Lot 48: July 2015

July 29, 2015

who would be in your entourage?

we have all seen taylor swift's bad blood music video, right?  that girl is sooo petty.  that girl treats the whole world like her own high school and puts friends against each other.  kendall is dating justin, and justin broke her bff selena's heart, so now taylor is out to get kendall! the drama!! all she does is put her friends against each other if they step even a little out her well instructed lines.  
Taylor Swift Brought Olivia Benson Out On Stage
in her music video, she has her whole entourage as cast members.  cara, selena, and a bunch of other people i don't know who are my age but act like they are 12 so i pay them no mind and therefore, have little idea who they are.  
but it got me thinking.  who would be in my entourage if i were a celebrity? who would i pick?  so i put my imagination to use and picked celebs who i would want to be friends with, but as i look at this list, i am not sure they would all get along....

i think it's safe to say that everyone wants to be friends with jennifer lawrence.  right? don't we all?  she is so down to earth, so goofy, so funny, i would be hysterically laughing the entire time i was around her.  who wouldn't want to be friends with her? 

i find nicki minaj just fascinating.   i have absolutely zero idea what she is saying in any of her songs, but i think she is an incredible performer and i love how powerful she is.  i'm not sure if i could actually be friends with her or if i would just shrink in the background and watch in awe as she worked.  i've read so many interviews of hers and she is just an incredible woman.

anna kendrick.  another duhhhh.  who wouldn't want to be friends with her?  i love that she is multi talented and her instagram posts are always so funny, i think she would be such a fun person to hang out with.  she's who i would call to just go off to europe with on vacay or to dinner with or whatever. 

aubrey plaza would be the friend that would balance me out and kind of be the anti-lauren.  she is a little out there and i think would push me to be more out spoken and more daring.  have you seen her in interviews?  she is really, really funny.  she is who i would call if i wanted to do something outrageously fun. 

mindy kaling.  again, i'm not sure if i could actually be friends with her or just shrink in the corner.  i think i would just corner her and say "tell me everything about comedy writing!!" and not let her leave until i felt i had soaked up all her wisdom and awesomeness.  and then just about as she was leaving i would corner her again and say "wait! but how do you be funny all the time in real life?!" and then she would just call security and put a restraining order on me, so i think the friendship would be short-lived. 

khloé kardashian is my favorite kardashian and i want her around to just keep me laughing and to keep me grounded.  i know that sounds weird, a kardashian to keep me grounded? but i think out of all of them, she is most level headed and i would want her in my circle and she is who i would want to call if i was having a crisis.  

and now i want to introduce you to someone who i hope would be in my entourage in real life: ash from the nashvillian.  i asked her to be my friend after i read one of her weekend watches posts, and i realized i found a blogger who loved movies as much as me.  and then i asked her to be my friend and that we had i recapped new movies that i found too and here we are.  ash is awesome, she not only loves movies, but she also works in the music industry!!  

Tell us a little bit about what we will find on your blog.  Life? Recipes? Fitness?
My blog has a little bit of everything. While it mostly focuses on food, fashion, and fun in and around Nashville, TN, I also tend to write a lot of posts about my travels outside of Nashville. On top of that, I love sharing recipes and movie recommendations. But, if I had to pick ONE thing that my blog focuses on the most, it's food - whether it's food from restaurants or food I made myself, I love food, and I love pictures of food. :) Fashion is a close second. And movies are every Friday!

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Ever since I visited Alcatraz, I've had a little bit of an obsession with Frank Morris. For those of you who don't know the story of the escape from Alcatraz, it goes a little something like this: Alcatraz prison was deemed inescapable. Then, along came Frank Morris and the Anglin brothers who chipped away at the wall in their cells with spoons stolen from the dining hall. They made a hole big enough for them to climb through and escaped the island using rafts they made out of rain jackets. No one ever heard from them since. There are a lot of theories that they drown, but there are also theories that they survived. And me, being the weirdo that I am, wants to believe they survived. I know I'm rooting for the bad guy here, but that just makes for a much better story! Anyway, I find the whole thing fascinating, and if Frank Morris (the brains behind the operation) really is alive out there somewhere, I think that would make for a really interesting lunch discussion. Ha!

