Lot 48: June 2015

June 30, 2015

who would be your "the office" best friend?

oh, the office.  who doesn't love that show? answer: e v e r y b o d y.  weirdly enough, i just finished the last two seasons.  when michael left, i boycotted the show and proclaimed "no michael?! i'm not watching!" we the the office board game, and i am undefeated {screams and applause from the crowd} so i thought "what kind of champion would i be if i didn't finish the series" and was so surprised how much i loved the final two seasons.  
so it got me thinking, who would be your "the office" best friend?" if you worked there, who would be your work buddy?  maybe everybody's answer would be pam or jim or dwight.  because let's be honest, being friends with dwight would be really, really hilarious. but let's break it down.  
phyllis. i think we can just call it a win right here and now and be done with this game.  phyllis is awesome.  i love her.   she is so cool and smart strong and funny and surprising at so many things.  and as she has said, she loves girl talk! i think we would just sit in the break room the most of the day, gabbing and talking about men and clothes and everything girly.  
angela.  i would only be friends with angela if i was confined to a bunker for several years and the only way to survive would be to befriend this person.  she is hilarious to watch on the show, but if i had to deal with her in real life, ugh, i don't know how i could stand her.  
dwight.  i don't think he would let me be friends with him, because that is dwight and he trusts no one, but what a fascinating friend he would be. and he would keep me laughing for sure.  i know i wouldn't be able to take him seriously so i think i would be friends with him the way jim is friends with him, just without the pranks.  cause that guy is just too much.  but someone i would definitely want to be around for laughs. 

jim. i always thought it would be kind of hard to be his friend because he and pam were kind of in their own little click.  and probably hard to get his attention when all he is doing is flirting with the receptionist.  one track mind, that man. and also, i always thought that some of the pranks he did on dwight were kind of mean.  and that jim was kind of a jerk at times.  so sorry jim, you wouldn't be my BFF.
meredith.  umm... what would we talk about? getting discounts on steaks and paper for the company? AA? we don't have that much in common. 

kevin.  the guy in the office that you are kind of forced to talk to in the break room to be nice, right? not much in common.  he would make me laugh, though.
ryan.  {i made ryan really small in the picture because he is an a** and i hate him} i would avoid him at all costs.  he is a total jerk and pretentious and every time he comes on screen i want to slap him. 
michael.  michael, michael, michael. what to do with you.  i don't think i have a choice of being your friend or not.  you make all your employees be your friend, right?  so he would be my friend, but not my bestie. 
oscar.  i just feel like everything would be political with him.  you would have to be on your toes and talking politics or something intellectual or news related at all times.  he's kind of boring. 
pam.  i would like to be friends with pam.  and unlike jim, she doesn't have a one track mind.  i think we would be friends.  but not best friends.  she has that spot reserved for jim.  

kelly.  could you be friends with kelly unless all you talked about is celebrities? i would go to her for celebrity gossip and to talk about that, and let's be honest, it's me, so that would be often. but i think that is as far as the friendship would go. 

stanley.  grumpypants.  he doesn't want any friends.  

toby.  nope.  in the words of michael. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

and the winner is......

PHYLLIS! she is who i would want to be my best friend if i worked at "the office."  what about you?  who would you pick?
AND NOW! on thursday, it's you are beautiful linkup day! and your prompt is..... what is beauty? what does it mean to you?  

this should be a fun prompt! don't forget to link up! happy tuesday! 
Lot 48

June 29, 2015

i owe my math tutor $500 bucks

when i was in high school, i had a math tutor that was probably in his 60's.  he was a retired electrical engineer and rather brilliant.  all my sisters had been tutored by him, and he tutored dozens of high school kids.  

he took math and our tutoring very seriously.  at the beginning of my junior year of high school, there was the sadie's hawkins dance where the girl ask the guy.  it was the day of the dance and i don't know if you did this at your high school or not, but the day of the dance, you did an all day date.  you had a group that you went to the dance with, and you did an all day group date together.  i had to drive my friend and her date home and her date lived really, really far away.  as i was driving them, i realized i had a tutoring session that i was supposed to be at.  i called my tutor, let's call him mr. cozack, and told him that i was sorry that i forgot but it was a school dance, i mean come on! why did i have to go to math tutoring on a saturday anyway? he wasn't there so i left a message.

