Lot 48: love is.....

June 25, 2015

love is.....

i came across this amazing prompt from belinda and am stealing it but not really since it was one of her prompts for her "blog everyday in may" challenge."  well now i just have to answer her question. 

love is......

being your absolute, true, vulnerable self and knowing that the other person is going to love you for it.  

love is having a good time just being together.  no matter how extravagant or low key it may be. 

missing each other even if they are only gone for an hour.

when the person hugs you for the first time that day, all your stress and tension that you didn't even know was there melts away.

love means taking chances and opening up your heart with the possibility that you might get hurt. 

it's putting up with your partner's annoying habits like turning off the bathroom light when you aren't done getting ready yet and his inability to whisper when you are trying to talk quietly to him in a public setting. 

means swimming across the atlantic ocean to be with the one who has your heart.  beating monsters and beasts and anything else that might get in the way between you and your love. because nothing can tear you apart! 

it's putting each other's needs before your own.  constantly thinking what you can do to make the other one happy.  that is what makes a good relationship and is the secret to happy relationship, i think.  

love is loving all his little annoying quirks because they are really, in fact, quite endearing.

love is.. never forgetting your first kiss and why you feel for him in the first place.

and then there is love that isn't romantic and that is a whole different discussion for another blog post! 
what does love mean to you? 

now emelia and i want to announce our prompt for july 2, next thursday! the prompt for the next you are beautiful linkup is what does beauty mean to you? i'm really excited about this prompt, it will be a lot of fun! we hope you all join in! 

Lot 48

have a beautiful day!



  1. I love this!

    I know what you mean about the missing him after just an hour. Sometimes that part drives me CRAZY!

  2. I totally agree with these! It's such a good idea to see quirks as endearing. I need to practice that more!


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