Describe your perfect date (april 29.  not too hot, not too cold. all you’d need is a light jacket. we will be bestie if you can tell me what i’m quoting ;)) - Miss Congeniality!
A REALLY good dinner and a REALLY good movie. Yeah...my husband thinks I'm the least romantic person in the world. :-P

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or, what is your favorite place you have traveled to?
I grew up with a father who is afraid of flying, so all of my childhood vacations were road trips. That means I have never been out of the country! (with the exception of the Bahamas via a cruise when I was 5.) So, I pretty much want to go EVERYWHERE! #1 on my list is an eco-safari in Kenya. We love animals in our household, especially elephants, and to see them in the wild would be incredible! (This is actually what we are planning for our belated honeymoon trip) My #2 is Paris (for the french cuisine) and southern France. And #3 is London (because it's London!...and, Les Miserables, of course)...and The Maldives, Hawaii, Alaska, Australia...I could go on and on and on. I want to see it ALL!

if you could give advice to other bloggers, what would it be?
Never compromise your integrity. Whenever I receive offers from companies who are looking for advertising or product reviews, I usually end up denying far more offers than I accept. Sure, it's tempting to collect a few bucks for a project (especially since blogging can be very time consuming and it's nice to see a return every once in a while), but if it's not a product that you feel comfortable endorsing, then don't. I want my blog to be a trustworthy source of recommendations, so I will never tell my readers to try a product that I'm not overly fond of.

Who is your celebrity crush?
Jake Gyllenhaal.

thanks ash for being on the blog today! who would be in your celebrity entourage?

July 27, 2015

some of my favorite reads

i would title this "summer reads" like you see on every blog you have read this summer, but i'm not going to limit this to just reading in the summer time because we all have lives and also i am posting this near the end of summer, so why call it summer reads anyway? let's just go with these are some of my favorite reads and you should read them too, okay? i think a lot of these books are really popular and i am not the only person who has read these and you have probably seen these titles floating around the internet for a while now.  which tells you something: they need to be read. 

we were liars: this book completely throws you for the biggest curveball that you could not see.  i don't remember how i came across this book, i think it was from a blogger's list of reads to be read like this one, but i read it and the entire time i was thinking "yeah, okay, alright, so what's the catch" and then you go "OOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH. yeah, i did not see that."  it's about a group of cousins who come from a very wealthy family and their grandfather owns an entire island that they all spend the summers at.  the cousins are best friends, but something mysterious happens one summer and oh oh oh what isss it??!?!? 

the rosie project:  not only is this book worth your time, i think this author is one of the most unique voices i have ever read.  graeme writes so intelligently, and the characters are so bold and well developed it is just beautiful.  the book is about a very socially awkward scientist who, essentially, does a scientific experiment on himself to see if he is capable of finding a mate.  this is my #3 favorite book of all time.

the pretender:  so odd how i ended up reading this book.  i got an email from my library saying "the e-book you requested the pretender is ready for download to your ipad or kindle." i hadn't requested the book but downloaded it anyway and started reading and it was sooooooo goood.  it's set in the 1800s in england about a woman who needs a man to pretend to be her husband so she can search for her brother.  because how dare she be alone and traveling as a non married woman, what a scandal.  so she enlists the help of a handsome chap who has secrets of his own and things go rollin' and it's just GREAT. read it now. i couldn't put it down. 

attachments: out of all the books i have read in my life, this is my favorite book of all time.   at time when email is brand new, he is in charge of watching a newspaper's staff's emails and red flagging if anyone is writing about anything non work related and wasting company time.  while doing so, he reads the emails of two best friends, and falls in love with one of them.  it is the sweetest book and i love it wholeheartedly and i know you will too. 

midnight in austenland.  we all know of the austenland books.  i have seen the movie but not read the first book.  you haven't either? no need to worry, first and second book are completely unrelated from one another.  this book is more murder mystery than romance and is one that i couldn't put down.  i don't really know how to explain the plot without giving anything away.  so just trust me. 