he was really mad.  he called my mom and said "she doesn't understand how serious math is and how important her future is and how math fits into that and she couldn't come because she was at some dance and driving some friend home and how could she forget scoff scoff grunt grunt."  he and i had a liz lemmon, jack donaghy relationship where we would fight a lot about things and he would make me do one math problem over and over and over and i would complain and then we would argue and then it would turn into a weird argument about something entirely different and then it would end in playful/friendly yelling. 

i'm a broken record telling you that i used to be a performer.  a serious performer.  i was determined and convinced that was what i was going to do with my life.  i danced 30 - 40 hours a week, depending how many shows i was doing, and took singing lessons and had an acting agent and was determined and convinced that was going to be my life.

when i graduated high school, he and i made a bet that i wouldn't be performing when by the time i was 25.  he was convinced i would come to my senses and give it up.  i was convinced it was my path.  we bet $500 bucks that if i was performing when i was 25, he owed me, if i wasn't, i owed him. 

well, i turned 25 a month ago, and yesterday i remembered our bet.  i called mr. cozack yesterday to chat knowing he wouldn't really make me collect.  it was really nice to talk to him.   it's funny and sad and happy and weird and ironic how life goes.  

i'm at a crossroads in my life right now.  and it's exciting.  what will lauren do next?  people say "that chapter of my life has closed" but i'd rather think of my life in volumes.  in books.  not one huge book that has chapter after chapter.  i like to think of it as book after book.  i'm 25 and a book of my life has closed.  and if i do say so, i think it was a brilliant book.  i stretched, i pushed myself, i lived, i fought, i lost, i loved.  all the makings of a book.  i've always tried to live my life to the fullest, as if i just had a death scare and now want to seize every opportunity.  i'm proud of myself for that.  

as with every ending, there is a new beginning.  if we are sticking to 30 rock references, what did we do when 30 rock ended? we looked at tina fey and said "what will you do next?" (she did the unbreakable kimmy schmidt and it was brilliant and a lot like 30 rock i just wanted to hug it and write a blog post about it but at the same time it was too much like 30 rock so tina lets see something new) so now i'm staring at myself saying "what will you do next?" i don't know.

but i'm excited to find out.  

June 25, 2015

love is.....

i came across this amazing prompt from belinda and am stealing it but not really since it was one of her prompts for her "blog everyday in may" challenge."  well now i just have to answer her question. 

love is......

being your absolute, true, vulnerable self and knowing that the other person is going to love you for it.  

love is having a good time just being together.  no matter how extravagant or low key it may be. 

missing each other even if they are only gone for an hour.

when the person hugs you for the first time that day, all your stress and tension that you didn't even know was there melts away.

love means taking chances and opening up your heart with the possibility that you might get hurt. 

it's putting up with your partner's annoying habits like turning off the bathroom light when you aren't done getting ready yet and his inability to whisper when you are trying to talk quietly to him in a public setting. 

means swimming across the atlantic ocean to be with the one who has your heart.  beating monsters and beasts and anything else that might get in the way between you and your love. because nothing can tear you apart! 

it's putting each other's needs before your own.  constantly thinking what you can do to make the other one happy.  that is what makes a good relationship and is the secret to happy relationship, i think.  

love is loving all his little annoying quirks because they are really, in fact, quite endearing.

love is.. never forgetting your first kiss and why you feel for him in the first place.

and then there is love that isn't romantic and that is a whole different discussion for another blog post! 
what does love mean to you? 

now emelia and i want to announce our prompt for july 2, next thursday! the prompt for the next you are beautiful linkup is what does beauty mean to you? i'm really excited about this prompt, it will be a lot of fun! we hope you all join in! 

Lot 48

have a beautiful day!


June 23, 2015

FAQs about me

remember when you were in college and at a party and someone would start talking to you or vice versa and the FAQ would be "what's your major?" "how many siblings do you have?" "where are you from?" "what are you hobbies?" etc, etc.  well i know that you have been just dying to know the answers to these questions.  so i shall answer them, because i am at your command.

