Lot 48: what cheers me up

May 21, 2015

what cheers me up

again, i am joining belinda's blog everyday in may prompt what cheers me up a day late! but better late than never as what a positive way to start my day than to talk about cheerful things! 

babies - you know i love my babies! i love being an aunt and nothing quite cheers me up like being with them! this picture was taken a year ago and i can't believe that there are 3 more babies that we have added to the mix since then! my sisters are like baby making machines, they don't stop popping them out.  i love seeing their imaginations at work, i just about die when they ask me to play with them, i love it when they tell me stories, and my achille's heel is when a sweet baby is in my lap and freshly bathed and all i can see is their chubby little arms and legs and feet and i can smell their sweet baby hair.  there is just something about that sweet, sweet, hypnotizing baby smell.  does anyone else know what i'm talking about? 

baths - i love love taking hot baths with a magazine or book and some candles lit and just relaxing.  i do it so often, especially on bad days when i need a pick me up.  it is the perfect way to relax and unwind. 

magazines - i love them all.  cosmopolitan, instyle, people, us weekly, elle, those are my favorites.  i'm one of those people who you could be disgusted by because i read more about jennifer anniston's vacation to mexico than i do about world events and the news.  it's shameful. 

kardashians - i just love them so much.  i used to make fun of them before i watched the show because everyone else made fun of them, and i still make fun of them, because they are so out of touch with reality and so overly dramatic and so ridiculous, but they are sooooo entertaining.  but i just have to get my hands on everything that they have out there.  their books, watch all their spin off series, everything.  i am fascinated by them.  it's like if America had royalty, it would be the kardashians.  because why are they famous?? i don't know.  before i started watching the show, i would ask people why they were famous, like what their claim to fame was, and i just didn't get it.  i still have no idea why somebody decided they should have a reality show.  but i can't stop watching it.  and i just finished reading dollhouse (i can't believe i loved it, i thought it would be crap.  whoever wrote it for them, well done.) and am in the middle of reading kardashian konfidential. guys, i choose the most intellectual books. kay, let's make fun of them with some gifs now. because i love to make fun of them. 

Kim Kardashian Keeping Up With The Kardashian animated GIF

movies about weddings - i have noticed something the last few weeks as i have been watching movies on netflix.  the movies i search for and love the most are movies about weddings.  particularly, will she marry him?  will she not?  oh no! everything is going wrong with the wedding! what will happen!! i love weddings.  i'm a romantic.  i love the cake, the dress, the rings, everything about weddings.  but planning a wedding is NO FUN AT ALL.  any engaged girl can tell you that. 

snuggles with my husband - if this doesn't happen for a day i get really cranky.  i need the snuggles. 

new jewelry
freshly painted nails  - the picture above has both! this nail color is new as is the jewelry!  i love both these things, they are so fun! and when i am at work, i feel more productive because i somehow feel cuter and like looking at my hands so i want to type more and that means getting more work done.  weird right?  wow, i think this post is making me sound stupid.  

a trip to the salon - i love being pampered.  who doesn't?  getting a manicure, a pedicure, hair done, whatever.  but i especially love getting my hair done.  it is really relaxing for me.  i love sitting in the chair, reading a magazine, chatting with the stylist, and there is something about someone combing your hair and blow drying it that is so nice.  any salon treatment is like going to a spa.  spas.  massages are not relaxing for me.  i always get deep tissue ones where i am screaming in pain the entire time because my muscles are always really really tense and when i get a massage, i go to relieve my pain.  massages are not relaxing for me.  but salons are!

what cheers you up? 

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  1. These are all great things. Well, except for the Kardashians, but I'll give you that one. ;-)

    Things that make me happy...snuggles with Chris, time with my nephew, going to Angel games...There are plenty more, but those are the biggest ones.

  2. Being an auntie and my littles cheer me up too. I love your list! A Coke Icee cheers me up, and so does a pedicure...those are some of my favorites!


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