lost lake:  this is by far my favorite sarah addison allen book.  a widow who thinks she has no family but her awful mother in law discovers a letter from her aunt inviting her and her son to come visit anytime.  with a need to escape, she escapes to lost lake, an inn in south Georgia.  there they find themselves again along with hidden secrets of the inn and of course, a rebirth of our protagonist. this is #4 on my top 5 list of fav books.  

big little lies.  this is my #2 book. this book has layer after layer after layer of plots and twists and turns and things you really don't see coming. essentially, it is about a group of neighbors and their secrets.  that is the only way for me to describe it without giving anything about.  i know this book has been thrown about a lot in the blog community.  read it read it read it read it.  you'll be so happy you did. 

good in bed:  i am currently reading this book and am almost done.  a book about an overweight woman named cannie who finds herself the subject of a male contributed column of a nation wide magazine, the column good in bed is written by her ex boyfriend who writes about "loving a larger woman" and about his road to recovery from her broken heart, courtesy of cannie.  after being nationally humiliated, the book follows cannie as she grows, matures, learns, and a lot of other things happen too that i can't give away.  i am really enjoying it so far. 

noticed i don't have a fifth favorite book? that is still up for grabs! follow me on goodreads!

happy monday! xoxo

July 21, 2015

jumbles of notes

i have a million notes and ideas that i write down on my phone for this blog but when i look at them later i realize that they aren't going to an entire blog post.  so this when i jumble them all together and create on big blog post based on all my ideas and explain them all.  sounds fun, yeah?

ps. in case any one missed it, i was interviewed on helene in between yesterday and it was a lot of fun! find things out like which blogger would i want to have dinner with and what is one things you don't know about me? that one was hard to come up with since i have shared a lot here! 

new york is my chris hemsworth// nyc is a place i have always wanted to live. since i was about 18.  and i don't think it will ever happen.  like when you have a crush on a movie star and you know that you will never ever be able to date him, because you are a normal person and he is a movie star, and this isn't win a date with tad hamilton, so how is this going to work exactly? nyc is my chris hemsworth.  a dream that will never come true.

in defense of nice guys// a lot of people date bad boys.  and i don't get it. i don't understand why.  they treat you badly.  i like the guys that give you their jacket when you're cold and opens the door for you and just stares at you with softness in his eyes while you talk.  it's nice.  nice guys are the good ones, the ones that are worth dating.

things that remind me of london and how much i miss it//  every so often, something happens in my day where i stop dead in my tracks and my heart nearly stops because something has reminded me of london so much that i can't stand it and i miss it so much it hurts.  like if i walk outside and it is that perfect drizzle that you only get in london.  or if you come across a pasty at a restaurant to eat, or if a building looks like a building i walked by every day on the way back to my flat.  it's been 4 years since my study abroad, since i lived in that magical city, and i still miss it so much it hurts.

thinking back to my last post of blogging crushes, isn't it beautiful how everyone has their distinct voice and blog and really simply put, personality?// this is where i get envious.  "this blogger is funnier than me."  this blogger is more creative than me." etc etc.  i write differently than you do.  i like things differently than you do. nobody is the same. but i so badly wish i wrote like camp pattonperpetually caroline, never serious blog, the other juliette or the wife in training.  they are all so funny and have such distintinctive voices; i so badly want that but can't seem to find it.  i try to be myself, but i can't stop comparing myself to those whom i think are funnier, more accomplished than i am.  it is beautiful that everyone is different, yes, but also, it really sucks too.

what is wrong to saying no to stuff you aren't interested in?//  unless you're being really really rude or putting strain on a relationship, why should you have to read the news if you don't want or know who jennifer garner is and that she is getting divorced or watching citizen kane.  just because it's popular doesn't mean you have to do it.

does anyone have a 555 number? that is always the number in movies.// is that some number that is somehow forbidden from being used in real life? how did someone decide to start using 555 numbers in film? who made this decision?

why do all celebrities write their own memoirs or books? its like a requirement// is it because it is easy money? or are they really trying to help people because they had a bad childhood and want others to know they aren't alone or do they really just want to tell their story? because we all know that we love talking about ourselves.  need to read food a love story, ellen's latest memoir, bj novak's memoir, rob lowe's memoir, and can't wait for mindy's new book to come out!!