  • what was my major in college?  interesting story.  i've talked many times before that i was a performer for the majority of my life.  my freshman year of college, i attended a small university just 50 miles away from home as i was a terrified homebody who got homesick very easily and thought it would be best to slowly tear the bandaid of living away from home off.  i went home almost every weekend that year.  and also that year, i was a theater major.  it was a year of awakening.  awakening that i did not want to struggle and be poor and homeless and living out of a suitcase.  i wanted to be a producer and screenwriter.  i also decided it was time to move away.  so to salt lake i went and i switched my major to media communications because that was the closest thing i could compare to what i wanted to do.  i learned a lot.  including how to make movies and how to edit and produce and write press releases and journalism and media law and a whole jumble of things. in my college career, i did my internship in LA (life changing) and my study abroad in london (theater study abroad.  couldn't let go of the passion, ya know.) 
  •  i have three older sisters.  we are close in age, i'm the youngest and the oldest is 6 years older than me.  i love each of them dearly.  this past year has been really wonderful because for the first time in 12 years, we have all lived in the same place.  my sister is moving on thursday to arizona for 5+ years and i don't think we will ever live in the same place again.  it's been a really blessed year and i am sad it has come to an end.
  • where am i from? that's a question i have addressed many a time.  i am from a very small town in the very southwest corner of utah, one mile away from the arizona border.  it is a wonderful town that is in the desert and gets to be about 120 in august.  don't go there in august.  it is close to the grand canyon and lake powell.  i had a wonderfully blessed upbringing and fun childhood.  we lived in a block of houses that were in a circle where we were friends with all our neighbor kids and played until dark and had a neighborhood pool a half a mile away that we would swim at all summer long.  i had such a fun childhood. 
  • what are my hobbies? blogging, of course! my screenwriting some people would consider that a hobby, but i don't.  because that is the career that i really want to have.  but i love blogging, even though now as i go through very personal things in my life that is causing blogging to take a backseat, i still love it, and i wish that blogging had more of a front seat.  i wish that very much.  i also wish that i could keep up with everybody's blogs better.  i am so behind on my blog reading!! 
  • what do you want to be when you grow up?  a mommy, a good person who doesn't have a short temper, a writer, a loving wife who supports her husband and withstands his masters degree and start ups that he wants to do and whatever else he so desires.  the kind of person that is kind and loving and is the neighborhood mama.  a follower of Christ and an example to all. 
  • what's your favorite color? red. red all the way.  it's fierce and powerful.  two adjectives i like to be.
aren't you so glad that you know all that about me now? 

and now i want to introduce you to a new friend of mine, alison from puppies and pretties!  alison posts outfits that she can wear to work or for a fun girls night out.  i love her style and her writing and especially, her blog name! you get to see cute outfits put together AND pictures of puppies too! sounds like a great blog to me. 
Tell us a little bit about your blog what we will find on your blog.  Fashion? Recipes? Fitness? A bit of everything?

Puppies & Pretties is primarily a fashion blog. But as the name says, there are puppies involved too. I also do regular posts on what I've been reading and an occasional dash of other topics as well. 

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, alive or dead, who would it be?

I would choose Brandon Sanderson. He is my favorite author and I would love to pick his brain about the worlds he created in is books. Plus I think it would be fascinating to learn how he works and is able to continue publishing quality content book after book.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? OR what is your favorite place you have been to?

This is such a tough question! I’d have to say my top destination that I want to travel to is Australia and New Zealand. How fun would it be to see where Lord of the Rings was filmed? 

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?

Don’t worry about what your peers think. You can never please all of them, and most won’t ever like you anyways. So be yourself and enjoy the little things and cherish those relationships that actually mean something. 

alison's 3 favorite posts: 

June 18, 2015

what's in my bag?

i have always wanted to do a "what's in my bag?" post.  i love those articles in the tabloids when they do it with celebrities and i love it when bloggers do it too.  call me a girl, but i just love these posts! so i thought i would do one as well.  the queen of blurry pictures, whatdoyaknow, this picture is blurry, and i didn't know it until i opened the picture in photoshop.  fail.  but you can still see the items, right?

