Lot 48: the list: what i like about me

June 11, 2015

the list: what i like about me

 well you all know what today is! you are beautiful linkup day! and in case you missed the prompt on twitter, today emelia and i want you to write a list of things you like about yourselves: inside or out.

the truth of the matter is, we all struggle with self esteem.  we all do on some level.  and it's stupid and annoying and i wish i could put it in my hands and blow it away with a wisp of breath. but it isn't like that.  self esteem is something you have to work at.  constantly and daily.  and your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship that you can have.

allow me for a minute to wander from the list to give you a metaphor that i have been carrying around in my back pocket for years and have pulled out whenever deemed necessary.  imagine that you are on a ladder. you look up and down and see that others are much higher up on the ladder than you are.  you are comparing yourself to them, wondering why you are such a lower rung while so-and-so is on a higher rung.  you obsess.  you get envious.  you criticize yourself and wonder what you're doing wrong.

FACT: you aren't doing anything wrong.  because guess what?? everyone is not on the same ladder! everyone has their own!! everybody has their own talents, skills, paths.  focus on climbing up your ladder or you will slip and fall.  no need to look over and compare yourself to anyone else and see if he or she is higher on his or her ladder.  we are all different!  we progress at different rates!! we have different metabolisms! some of us have time to work out! some of us have motivation to work out! some of us have a harder time losing weight than others! STOP LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE'S LADDERS! just focus on your own! there is no point in comparing.  what positive outcome does it provide??

now for the list.

i chose pictures that are awkward to show that i am imperfect, awkward, weird, and i wear socks with an LBD.  and i like it. 

i like that i am

  • awkward
  • weird
  • love movies
  • nurturing
  • funny
  • personable
  • can look back and see the progress that i have made in myself over the years

i like my 

  • love/near obsession with television
  • passion for writing 
  • eyes
  • flexibility.  i'm talking about my legs.  we are talking about pretzel like flexibility here.
  • imagination
  • writing talent
  • cheekbones
  • lips
  • my flabby tummy.  i'm working my a** to get rid of it, but it shows that i live.  that i am well fed.  that i am blessed with food and fun.  that i enjoy.  it is somehow symbolic to me.

i love...
  • my passion for protecting people
  • my sharp mind
  • my intellect
  • my college degree
  • that i am a hard worker (thanks parents for teaching me that!)
  • that i try my hardest to be a good wife 
  • that i am a good aunt
  • my faith and testimony in God
see? there are so many things that you can think of! so many things to like about yourself! grab the button and linkup below!! next linkup is june 25! 
Lot 48


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this prompt and I love all of the REAL photos you included! can't wait to see what everyone else comes up with

  2. These are great things to include on your list. And it's not nearly a comprehensive list because there are SO MANY things to love about you.


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