i wonder what a movie star must think. do they hate the attention?// i loved the interview kate winslet did with elle where she said she stays totally off the grid and doesn't read the tabloids or anything. and doesn't care what they say about her.  and is considering getting rid of her email. but that is just one example a movie star and how she lives her life.  i wonder if other hate it, if they wonder what it is like to be normal, what it is like to have a normal day. or do they just love it? do they bask in it?  i guess it would depend on the celebrity.

how do you handle pda?// when we first started dating taran wouldn't even kiss me on the cheek in public.  that is how grossed out he used to be with pda.  now he will give me a quick peck on the lips in public and that's as far as we have progressed, people.  i'm not saying i want to make out with him in public, just a nice and good kiss in public every now and then would be sweet.   do you mind pda? what are your thoughts on it?

i mirror other's accents//  i have a tendency to speak in other people's accents if i am around them even for a minute. and it's really embarrassing because i am really bad at accents.  like really bad.  and then i just try not to talk because i know i am making a fool of myself and also i don't want the other person to think i am making fun of them.  but if it is a one-on-one conversation, then it is really really difficult for things to not go just waaaay downhill.

whew! we made it through all of my jotted-down-as-i-drifted-off-to-sleep-ideas! that wasn't that bad was it?

now don't forget to enter for your chance to win $175 to kate spade!!

July 17, 2015

blogging crushes

hey hey hey it's friday! hooray for that!! i swore to myself that i would never do this, but there are just too many fabulous bloggers out there for me not to do this, so here we go, my blogging crushes,

 camp patton

this woman is hilarious.  she is so well spoken, so funny, and manages to keep her funny amidst her chaotic life of 5 kids.  you know when you need to catch up on your blog reading and you decide to tackle one blog at a time so you start reading a blog and read 7 posts in a row and then get sick of the writer and switch to a different blog?  that is not the case with grace of camp patton.  i could read post after post after post after post of hers and would not get bored or tired of her.  she is witty and somehow manages to dictate the average daily activities of a mom into a hilarious, intriguing and involving depiction of daily life.  i don't know how she writes that way but i envy it.  i wish i could write the way she does.

found love now what

belinda of found love now what is the person whom i aspire to be.  she is the most positive person i have ever "met."  i want to be like her.  she is my role model.  i want to be like her.  she has no patience, no room for any negativity and doesn't put up with it.  she finds beauty in all things.  she takes life by the horns and is adventurous.  i can't tell you how many times i have been having a bad day and thought 'i just need to read some belinda and then i'll feel better' and that always works.  i hope she knows what a positive impact she has on her readers.  what i would give to meet her in real life!

love taza

the first word that comes to mind when i think of taza is "color."  first of all, i envy her closet and want to rob it, (but i want naomi, i wont) and is also has the kids that you just want to plant kisses after kisses on.  taza is sweet and i view her as celebrity status.  like if i saw her on the street, i would run up and ask for her autograph.  she just looks like a celebrity, doesn't she? she is also one of the only bloggers who i have seen who has managed to turn her blog into an actual business.  like, on the fast track to forbes list.  she has endorsements and is always collaborating with this company or that.  she is something that i aspire to career wise, for this itty bitty blog of mine.  i remember reading her blog when i was a freshman in college, when it was itty bitty and just growing and she was newly married.  oh how life has turned.

a cup of jo

joanna.  joanna joanna.  her blog isn't just a blog.  it's a magazine.  that is what i love about it.  a former magazine writer, she is the only blog i can see that looks and acts like a magazine.  she has posts on every topic and is organized so you can easily access each topic such as beauty, fashion, motherhood, relationships, design and food.  i love it.  she has tips and tricks for every one of these topics and i have full faith that she could turn it into a print magazine if she wanted to.  and i hope she does.  it is unlike any other magazine out there, and i love it.  love it love it.  and love her honesty with her readers, her dedication to give her readers new information for all topics and to keep us coming back.  this girl knows wassup.  and she is wicked smart.