  1. a pen.  obvious.  who doesn't need a pen in their purse.  just hope it doesn't burst in their purse, right? 
  2. i have incredibly thick hair. must have elastic to pull it back once i can't handle it's thickness all over and getting in my way.  which is all the time. 
  3. mints and candy.  always always must have candy in my purse.  my boss has these amazing key lime candies that are the perfect combination of sour and sweet.
  4. kleenex.  a must during allergy season and your eyes are watering and your nose is running. 
  5. glasses.  ugh! i hate having bad eye sight! it is the worst! i only use glasses when i my eyes are tired of contacts or i am only going out for a few hours and don't want to put my contacts in. or i am just lazy that day. 
  6. granola bar.  the kind can change often, just as long as i have one in my purse that has plenty of protein in it.  i usually substitute this for a meal.  these greek yogurt ones are perfection.  
  7. this little gadget is amazing. it is a magnet that you put on the table and can hang your purse on it.  because don't you hate putting your purse on the ground at a restaurant or anywhere else in public? it's gross.  this little gadget is the solution. and i'm sorry i wish i could tell you where to get one but it was a stocking stuffer when i was in high school, that is how long i have had it.  i don't know where to tell you to get one! 
  8. wallet.  filled with stamp cards at yogurt and other places that i don't frequent.  aka.  filled with crap i don't need.
  9. speaking of crap i don't need. more pens.  i could have put this in #1 and not bored you.
  10. eye drops.  because contacts are annoying and are really not meant to be in your eye.  nothing is supposed to be in your eye.  but i hate wearing glasses and i can't see without help, so contacts it is.  and lubricating eye drops is a must to prevent dryness and ouch-ness in the eye.
  11. a sweet friend gave me this fake key at a very hard time in my life that reads "God never shuts one door without opening a window." i love carrying it around and look at it often.
  12. lotion.  preferably bath and body works lotion. 
  13. rings.  mama loves her bling!!! yes.  i just spoke like i'm anything but the white girl i am.  i have a ton of rings in my purse that i can accessorize with my outfit at a moment's notice.  must. 
  14. lipgloss.  must. obviously. 
  15. advil.  the bottle is really bulky and heavy and i hated carrying it around in my purse so i put it in a bag.  tylonol and advil. 
  16. keys.  i have gotten myself locked out of my car too many times so now i have an extra set hidden in a secret place in my purse and in a secret place under my car in a magnetic box.  fool proof.  i never get locked out again. 
  17. there is no 17 up there because surprise surprise i messed up but that is my cute business card holder.  hubs gave it to me for my birthday and is engraved with my maiden name initial. 
now tell me, what's in your bag?

June 11, 2015

the list: what i like about me

 well you all know what today is! you are beautiful linkup day! and in case you missed the prompt on twitter, today emelia and i want you to write a list of things you like about yourselves: inside or out.

the truth of the matter is, we all struggle with self esteem.  we all do on some level.  and it's stupid and annoying and i wish i could put it in my hands and blow it away with a wisp of breath. but it isn't like that.  self esteem is something you have to work at.  constantly and daily.  and your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship that you can have.

allow me for a minute to wander from the list to give you a metaphor that i have been carrying around in my back pocket for years and have pulled out whenever deemed necessary.  imagine that you are on a ladder. you look up and down and see that others are much higher up on the ladder than you are.  you are comparing yourself to them, wondering why you are such a lower rung while so-and-so is on a higher rung.  you obsess.  you get envious.  you criticize yourself and wonder what you're doing wrong.

FACT: you aren't doing anything wrong.  because guess what?? everyone is not on the same ladder! everyone has their own!! everybody has their own talents, skills, paths.  focus on climbing up your ladder or you will slip and fall.  no need to look over and compare yourself to anyone else and see if he or she is higher on his or her ladder.  we are all different!  we progress at different rates!! we have different metabolisms! some of us have time to work out! some of us have motivation to work out! some of us have a harder time losing weight than others! STOP LOOKING AT OTHER PEOPLE'S LADDERS! just focus on your own! there is no point in comparing.  what positive outcome does it provide??

now for the list.

i chose pictures that are awkward to show that i am imperfect, awkward, weird, and i wear socks with an LBD.  and i like it. 

