Lot 48: what's on the inside

June 2, 2015

what's on the inside

i am late to the party for the linkup that i am hosting, which is so embarassing, but the linkup day was the day my grandpa passed, so i'm sure you understand.  i truly love doing this you are beautiful linkup and hope with all my heart that is positively effects you and that your self esteem improves by reading emelia and i's posts.  

this linkup is different as we have given you a prompt: talk about the beauty that is on the inside, not what is on the outside.  emelia came up with this prompt and i absolutely love it.  i think it's brilliant!  we judge ourselves so much by looking in the mirror when we should we judging ourselves by what is on the inside. 

i have come to a realization as of late.  what you weigh, what you look like, it freaking does. not. matter.  how freeing is that thought?  it seems so simple but also so difficult to come to that conclusion.  why does it matter?  why?  because society says so?  because when you go to the movies you see skinny minis and think to yourself "oh my gosh her stomach is so flat i want that, i'm so ugly?"  or when you sit down your fat bubbles over your jeans and then you hate yourself and you start obsessing?  stop looking at yourself and look at those around you.  everyone has flaws.  nobody is perfect.  so why should you be? 

i feel as though i can't talk about this without bringing up sarah's post where are all the mediums that has been the talk of blog land recently.  she hits it right on the head.  there are fashion bloggers of the size 0-6 and 14+ but not the mediums, the 8-12.  where are they?  the normal people of the world?  where are they?  and i completely agree with her.  where are they?   i'm a medium.  why should i be ashamed of that?  who cares?  who cares?  why should i care?  

i had this picture taken because i was obsessing over whether or not my stomach looked flat that day.  instead of enjoying the day, i was obsessing.  how annoying.  so i'm not smiling.  our perception is so different from reality.  sarah also writes about this documentary she saw (i wish i knew what it was so i could watch it!) where there was a girl with an eating disorder who had paper covering her mirror.  she was told to outline on the paper what she thought her silhouette looked like.  she was an extremely thin girl and she outlined and enormous silhouette.  they cut out the silhouette and then took off the paper to reveal the mirror.  she was shocked at the difference.  
it doesn't matter what size you are.  it matters what size your heart is.  like the grinch.  his heart was two sizes too small.  you are all beautiful.  you are all gorgeous.  our last prompt was to talk about a random act of kindness, and i am sure you all have a million stories of a random act of kindness that you could share.  you are all beautiful.  it doesn't matter what size you are.  you are all beautiful people.  

Lot 48

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  1. The documentary she was referring to is called "Thin". It's on Netflix. Excellent documentary!

  2. You are GORGEOUS! I can't imagine you obsessing about something silly like your appearance because you are so pretty. Inside AND out!

  3. I love what you said about it being about the size of your heart, so true!

  4. I am short and fat and I know I should lose weight but at the same time I am happy with who I am


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