Lot 48: boys behind the blog: will smith edition

June 3, 2015

boys behind the blog: will smith edition

i love joining in on the boys behind the blog with heavens to betsy! let's get to know my man! 

//what is your favorite family tradition? every Christmas morning we have apple pie and eggs.  i love that.

//who's your male celebrity crush will smith. i always said if i was going to be black i would be will smith. he is like the coolest celebrity ever. he made his first million by the time he was like, 17 or 18. {lauren adds, and then blew it all on drugs and went broke.} 

//what song best sums you up? the scientist by coldplay i've never heard it before it before but it sounds like it describes me because i am a scientist. 

//what three things do you think of the most each day? lauren science and work.

//what is your most embarrassing memory? one time my best friend blake and i were up in the mountains and were on a slope. it was dark and were around a bunch of trees and we were throwing rocks at each other, like boys do, and i pushed him and he fell downhill and onto a tree stump and completely split open his butt.  not just the jeans, but his actual butt.  i was so embarrassed that i hurt him so badly and it was also embarrassing to see certain intimate parts of his butt that no one should ever have to see. {hahahahah oh boys.  that sounds just like he and blake.}

today is my grandpa's funeral and i am a bit of a mess.  please keep my family and i in your prayers.  thank you :) 


  1. HAHAHA. I'm kind of wanting to shame your husband for never having heard the scientist, such a great song!

  2. I'm thinking of you today, my dear.

    I love these interviews with Taran. He's so funny!

  3. Splitting ones butt would be oh so painful, just saying.
    I like Will Smith also just saying
    Funerals suck


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