i like that i am

  • awkward
  • weird
  • love movies
  • nurturing
  • funny
  • personable
  • can look back and see the progress that i have made in myself over the years

i like my 

  • love/near obsession with television
  • passion for writing 
  • eyes
  • flexibility.  i'm talking about my legs.  we are talking about pretzel like flexibility here.
  • imagination
  • writing talent
  • cheekbones
  • lips
  • my flabby tummy.  i'm working my a** to get rid of it, but it shows that i live.  that i am well fed.  that i am blessed with food and fun.  that i enjoy.  it is somehow symbolic to me.

i love...
  • my passion for protecting people
  • my sharp mind
  • my intellect
  • my college degree
  • that i am a hard worker (thanks parents for teaching me that!)
  • that i try my hardest to be a good wife 
  • that i am a good aunt
  • my faith and testimony in God
see? there are so many things that you can think of! so many things to like about yourself! grab the button and linkup below!! next linkup is june 25! 
Lot 48

June 8, 2015

netflix instant finds

hello hello! happy monday! i have found a few gems and a few rocks on netflix that i wanted to share.  for all i know, this could be a really embarassing post and you could all know about all these movies and already have seen them and have your own opinions about them and i am way behind the times.  but i had never heard of any of these movies before.  

and i loved or liked all of them. 
i am sure this was a big box office hit when it came out when i was 11, so obviously, i did not see it in theaters.  it's about a hollywood couple who has been in dozens of movies together and got married are THE HOLLYWOOD COUPLE, like brangelina (i guess brangelina hasn't been in dozens of movies together) and have now split up and they have to fake to be back together to launch the release of their last movie together.  it's fantastic.  and so funny and billy crystal wrote it.  and of all the gems i found here, this one is my absolute favorite. watch it now. 

this was weird.  but i also loved it.  it was kind of sleezy as it is about a guy who is getting married and he boards a flight to go to his wedding and the plane crashes on the runway and he hitches a ride with sandra bullock and gets very confused about getting married.  but i loved it because sandra is completely hilarious in it, and i will never tire of sandra bullock.

i have realized something about myself.  i adore movies about weddings.  if i could pick one genre of movies to watch for the rest of my life, it would be movies about weddings.  this movie was cheesy and kind of stupid but also really great.  and just the amount of cheese that isn't cringe worthy but is one of the those rocks not gems that i mentioned.  i mostly started watching it because i watched  sister sister  growing up and i love those darn twins but then it kind of sucked me in and it was about a wedding, so there ya go.

oh this one was absolutely, brilliant.  you know that brave is the host of my favorite disney princess so i just loved watching the voice of merida on screen.  the movie was so charming and funny and sweet.  it's about a movie star who hates the paparazzi and is marrying a writer and wants to get married where no one would suspect.  so they get married where he plotted his book, a tiny island in ireland.  but in order to keep the paparazzi away from the wedding, they need a decoy bride.  it's brilliant.  and heartwarming and lovely.  just watch it.

this was hilarious.  i have always loved raven-symonĂ© since that's so raven i just think she is so funny.  i also like joanna garcia, and it's about a wedding! so i had to watch it! it was really funny and fully enjoyable.  it's about these two best friends who go to their hometown for a visit and find out their good friend got her heart broken and is no longer with her boyfriend.  and what's worse, the girl who was horrible to them all growing up is marrying him.  and the broken hearted girl is a bridesmaid in the wedding.  ouch.  so these two darlings come to break up the wedding and help their friend get revenge on the girl on stole her boyfriend.  wow.  that plot sounds juvenile.  but you don't know the whole story.  the bride is evil!

 i had heard of this film before and i am sure you have all seen it, but man oh man oh man am i glad i saw it.  i lied, america's sweethearts  wasn't my favorite, this was.  i can't even describe how much i loved it! i also love movies that are from the 40s or 30s or 20s, with bright colors and set designs and costumes and witty dialogue.  just any movie like this movie, i'll take it.  i was so shocked when i looked to see if the movie got any oscar nods and it didn't get any!! i thought surely for set design.  and surely amy would get one. but just a people's choice nomination.  stupid.  i love love loved this movie.

i have a love/dislike relationship with woody allen.  on one hand, i don't see or understand why everyone thinks he is a genius.  midnight in paris won an oscar for writing?  really? are you sure?  but other times, i agree, woody allen, you are genius.  but also, you are weird, but your partner is your ex' adopted daughter. so, you're really really weird.  but this movie was good.  no character development at all, but it was quirky and anything hugh jackman is in i'll watch.  

this movie was absolutely, positively incredible.  chilling.  so creepy.  i am one to get scared very, very easily but this oddly did not scare me.  it was brilliant.  it is set back in the 1800s in england and a doctor goes to an insane asylum to study and finds lots of mysteries and such.  can't say more.  just watch it.  now.  it had me on the edge of my seat the entire time and i think i held my breath at some points.  brilliant.

there you go! now you have a whole new list! watch away!  