Perpetually Caroline
speaking of wicked smart, caroline goes to stanford and is one of the funniest bloggers i have come across.  while in san fran area in february and staying with my cousin who lived just a few miles from stanford, i tried to meet her, but the stars did not align.  caroline is adventurous and writes about her day to day life in the way that makes you go "oh yeah! meee tooo!!! i don't do laundry either sometimes! i lay in bed watching gilmore all day too! thank you for admitting that!" she talks about the things i am too afraid to talk about, and for that i am grateful.  now if i could wipe the green envy off my face from everywhere she has been and the globe trotter she is, then we could be friends.  and she has lived in nyc.  green with envy.  it's okay caroline.  i can put my envy away so we can still be friends. 

venus trapped in mars
there's something about sarah i just can't quite put my finger on it... but when i open up bloglovin' i first go to her blog.  i really think it largely has to do with her blog design.  i'm in love with it.  i can't stop looking at it.  and also.  sarah is fun.  sarah is honest.  every time i read a post of her's, i feel like we are sitting down at lunch just chatting.  she has that uncanny ability to make everyone feel like they are close to her, friends with her, and are just chillin' over margaritas with her each time they read her blog.  that's why i keep coming back, i think.  it's just like hanging out with a friend.

speaking of blogging crushes.....

i have teamed up with helene in between to give you a chance to win $175 to kate spade! a note from helene...

With the summer heating up, so should your wardrobe! I've teamed up with some lovely ladies to give you a chance to win $175 to Kate Spade. Enter in the rafflecopter below!

July 16, 2015

netflix finds part 2

i think i am going to make this a series because i have found so many movies on netflix that i have loved or hated or liked that i want to share! and i love writing these posts, they are so much fun! you can find my first netflix finds post here.

this was a really cute movie.  it's about a guy in trouble money and gambling wise and needs a girl to take to his brother's wedding to show his parents that he has got his life on track in order for his parent's to give him a loan.  he somehow ends up taking a girl from a mental institution where he is a janitor, and they end up on a cross country road trip where things happen and yada yada.  she is a wonderful character whom you can't help but love and this is a movie you can't help but go "awwww" at several times throughout. worth your time. a cute date movie. 

i loved this movie for the reason that it was about a girl who has no confidence and loves a boy that thinks of her like a little sister.  she is naive and hides in a shell and takes no risks and the movie is one of those where the protagonist comes out of said shell and gains confidence and falls in love with two men in the process.  it's quite perfect.  and i loved it wholeheartedly.  i want another movie extremely similar to this.  out of all of these on this list, this was one of my favorites. 

call me a girl, but i am fascinated by princesses.  and i have always been fascinated by grace kelly.  going into the movie, i really didn't know anything about her, so i took this film with a grain of salt. it got horrible reviews and i can see why.  i enjoyed it while i was watching it but after and looking back, i realized how inconsistent and poor it was.  a true disappointment. 

a cary grant classic! and i love sophia loren! my dad speaks italian and so i've always known what a big deal she was in italy and here.  i loved this movie.  so cute. i felt bad for the kids at the beginning, but so cute, just a classic 60's movie. dad has a pack of kids on his hands and no one to help him with them.  sophia loren becomes his nanny.  they fall in love.  swoon.

this was another one of my favorites.  i want another movie like this one.  i liked the narration and the everything about it.  i thought i would hate it because the title along kind of made me gag, but i loved it.  and the plot is in the title.  i was really shocked at how much i liked it.

a playboy's dying father wishes he could see his son get married.  on his way home for his best friend's mother's wedding, he tells his father is engaged to his best friend's sister.  they keep up the façade for a while and fall in love in the process whatdoyaknow and it is so cute and you know how much i love wedding movies.  loved it loved it.

based on a true story, back in the 50's, people would write in slogans for contests to win things.  this mother of 10 fed her children on this talent.  she is really brilliant and her husband is a jerk and julianne moore plays her and it was a solid good movie. worth your time. 

not worth your time.  a washed up soap actress is hated by several of her coworkers who conspire to get her cast off the show.  the plot thickens as it goes on.  bleh.  watch if you're bored. 

this is did enjoy. it has a huge twist. and then another twist.  and you're like "waaaaaaa" and it is just a good action movie that doesn't have a lot of violence.  more like a psychological thriller.  

and that is part 2 of my netflix finds! 

