Lot 48: netflix instant finds

June 8, 2015

netflix instant finds

hello hello! happy monday! i have found a few gems and a few rocks on netflix that i wanted to share.  for all i know, this could be a really embarassing post and you could all know about all these movies and already have seen them and have your own opinions about them and i am way behind the times.  but i had never heard of any of these movies before.  

and i loved or liked all of them. 
i am sure this was a big box office hit when it came out when i was 11, so obviously, i did not see it in theaters.  it's about a hollywood couple who has been in dozens of movies together and got married are THE HOLLYWOOD COUPLE, like brangelina (i guess brangelina hasn't been in dozens of movies together) and have now split up and they have to fake to be back together to launch the release of their last movie together.  it's fantastic.  and so funny and billy crystal wrote it.  and of all the gems i found here, this one is my absolute favorite. watch it now. 

this was weird.  but i also loved it.  it was kind of sleezy as it is about a guy who is getting married and he boards a flight to go to his wedding and the plane crashes on the runway and he hitches a ride with sandra bullock and gets very confused about getting married.  but i loved it because sandra is completely hilarious in it, and i will never tire of sandra bullock.

i have realized something about myself.  i adore movies about weddings.  if i could pick one genre of movies to watch for the rest of my life, it would be movies about weddings.  this movie was cheesy and kind of stupid but also really great.  and just the amount of cheese that isn't cringe worthy but is one of the those rocks not gems that i mentioned.  i mostly started watching it because i watched  sister sister  growing up and i love those darn twins but then it kind of sucked me in and it was about a wedding, so there ya go.

oh this one was absolutely, brilliant.  you know that brave is the host of my favorite disney princess so i just loved watching the voice of merida on screen.  the movie was so charming and funny and sweet.  it's about a movie star who hates the paparazzi and is marrying a writer and wants to get married where no one would suspect.  so they get married where he plotted his book, a tiny island in ireland.  but in order to keep the paparazzi away from the wedding, they need a decoy bride.  it's brilliant.  and heartwarming and lovely.  just watch it.

this was hilarious.  i have always loved raven-symon√© since that's so raven i just think she is so funny.  i also like joanna garcia, and it's about a wedding! so i had to watch it! it was really funny and fully enjoyable.  it's about these two best friends who go to their hometown for a visit and find out their good friend got her heart broken and is no longer with her boyfriend.  and what's worse, the girl who was horrible to them all growing up is marrying him.  and the broken hearted girl is a bridesmaid in the wedding.  ouch.  so these two darlings come to break up the wedding and help their friend get revenge on the girl on stole her boyfriend.  wow.  that plot sounds juvenile.  but you don't know the whole story.  the bride is evil!

 i had heard of this film before and i am sure you have all seen it, but man oh man oh man am i glad i saw it.  i lied, america's sweethearts  wasn't my favorite, this was.  i can't even describe how much i loved it! i also love movies that are from the 40s or 30s or 20s, with bright colors and set designs and costumes and witty dialogue.  just any movie like this movie, i'll take it.  i was so shocked when i looked to see if the movie got any oscar nods and it didn't get any!! i thought surely for set design.  and surely amy would get one. but just a people's choice nomination.  stupid.  i love love loved this movie.

i have a love/dislike relationship with woody allen.  on one hand, i don't see or understand why everyone thinks he is a genius.  midnight in paris won an oscar for writing?  really? are you sure?  but other times, i agree, woody allen, you are genius.  but also, you are weird, but your partner is your ex' adopted daughter. so, you're really really weird.  but this movie was good.  no character development at all, but it was quirky and anything hugh jackman is in i'll watch.  

this movie was absolutely, positively incredible.  chilling.  so creepy.  i am one to get scared very, very easily but this oddly did not scare me.  it was brilliant.  it is set back in the 1800s in england and a doctor goes to an insane asylum to study and finds lots of mysteries and such.  can't say more.  just watch it.  now.  it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and i think i held my breath at some points.  brilliant.

there you go! now you have a whole new list! watch away!  


  1. I haven't seen the majority of these! Looks like I'll be Netflix bingeing soon!

  2. These all sound good! I've ony seen a part of America's Sweetheart and the others I haven't seen at all! Looking forward to checking them out!

  3. ahhhh America's Sweethearts used to be one of my favourite movies! I don't think it did very well when it came out, but I adore it. and I LOVED the Decoy Bride because I love David Tennant - but Kelly Macdonald is fabulous as well. I agree about Woody Allen, that Scoop looks good but I don't know if I can do it lol.
    adding double wedding & revenge of the bridesmaids to my list :)

  4. I also love movies about weddings, haha totally a guilty pleasure!

  5. Wow, these are a blast from the past! Stop over and link up!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle

  6. I really liked America's Sweethearts a lot. It wasn't a success at the box office, weirdly enough. It was kind of a flop, if memory serves. I remember being one of the only people I knew who saw it in the theater. But it's so cute!

    I also remember liking Forces of Nature, even though I don't remember much of anything about it now.

    Oh! And Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day! I LOVED that movie!

  7. I haven't seen any of these! Now I can't say there's nothing to watch on Netflix...I want to watch all of these!

  8. This is a good list! ..the one that most caught my attention was the decoy bride... I'll definitely be watching it soon.

  9. I haven't seen any of these! Gives me something to look forward to when hubby is out of town the next two weekends.


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