June 5, 2015

my best middle school memory

aaaaah middle school.  do you remember middle school?? did you like it?  did you hate it? i liked it just fine.  i had a lot of friends, far more friends than i did in high school.  there is one particular memory that i absolutely love that i want to share with you today. 

(i'm the girl on the far left looking very very happy with my friends and rockin' the crimped hair) 

there was one day in middle school when my friends and i decided to ditch.  and it. was. EPIC.  now this was a long time ago, so the details might be a little bit fuzzy, but i think i remember them all! first we decided to walk across street to a beauty school where we got cheap manicures and pedicures done.  we loved being pampered! i don't even know how we ended up paying for it.  we must have used our lunch money.

then we decided it would be absolutely hilarious to go next door and try on wigs.  sounds hysterical right? hahaahah! the owner of the wig shop did not think so, so she kicked us out.  bummer.  but we did not let that stop us! we were determined to still have fun! we made our way over to a hotel where there were a lot of weddings and business meetings and a really nice pool.  to a bunch of 12 year olds, we thought it was THE PLACE to be and so so pretty and classy.  so we went there to get boys???? i have no idea why we thought that would have worked.

i remember sitting outside the hotel while we all tried to decide whose house we were going to once school let out.  it was a friday, so it was a short day, and the end of the day was soon approaching.  my mom picked me up from school on fridays and so we decided that we would go to my house.  but first! while we killed time, we went to a fabrics store that was on the walk back to school.  we found these fabulous masks that only covered the eyes with feathers and we all bought matchings ones.  again, we thought it was hilarious.  guys, we were sooooo funny.

then back to school we went, to be outside of school one the end of the day bell rang to act like perfect students so my mom wouldn't suspect a thing.

the fun was only beginning! the best part of the story is coming! when we got to my house, we went to the closet in my house where we kept all the board games.  one of the girls suggested we play twister.  and the another girl had a brilliant idea. a brilliant brilliant brilliant idea i tell you, genius i say!! she suggested that we play twister in shaving creme! isn't that an excellent idea? well we sure thought it was.  but me, being the responsible 12 year old that i was, i put towels around the twister board so we didn't get the shaving creme in the carpet.  now that was a brilliant idea.  except, when we started playing, the towels moved due to our excitement and our slippery-ness and shaving creme did end up getting all over the carpet.  

but it was seriously one of the best days that i ever had.  the ditching, the beauty treatments at the salon, the adventure! the thrill of ditching! the shaving creme! we got sooo messy and laughed oh so very hard.  it was one of my best memories that i have of  growing up.  i will always treasure that day.  try playing twister outside covered in shaving creme this summer, it is so much fun! 

June 4, 2015

what would be my gangster name?

today i want to do a fun post that i have been wanting to do for a while that i originally shared over at VTIM.  what would be my gangster name?  this idea came to me when i started watching breaking bad.  (so behind on this phenomenon, i know!) so for this post, i dressed in my husband's clothes, tried to mess up my makeup, and look like a gangster.  we ended up getting really imaginative and silly and took a few pictures that ended up being suuuper creepy, so i didn't include those so you don't call the cops on me.

Name Options: 
Barbwire Rain: sounds scary right?  if it rained, you would be totalllly scared of me and would hide indoors, right? 

Death Blade: (for those of you who watch brooklyn 99, we are now best friends, and yes, i stole that name from the chopper episode.  busted.) what name could be scarier than death blade?  

Hiesenburg: hahaha just kidding.  (don't spoil any breaking bad things for me, i'm only on season 3!) 

