Lot 48: jumbles of notes

July 21, 2015

jumbles of notes

i have a million notes and ideas that i write down on my phone for this blog but when i look at them later i realize that they aren't going to an entire blog post.  so this when i jumble them all together and create on big blog post based on all my ideas and explain them all.  sounds fun, yeah?

ps. in case any one missed it, i was interviewed on helene in between yesterday and it was a lot of fun! find things out like which blogger would i want to have dinner with and what is one things you don't know about me? that one was hard to come up with since i have shared a lot here! 

new york is my chris hemsworth// nyc is a place i have always wanted to live. since i was about 18.  and i don't think it will ever happen.  like when you have a crush on a movie star and you know that you will never ever be able to date him, because you are a normal person and he is a movie star, and this isn't win a date with tad hamilton, so how is this going to work exactly? nyc is my chris hemsworth.  a dream that will never come true.

in defense of nice guys// a lot of people date bad boys.  and i don't get it. i don't understand why.  they treat you badly.  i like the guys that give you their jacket when you're cold and opens the door for you and just stares at you with softness in his eyes while you talk.  it's nice.  nice guys are the good ones, the ones that are worth dating.

things that remind me of london and how much i miss it//  every so often, something happens in my day where i stop dead in my tracks and my heart nearly stops because something has reminded me of london so much that i can't stand it and i miss it so much it hurts.  like if i walk outside and it is that perfect drizzle that you only get in london.  or if you come across a pasty at a restaurant to eat, or if a building looks like a building i walked by every day on the way back to my flat.  it's been 4 years since my study abroad, since i lived in that magical city, and i still miss it so much it hurts.

thinking back to my last post of blogging crushes, isn't it beautiful how everyone has their distinct voice and blog and really simply put, personality?// this is where i get envious.  "this blogger is funnier than me."  this blogger is more creative than me." etc etc.  i write differently than you do.  i like things differently than you do. nobody is the same. but i so badly wish i wrote like camp pattonperpetually caroline, never serious blog, the other juliette or the wife in training.  they are all so funny and have such distintinctive voices; i so badly want that but can't seem to find it.  i try to be myself, but i can't stop comparing myself to those whom i think are funnier, more accomplished than i am.  it is beautiful that everyone is different, yes, but also, it really sucks too.

what is wrong to saying no to stuff you aren't interested in?//  unless you're being really really rude or putting strain on a relationship, why should you have to read the news if you don't want or know who jennifer garner is and that she is getting divorced or watching citizen kane.  just because it's popular doesn't mean you have to do it.

does anyone have a 555 number? that is always the number in movies.// is that some number that is somehow forbidden from being used in real life? how did someone decide to start using 555 numbers in film? who made this decision?

why do all celebrities write their own memoirs or books? its like a requirement// is it because it is easy money? or are they really trying to help people because they had a bad childhood and want others to know they aren't alone or do they really just want to tell their story? because we all know that we love talking about ourselves.  need to read food a love story, ellen's latest memoir, bj novak's memoir, rob lowe's memoir, and can't wait for mindy's new book to come out!!

i wonder what a movie star must think. do they hate the attention?// i loved the interview kate winslet did with elle where she said she stays totally off the grid and doesn't read the tabloids or anything. and doesn't care what they say about her.  and is considering getting rid of her email. but that is just one example a movie star and how she lives her life.  i wonder if other hate it, if they wonder what it is like to be normal, what it is like to have a normal day. or do they just love it? do they bask in it?  i guess it would depend on the celebrity.

how do you handle pda?// when we first started dating taran wouldn't even kiss me on the cheek in public.  that is how grossed out he used to be with pda.  now he will give me a quick peck on the lips in public and that's as far as we have progressed, people.  i'm not saying i want to make out with him in public, just a nice and good kiss in public every now and then would be sweet.   do you mind pda? what are your thoughts on it?

i mirror other's accents//  i have a tendency to speak in other people's accents if i am around them even for a minute. and it's really embarrassing because i am really bad at accents.  like really bad.  and then i just try not to talk because i know i am making a fool of myself and also i don't want the other person to think i am making fun of them.  but if it is a one-on-one conversation, then it is really really difficult for things to not go just waaaay downhill.

whew! we made it through all of my jotted-down-as-i-drifted-off-to-sleep-ideas! that wasn't that bad was it?

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  1. I do the EXACT same thing of putting notes in my phone when I randomly come up with ideas. Then I remember weekd later and either have no idea what they mean, think the idea is stupid, or like you have a hard time figuring out how to make the idea into it's own post. what you did is such a good idea!

  2. "New York is my Chris Hemsworth" I think that may be my favorite way to describe something ever. It totally makes sense too. For me, that city is London. Have to get back to you on the celebrity though...

  3. This was a fun post!

    I love that "New York is my Chris Hemsworth." I've never thought about it that way, but it's a great way to look at it!

    And I'm totally with you on the popular stuff. Why am I supposed to care just because something's popular?

  4. Ok at first I couldn't think what pda stood for too me a moment but the light bulb went on and I got it what do I think about it a little is ok a lot is gross.

    Next I have also wondered about the 555 numbers, so you are not alone with that.

    I also put notes in my phone about blog idea and have a notepad next to my armchair to jot things down that I think I can blog about.

  5. Oh my gosh, I do the same thing with people's accents! It mostly happens with my mom's family. I'll be around them for 5 minutes and I'm talking like an old southern belle haha!

  6. Ahh I'm all for PDA, except for gross PDA where people tell you to get a room! My time with my man is currently finite, so when we do get to see each other, I'm all for kissing him and holding his hands! #sorrynotsorry

    I do the same, my accent is all over the place!!



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