July 13, 2015

summer weekend happenings

it has been a while since my last post! almost a week! that's terrible! but last week was so fun, i just didn't have any time at all to blog, which is good because that means i was out livin' life!! last week i met one of my good friend's new baby, had lunch with my grandma, had to say goodbye to my friend as she moved to texas (sob) and then did the things that we will talk about here because they are so extraordinary!! 

my dad is a musician and lead guitarist in the rock band he's had since i was about 10.  he raised me and educated me on rock  music.  i have such good memories of him driving me to school and blasting music so loudly we couldn't talk to one another.  i have good memories of him just having his knee scoped and while i was taking care of him during his recovery, him asking me to play the eagles concert dvd he had and to "turn it UP."  of playing james taylor Christmas and the carpenter's at Christmas and telling me over and over again what a beautiful alto voice she had.  you name a great rock band from the 60s or 70s, i know it.  

and the beach boys are no exception.  when i was 17, i got called onstage by one of the original beach boys to dance on stage with them which i did with such excitement and vigor that i tripped on my high platform shoes and was quickly escorted off the stage.  but it wasn't just the beach boys my dad educated me on.  it was brian wilson. 

i remember my dad telling me about brian wilson from as early as middle school.  brian wilson, for those of you who don't know (whyyyy?) is the genius and brilliance behind the beach boys.  he wrote all (most? i don't know everything) of the beach boys songs and has a form of schizophrenia.  i don't really know how to explain to you fully the genius that is brian wilson without making this a very, very long post and giving you a basic piano lesson as well, (guitar if that's you're fancy), so just believe me when i say that brian wilson is not only a song writer but a composer.  he is the rock version of beethoven.  that's the simplest way to put it.

so when love & mercy came into theaters and my dad said he was taking a day off work to come up for brian wilson's concert (which he NEVER does) it was like all the stars aligned.  the three of us saw the movie mere hours before the concert and it was absolutely phenomenal and incredible and well done and just WOW i can't wait to go see it again with taran.  then we went practically straight to the concert.

whew.  was that a long winded way to tell you what concert i went to with my parents and hubs? 
the concert was held at an outdoor amphitheater, hence the blankets and chairs. my hair looks weird.   
there they are!!!!!!!!! there is brian at the piano and al jardine is next to him in the white coat.  after we watching the movie, we were wondering if brian liked the movie or not.  but a few times throughout the concert, he referred to it as "my movie" which was a good sign, so i guess he liked it! and at the beginning when he asked "has anyone seen my movie yet?" i screamed so loud! 

the concert ended but i stayed put for the encore even though my parents didn't want to hit traffic and taran had work early in the a.m. but i wanted to rock so they all left and i stayed and they played "fun fun fun" and i was just oh so happy and then brian played "love & mercy" and i nearly cried and i guess i'm that fan.  

the trail that took me back to my car passed the tour buses, which i was really happy about.  as i was passing them, i could see one bus leaving and the gate opening.  i knew it was brian's so i brushed away the bushes and leaned against the gate and was just standing there trying not to yell "BRIANNNN!!"  then the bus started pulling away and i somehow started kind of chasing it and waving at it and blowing it kisses and all kinds of crazy/creepy fan stuff.  and then i saw the license plate and i about died.

the license plate said "PETSOUNDS."  why is this meaningful?  i only really understand this because of two things: what my dad has told me and also, the movie and my own resesarch.  at the height of the beach boys career, brian decided he really hated touring and and wanted to be taken off the road.  the band said "fine, fine! that's cool man! smoke some doogies and stay home and write us some tunes, man!" what brian wilson created was a piece of gold, a record entitled pet sounds.  that album includes "wouldn't it be nice" and "god only knows" which my dad says paul mccartney claims is the greatest song ever written.  i think it is.  it is so complex and unique, it's incredible.  pet sounds was ranked #2 on rolling stones top 500 greatest albums and paul mccartney named it one of his favorite albums of all time.  also to note, this album was considered a solo album for brian per say, as he wrote it alone, at home, with no feedback from his band while they were touring.  in the film, when they get home and see what he wrote while they were away and begin recording pet sounds, they are NOT HAPPY and are like "what the what man, what happened to our sound." point is, the rest of them were idiots and brian was a genius. just listen to brian.

