Lot 48: who would be your "the office" best friend?

June 30, 2015

who would be your "the office" best friend?

oh, the office.  who doesn't love that show? answer: e v e r y b o d y.  weirdly enough, i just finished the last two seasons.  when michael left, i boycotted the show and proclaimed "no michael?! i'm not watching!" we the the office board game, and i am undefeated {screams and applause from the crowd} so i thought "what kind of champion would i be if i didn't finish the series" and was so surprised how much i loved the final two seasons.  
so it got me thinking, who would be your "the office" best friend?" if you worked there, who would be your work buddy?  maybe everybody's answer would be pam or jim or dwight.  because let's be honest, being friends with dwight would be really, really hilarious. but let's break it down.  
phyllis. i think we can just call it a win right here and now and be done with this game.  phyllis is awesome.  i love her.   she is so cool and smart strong and funny and surprising at so many things.  and as she has said, she loves girl talk! i think we would just sit in the break room the most of the day, gabbing and talking about men and clothes and everything girly.  
angela.  i would only be friends with angela if i was confined to a bunker for several years and the only way to survive would be to befriend this person.  she is hilarious to watch on the show, but if i had to deal with her in real life, ugh, i don't know how i could stand her.  
dwight.  i don't think he would let me be friends with him, because that is dwight and he trusts no one, but what a fascinating friend he would be. and he would keep me laughing for sure.  i know i wouldn't be able to take him seriously so i think i would be friends with him the way jim is friends with him, just without the pranks.  cause that guy is just too much.  but someone i would definitely want to be around for laughs. 

jim. i always thought it would be kind of hard to be his friend because he and pam were kind of in their own little click.  and probably hard to get his attention when all he is doing is flirting with the receptionist.  one track mind, that man. and also, i always thought that some of the pranks he did on dwight were kind of mean.  and that jim was kind of a jerk at times.  so sorry jim, you wouldn't be my BFF.
meredith.  umm... what would we talk about? getting discounts on steaks and paper for the company? AA? we don't have that much in common. 

kevin.  the guy in the office that you are kind of forced to talk to in the break room to be nice, right? not much in common.  he would make me laugh, though.
ryan.  {i made ryan really small in the picture because he is an a** and i hate him} i would avoid him at all costs.  he is a total jerk and pretentious and every time he comes on screen i want to slap him. 
michael.  michael, michael, michael. what to do with you.  i don't think i have a choice of being your friend or not.  you make all your employees be your friend, right?  so he would be my friend, but not my bestie. 
oscar.  i just feel like everything would be political with him.  you would have to be on your toes and talking politics or something intellectual or news related at all times.  he's kind of boring. 
pam.  i would like to be friends with pam.  and unlike jim, she doesn't have a one track mind.  i think we would be friends.  but not best friends.  she has that spot reserved for jim.  

kelly.  could you be friends with kelly unless all you talked about is celebrities? i would go to her for celebrity gossip and to talk about that, and let's be honest, it's me, so that would be often. but i think that is as far as the friendship would go. 

stanley.  grumpypants.  he doesn't want any friends.  

toby.  nope.  in the words of michael. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

and the winner is......

PHYLLIS! she is who i would want to be my best friend if i worked at "the office."  what about you?  who would you pick?
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Lot 48


  1. Jim would be my bff! I love all his pranks and jokes!

  2. I would totally be in the Jim and Pam clique. And I would've been helping Jim scheme to win her heart right along with figuring out pranks to play on Dwight.


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