Lakisha: i used to be a performer and once played a narrator in little shop of horrors.  if you have seen the show, you know that the narrator role is written for black actors.  well this girl ain't black by no means.  so to get into character to act like a girl from the 'hood instead of a girl from the smallest town in the smallest corner of Utah 1 mile from arizona where we had no diversity at all, we all picked black person names.  lakisha was mine.  totally not a gangster name, just had to throw that in.  

Iron Fist: too predictable?  kind of sounds like a MMA fighter, doesn't it?  feel like i've heard it a million times before.  not good.  next. 

Black Dagger: this is my favorite.  makes me shiver in my boots.  scaaary!! doesn't this make you want to run away in fear if i said in a menacing voice "hi.  i'm black dagger." i would run.  for. sure.

June 3, 2015

boys behind the blog: will smith edition

i love joining in on the boys behind the blog with heavens to betsy! let's get to know my man! 

//what is your favorite family tradition? every Christmas morning we have apple pie and eggs.  i love that.

//who's your male celebrity crush will smith. i always said if i was going to be black i would be will smith. he is like the coolest celebrity ever. he made his first million by the time he was like, 17 or 18. {lauren adds, and then blew it all on drugs and went broke.} 

//what song best sums you up? the scientist by coldplay i've never heard it before it before but it sounds like it describes me because i am a scientist. 

//what three things do you think of the most each day? lauren science and work.

//what is your most embarrassing memory? one time my best friend blake and i were up in the mountains and were on a slope. it was dark and were around a bunch of trees and we were throwing rocks at each other, like boys do, and i pushed him and he fell downhill and onto a tree stump and completely split open his butt.  not just the jeans, but his actual butt.  i was so embarrassed that i hurt him so badly and it was also embarrassing to see certain intimate parts of his butt that no one should ever have to see. {hahahahah oh boys.  that sounds just like he and blake.}

today is my grandpa's funeral and i am a bit of a mess.  please keep my family and i in your prayers.  thank you :) 

June 2, 2015

what's on the inside

i am late to the party for the linkup that i am hosting, which is so embarassing, but the linkup day was the day my grandpa passed, so i'm sure you understand.  i truly love doing this you are beautiful linkup and hope with all my heart that is positively effects you and that your self esteem improves by reading emelia and i's posts.  

this linkup is different as we have given you a prompt: talk about the beauty that is on the inside, not what is on the outside.  emelia came up with this prompt and i absolutely love it.  i think it's brilliant!  we judge ourselves so much by looking in the mirror when we should we judging ourselves by what is on the inside. 

i have come to a realization as of late.  what you weigh, what you look like, it freaking does. not. matter.  how freeing is that thought?  it seems so simple but also so difficult to come to that conclusion.  why does it matter?  why?  because society says so?  because when you go to the movies you see skinny minis and think to yourself "oh my gosh her stomach is so flat i want that, i'm so ugly?"  or when you sit down your fat bubbles over your jeans and then you hate yourself and you start obsessing?  stop looking at yourself and look at those around you.  everyone has flaws.  nobody is perfect.  so why should you be? 

i feel as though i can't talk about this without bringing up sarah's post where are all the mediums that has been the talk of blog land recently.  she hits it right on the head.  there are fashion bloggers of the size 0-6 and 14+ but not the mediums, the 8-12.  where are they?  the normal people of the world?  where are they?  and i completely agree with her.  where are they?   i'm a medium.  why should i be ashamed of that?  who cares?  who cares?  why should i care?  

i had this picture taken because i was obsessing over whether or not my stomach looked flat that day.  instead of enjoying the day, i was obsessing.  how annoying.  so i'm not smiling.  our perception is so different from reality.  sarah also writes about this documentary she saw (i wish i knew what it was so i could watch it!) where there was a girl with an eating disorder who had paper covering her mirror.  she was told to outline on the paper what she thought her silhouette looked like.  she was an extremely thin girl and she outlined and enormous silhouette.  they cut out the silhouette and then took off the paper to reveal the mirror.  she was shocked at the difference.  
it doesn't matter what size you are.  it matters what size your heart is.  like the grinch.  his heart was two sizes too small.  you are all beautiful.  you are all gorgeous.  our last prompt was to talk about a random act of kindness, and i am sure you all have a million stories of a random act of kindness that you could share.  you are all beautiful.  it doesn't matter what size you are.  you are all beautiful people.  