regardless. brian is a genius. i hope i've convinced you. 

the next day we took the littles to this is the place heritage park.  as most of you know, utah was founded by mostly members of my church, the church of jesus christ of latter day saints, or LDS members.  this park recreates that time and has a million really fun 1800's era activities to do.

you can take tours in each of the houses as they each have significance to our founders.  sounds boring and i think i would be bored but did want to take a tour to at least one. 

the kids loved the train the most.  they were just beside themselves with glee about riding the train around the park!! 

i've said it before and i'll say it again, i cannot and will not stop taking selfies with my babies. 

and now i have a great friend to introduce you to, llinos from the lilac linnet.  llinos lives in england and i just love her british narrations and ways and her book recommendations.  there are so many things to love about llinos and i know you will love her too! 
what is your favorite holiday? 
Does my birthday count? I love that it's my special day.  I love going out for dinner with friends and eating cake to celebrate.  I enjoy reflecting on the past year and making plans for the next.

if you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be?  or where is the fav place you have been that you loved?
I can't choose a fave place that I've been, that's sooo hard.  If I could go anywhere right now, I would go to the Palace of Versailles.  The history and the beauty of it would be enchanting.  I'd have a picnic in the grounds and enjoy the atmosphere.

if you had to marry a celebrity, who would it be?
I love this question! I would marry Johnny Depp.  The video of him dressed as Jack Sparrow visiting a children's cancer ward made me cry.

what is your dream job?
To be a writer and to be able to sell my crocheted items.  Luckily through my blog and my stories, I'm on my way.

thanks so much for answering the questions so we can get to know you better llinos! hope you all had a great weekend! 
Bella And The City

July 7, 2015

3 ways to wear a white button up

happy tuesday friends! today i have an excellent treat for you. alison from puppies and pretties is guest posting to show you 3 ways to wear a white button up.  someone needs to give fashion advice over here, because we both know it isn't going to be me.  take it away alison! 3 ways white button up Hi Lot 48 readers! I've been reevaluating my closet as of late (see this post) and I realized I haven't worn this white button up in ages. While a button up like this is often relegated to the corporate office, there are so many different ways to wear one, even in the summer. Any item that can take me from the office to after work activities with a small change (or none at all!) is a winner in my book. So lets take a look at my three looks in depth. PS: I've linked to the items I'm wearing or super similar items!

Look 1: With printed shorts

Adding playful shorts makes a button up more casual. This look is great for those days when you want a bit more coverage either because it is cooler or to protect your skin from the sun. Or maybe you are visiting grandma and need to add a bit of class to your outfit :)

Look 2: With palazzo pants

Palazzo pants are pretty much the best thing ever created. Have a business casual workplace, therefore making pajamas a no-no? Throw on a pair of palazzos with a button up and you are good to go. Just make sure your pair is a bit more structured! I just got this pair and plan on wearing them often because they just might be the most comfortable thing I own.

Look 3: With white denim

White on white just screams summer. Its a clean look that can easily go from the workplace to drinks. Add pops of colors with your accessories and you are ready to go! The great thing about a button up is that you can add a statement necklace in multiple ways. With this look, I put it under the collar. For the previous looks, I added a longer one. You can even put a necklace under the collar for a tidy look.
See how versatile a white button up can be? Pair it with practically anything in your closet, and you will be good to go. My biggest tip for a white button up is to hold out for one that fits you just right. I know I struggled to find this one, and I finally found it at Banana Republic during a shopping trip to the Mall of America. If a button up just doesn't work for you, try a popover like this one.
Which look would you like to try this summer?
I hope you come visit me at Puppies & Pretties!
3 ways white button up 2