Lot 48: what i've learned from my sisters

May 19, 2015

what i've learned from my sisters

as you know, i have 3 older sisters.  3 amazing, beautiful, smart, loving sisters.  as the youngest in the family, i've always felt like i have 4 moms.  my sisters are protective, always willing to give helpful advice, and there to lift me up when i am down.  

family is incredibly important to me.  all of us haven't lived in the same city for 12 years, but this past year, we have all lived in the same place!! next month, jessica is moving to arizona, and i really couldn't be more sad about it.  i have cherished this year so much and have tried to take advantage of her being so close.  she has lived in oxford and then kansas for a long time, so it has been so special to have her here and so special to build a close relationship with her 2 (now 3!) kids.  

but there is so much i have learned from them! and i have to write it all down.  and come on, we all know it would make a great blog post. 

not only are my sisters wise and protective, but without them, i would have no idea how to dress. or handle babies.  or be smart. 

  1. if you are wearing a plain shirt with no pattern, wear a long necklace.  if it is white, make sure it is colorful.  if the shirt is a color, the necklace can be colorful but make sure if matches. obvi.
  2. don't say the word obvi.
  3. the ratio of books you read should be as follows: one fun book, then one book that challenges you and makes you think.
  4. when holding a brand new baby, if their tiny hands are in their face and the baby starts fussing, it is probably because their hands are bothering them. the baby can't stop this because they don't know what hands are.  hold the baby's hands down.
  5. "oh my gosh i can't believe you love the kardashians that is so trashy."
  6. when parting your hair to the side, take your finger at the beginning of the eyebrow, trace your finger up to your hair, then part the hair.  the part must be aligned with the beginning of your eyebrow, where your eyebrow is near your nose.
  7. if you have short hair like i do, you must straighten it because you have wavy hair and some of the pieces at the ends can he curling outwards and some can be curling inwards.
  8. don't buy workout clothes for Christmas.  buy them at the new year because they are on sale because of everybody's new years resolutions.
  9. don't be officially dating a boy until he kisses you.  make him court you and then if he decides he wants to be official with you, then he gets to kiss you.
  10. if you want to move to NYC, have at least 5 grand saved before you go.  
  11. ikea is the best place of all places.  
  12. it helps to have a sister who lived in oxford for a year when you are on your study abroad in london and your class stops at oxford and you have a detailed insider's guide to the university that your sister gave you.  
  13. never talk salary in an interview, unless the job has been offered to you. 
  14. baby powder works great as dry shampoo (i know you all knew this but i knew this before all of you because my sister told me!!) 
  15. when driving through beaver, utah go exactly  the speed limit because the cops are really bored and will always give you a ticket if you are going a mile over the speed limit. 

there are so many more things but that is all i can remember right now!! 

what things have your siblings taught you? 


  1. What a sweet, and great post! I learned some things too :) I always wanted a sister, it's so great that you have 3 to learn these things from!

  2. I am the oldest sister I have three younger ones and a brother also younger, my sister Sandy often says I am more like another mum then her big sister she is 15 years younger then me

  3. Sisters are awesome! I wish I had taught my sister great words of wisdom!

  4. So many great lessons that are probably accompanied by great memories! Beautiful girls inside and out!

    ~Ashley @ A Cute Angle


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