live their life without mindy?!?! 


  1. SO many of these are some of my faves. I can't even list them. Let's just say I watch at least 75% of these with ya!

  2. Ok, I love this post. Very well done! And I think you may have sold me on Community...I haven't watched it yet.

  3. I definitely love some of these shows too. I really wish more people had given Community a chance. That show was brilliant!

  4. Yes yes yes so agree with these shows


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