Lot 48

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June 1, 2015

memorial day weekend 2015

it's been a week and i am just now blogging about memorial day weekend. truth be told, with my grandpa's passing on thursday, i need some cheering up, so we are going to talk about the weekend to beat all weekends!  it was so much fun and i wish i was still there and it was still happening.

i have mentioned before that my hometown is in the very, very southwest corner of utah, with my house 1 mile from the arizona border and 120 miles from vegas.  it is a very tiny little town, a town too small to fit my big city soul, but a town a hold near and dear to my heart.  i absolutely love our weekend get togethers when all my sisters and our husbands and their kids all migrate 300 miles south to our house and spend the weekend laughing and playing and cooking and eating and reading and talking.  it's nothing short of magical.  

we are always together on memorial day weekend, but this memorial day weekend was a bit different.  on that saturday, my insane brothers in law decided to hike the grand canyon rim to rim that day.  they planned it a year in advance and had been training for months.  four years ago, and i know i have mentioned this before as well, my dad fulfilled his life long dream of getting his pilot's license and got a tiny little plane that i am terrified to fly in. he flew all the boys to the grand canyon and away they went.  two of my brothers in law ran it in 7.5 hours.  they.  are.  insane.  

so here is what we did while they were doing insane things like climing 9,400 feet and hiking 24 miles in 7.5 hours.  

my dad has had a band for about 15 years and they practice in our basement.  we have little instruments for the kids to play with so my dad played his guitar and the kids rocked out with him.  yes, i know what you're thinking, my dad is the coolest. 

we have a town square with a splash pad and a little "river" that runs through.  it was colder than usual for this time of year, so my sister didn't put the kids in their swimsuits, we took them to ride the carousel and then to take them to the candy store for a treat.  but of course they just got right in and laid down in the water and got soaking wet.  can't stop the kids playing! 

kids should always play! let them be little.

they were very interested in where the water went and how it was recycled.

after we wrapped them in blankets and towels and they layed on the grass to warm up, to the carousel we went! their little grins made my heart go pitter patter. 

i'm really into selfies with my niecephews and i tried to take some while riding the carousel, but it didn't go very well.

this was as close as i got to have me and oliver in a selfie together.

but i tried the selfie thing again with my isaac baby when we got home. 

so weird.  my BIL is half mexican and isaac turned out to be a ginger.  so crazy!! all my sister's kids look like their daddy in their features but have her coloring, but none of us are red heads!

my mom made me a birthday dinner, my favorite.  chicken kabobs and oven potatoes.  YUUUUUUMMMMM.

londy loo found aunt andrea's old dance costume and just had to wear it.  that girl kills me.  she turned 2 yesterday! 

this sums up my husband in a photo.  his love for kids and learning science.

every memorial day, we take our boat to the lake for it's inaugural trip for the summer.  it's tradition.  it was COLD for memorial day.  my hometown is the desert, in the summer it's 120 degrees every day.  so it should have been at least 85 on memorial day, but it was in the low 70s.  so we weren't really planning on staying that long or really getting in.  but to lake we went because TRADITION!!


another attempt at a selfie with one of my babies and i just got a really cute picture of eli. 

and then the kids drove the boat. i felt very safe.

the lake is man made, and the water comes from the run off of the mountains, so the water doesn't warm up until july.  so this time of year, the water temperature is in the 60s.  it's never stopped me from jumping in, though.  man, it was cold.

and then here we have the next cover of vogue.  with her tongue sticking out.  oh, avery.  

all in all, the weekend went by way too fast.  and i am sad that it was over.  but also, it was kind of poetic.  you know i'm a screenwriter, and i studied shakespeare in london on my study abroad, and one of the most valuable things i learned about writing while there was there has to be a calm before the storm in writing.  before a battle, there is a calm.  a calm scene where characters have a heart to heart or something like that.  shakespeare put this in each of his plays, think of each well written movie or tv show you can think of.  there is always a calm before the storm. and that's what happened here. 

i am so glad that we were able to all be together and laugh and have fun and be happy together before grandpa's passing.  it was the calm before our storm, the calm before our grief.  and i am now even more grateful for that weekend. 

Bella And The City

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