Lot 48: my best middle school memory

June 5, 2015

my best middle school memory

aaaaah middle school.  do you remember middle school?? did you like it?  did you hate it? i liked it just fine.  i had a lot of friends, far more friends than i did in high school.  there is one particular memory that i absolutely love that i want to share with you today. 

(i'm the girl on the far left looking very very happy with my friends and rockin' the crimped hair) 

there was one day in middle school when my friends and i decided to ditch.  and it. was. EPIC.  now this was a long time ago, so the details might be a little bit fuzzy, but i think i remember them all! first we decided to walk across street to a beauty school where we got cheap manicures and pedicures done.  we loved being pampered! i don't even know how we ended up paying for it.  we must have used our lunch money.

then we decided it would be absolutely hilarious to go next door and try on wigs.  sounds hysterical right? hahaahah! the owner of the wig shop did not think so, so she kicked us out.  bummer.  but we did not let that stop us! we were determined to still have fun! we made our way over to a hotel where there were a lot of weddings and business meetings and a really nice pool.  to a bunch of 12 year olds, we thought it was THE PLACE to be and so so pretty and classy.  so we went there to get boys???? i have no idea why we thought that would have worked.

i remember sitting outside the hotel while we all tried to decide whose house we were going to once school let out.  it was a friday, so it was a short day, and the end of the day was soon approaching.  my mom picked me up from school on fridays and so we decided that we would go to my house.  but first! while we killed time, we went to a fabrics store that was on the walk back to school.  we found these fabulous masks that only covered the eyes with feathers and we all bought matchings ones.  again, we thought it was hilarious.  guys, we were sooooo funny.

then back to school we went, to be outside of school one the end of the day bell rang to act like perfect students so my mom wouldn't suspect a thing.

the fun was only beginning! the best part of the story is coming! when we got to my house, we went to the closet in my house where we kept all the board games.  one of the girls suggested we play twister.  and the another girl had a brilliant idea. a brilliant brilliant brilliant idea i tell you, genius i say!! she suggested that we play twister in shaving creme! isn't that an excellent idea? well we sure thought it was.  but me, being the responsible 12 year old that i was, i put towels around the twister board so we didn't get the shaving creme in the carpet.  now that was a brilliant idea.  except, when we started playing, the towels moved due to our excitement and our slippery-ness and shaving creme did end up getting all over the carpet.  

but it was seriously one of the best days that i ever had.  the ditching, the beauty treatments at the salon, the adventure! the thrill of ditching! the shaving creme! we got sooo messy and laughed oh so very hard.  it was one of my best memories that i have of  growing up.  i will always treasure that day.  try playing twister outside covered in shaving creme this summer, it is so much fun! 


  1. I would have never expected you as one to ditch! What a fun memory to hold on to, though!

  2. That sounds like a great day.

    I never ditched. Not once. Well, maybe once, but I'm pretty sure my mom was actually involved.


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