Lot 48: what's in my bag?

June 18, 2015

what's in my bag?

i have always wanted to do a "what's in my bag?" post.  i love those articles in the tabloids when they do it with celebrities and i love it when bloggers do it too.  call me a girl, but i just love these posts! so i thought i would do one as well.  the queen of blurry pictures, whatdoyaknow, this picture is blurry, and i didn't know it until i opened the picture in photoshop.  fail.  but you can still see the items, right?

  1. a pen.  obvious.  who doesn't need a pen in their purse.  just hope it doesn't burst in their purse, right? 
  2. i have incredibly thick hair. must have elastic to pull it back once i can't handle it's thickness all over and getting in my way.  which is all the time. 
  3. mints and candy.  always always must have candy in my purse.  my boss has these amazing key lime candies that are the perfect combination of sour and sweet.
  4. kleenex.  a must during allergy season and your eyes are watering and your nose is running. 
  5. glasses.  ugh! i hate having bad eye sight! it is the worst! i only use glasses when i my eyes are tired of contacts or i am only going out for a few hours and don't want to put my contacts in. or i am just lazy that day. 
  6. granola bar.  the kind can change often, just as long as i have one in my purse that has plenty of protein in it.  i usually substitute this for a meal.  these greek yogurt ones are perfection.  
  7. this little gadget is amazing. it is a magnet that you put on the table and can hang your purse on it.  because don't you hate putting your purse on the ground at a restaurant or anywhere else in public? it's gross.  this little gadget is the solution. and i'm sorry i wish i could tell you where to get one but it was a stocking stuffer when i was in high school, that is how long i have had it.  i don't know where to tell you to get one! 
  8. wallet.  filled with stamp cards at yogurt and other places that i don't frequent.  aka.  filled with crap i don't need.
  9. speaking of crap i don't need. more pens.  i could have put this in #1 and not bored you.
  10. eye drops.  because contacts are annoying and are really not meant to be in your eye.  nothing is supposed to be in your eye.  but i hate wearing glasses and i can't see without help, so contacts it is.  and lubricating eye drops is a must to prevent dryness and ouch-ness in the eye.
  11. a sweet friend gave me this fake key at a very hard time in my life that reads "God never shuts one door without opening a window." i love carrying it around and look at it often.
  12. lotion.  preferably bath and body works lotion. 
  13. rings.  mama loves her bling!!! yes.  i just spoke like i'm anything but the white girl i am.  i have a ton of rings in my purse that i can accessorize with my outfit at a moment's notice.  must. 
  14. lipgloss.  must. obviously. 
  15. advil.  the bottle is really bulky and heavy and i hated carrying it around in my purse so i put it in a bag.  tylonol and advil. 
  16. keys.  i have gotten myself locked out of my car too many times so now i have an extra set hidden in a secret place in my purse and in a secret place under my car in a magnetic box.  fool proof.  i never get locked out again. 
  17. there is no 17 up there because surprise surprise i messed up but that is my cute business card holder.  hubs gave it to me for my birthday and is engraved with my maiden name initial. 
now tell me, what's in your bag?


  1. I have the majority of these same things in my bag too. Granola bars are a must because I get hangry like no other hahaha

  2. I have an In My Purse post here! I love these posts, and seeing what other people deem necessary to carry around with them!

  3. I used to have a purse hanger thingie, but it disappeared somewhere along the way. Too bad because I loved that thing!

  4. For some reason the pills in a baggie make me giggle.

  5. I love posts like this. I just have to say I'm afraid of how much stuff I would actually find in my purse.

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