Lot 48: FAQs about me

June 23, 2015

FAQs about me

remember when you were in college and at a party and someone would start talking to you or vice versa and the FAQ would be "what's your major?" "how many siblings do you have?" "where are you from?" "what are you hobbies?" etc, etc.  well i know that you have been just dying to know the answers to these questions.  so i shall answer them, because i am at your command.

  • what was my major in college?  interesting story.  i've talked many times before that i was a performer for the majority of my life.  my freshman year of college, i attended a small university just 50 miles away from home as i was a terrified homebody who got homesick very easily and thought it would be best to slowly tear the bandaid of living away from home off.  i went home almost every weekend that year.  and also that year, i was a theater major.  it was a year of awakening.  awakening that i did not want to struggle and be poor and homeless and living out of a suitcase.  i wanted to be a producer and screenwriter.  i also decided it was time to move away.  so to salt lake i went and i switched my major to media communications because that was the closest thing i could compare to what i wanted to do.  i learned a lot.  including how to make movies and how to edit and produce and write press releases and journalism and media law and a whole jumble of things. in my college career, i did my internship in LA (life changing) and my study abroad in london (theater study abroad.  couldn't let go of the passion, ya know.) 
  •  i have three older sisters.  we are close in age, i'm the youngest and the oldest is 6 years older than me.  i love each of them dearly.  this past year has been really wonderful because for the first time in 12 years, we have all lived in the same place.  my sister is moving on thursday to arizona for 5+ years and i don't think we will ever live in the same place again.  it's been a really blessed year and i am sad it has come to an end.
  • where am i from? that's a question i have addressed many a time.  i am from a very small town in the very southwest corner of utah, one mile away from the arizona border.  it is a wonderful town that is in the desert and gets to be about 120 in august.  don't go there in august.  it is close to the grand canyon and lake powell.  i had a wonderfully blessed upbringing and fun childhood.  we lived in a block of houses that were in a circle where we were friends with all our neighbor kids and played until dark and had a neighborhood pool a half a mile away that we would swim at all summer long.  i had such a fun childhood. 
  • what are my hobbies? blogging, of course! my screenwriting some people would consider that a hobby, but i don't.  because that is the career that i really want to have.  but i love blogging, even though now as i go through very personal things in my life that is causing blogging to take a backseat, i still love it, and i wish that blogging had more of a front seat.  i wish that very much.  i also wish that i could keep up with everybody's blogs better.  i am so behind on my blog reading!! 
  • what do you want to be when you grow up?  a mommy, a good person who doesn't have a short temper, a writer, a loving wife who supports her husband and withstands his masters degree and start ups that he wants to do and whatever else he so desires.  the kind of person that is kind and loving and is the neighborhood mama.  a follower of Christ and an example to all. 
  • what's your favorite color? red. red all the way.  it's fierce and powerful.  two adjectives i like to be.
aren't you so glad that you know all that about me now? 

and now i want to introduce you to a new friend of mine, alison from puppies and pretties!  alison posts outfits that she can wear to work or for a fun girls night out.  i love her style and her writing and especially, her blog name! you get to see cute outfits put together AND pictures of puppies too! sounds like a great blog to me. 
Tell us a little bit about your blog what we will find on your blog.  Fashion? Recipes? Fitness? A bit of everything?

Puppies & Pretties is primarily a fashion blog. But as the name says, there are puppies involved too. I also do regular posts on what I've been reading and an occasional dash of other topics as well. 

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

I would choose Brandon Sanderson. He is my favorite author and I would love to pick his brain about the worlds he created in is books. Plus I think it would be fascinating to learn how he works and is able to continue publishing quality content book after book.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? OR what is your favorite place you have been to?

This is such a tough question! I’d have to say my top destination that I want to travel to is Australia and New Zealand. How fun would it be to see where Lord of the Rings was filmed? 

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Don’t worry about what your peers think. You can never please all of them, and most won’t ever like you anyways. So be yourself and enjoy the little things and cherish those relationships that actually mean something. 

alison's 3 favorite posts: 


  1. Haha great posts. I love reading more about bloggers xx (I also feel you very deeply on the blogging thing.) xx

  2. Ok I am going to go and check Alison's blog out, and have to say like learning more about you and have copied the questions to use for a blog post myself.

  3. I love your "what I want to be when I grow up" responses...you're such a beautiful person :)

  4. This was a fun post! What a great way to get to know a little bit more about someone.

    And we miss you around here! Hugs!


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