Lot 48: they can't get his nose right!

May 4, 2015

they can't get his nose right!

on saturday, we had a birthday party for my niece, who turned 3 years old!! she asked for a tangled party, which i was so very excited about since it is my favorite disney princess movie.  frozen comes in a close second, but tangled is still my favorite. 

my sister had given the kids yellow streamers to throw all around the trees as rapunzel's "hair" to get tangled up in! it was so fun!  they threw it around gleefully and i loved getting tangled in it too.  i wore my tulle skirt to dress up as a princess because it only seem appropriate.

then they played a game with the pans where they had to run back and forth from the tree to the spot with a stuffed animal in the pan and i don't really know what the game was because i was distracted but at a tangled party, you gotta play with pans.  

 my sister is such a rockstar! look at these banners she painted!  she is definitely the artist in the family!

then we played "pin the nose on finn" where my sister cut out different noses and then the kids were blindfolded and tried to pin the nose on finn.  because they can't get his nose right! 

present time!! 

 all the kids stood around her in awe, wanting to help open the presents with her.  it's hard for kids to not get any presents and to just watch other kids get presents.

i got her this cute shirt with white and orange striped leggings. 

look at that amazing cake my sister made! i'm telling you! she is a rockstar! 

i love avey's smile when i tell her to smile at the camera.  adorable. 

my isaac baby! i missed him so much, i hadn't seen him in like a month! 

look at the cake layers!! my sis is amazing!! and look at my little nephew's hand grabbing the "hair" frosting to eat it! ha!

i thought isaac would like to hide under the tulle :)

i love my isaac :)

and this weekend is my nephew oliver's birthday party! he and avery are 4 days apart in age! last year they had a joint birthday party but now that they are 3, they want their own birthday parties.  makes sense, one is a boy, one is a girl.  hard to combine and princess party and a spiderman party. so stay tuned! hope you all had a great weekend! 

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  1. Your sister did completely amazing with the cake and banners for the party! It's gorgeous! Tangled is my favorite princess movie too. I love Rapunzel!

  2. What an adorable party! And your skirt is so cute too!

  3. Oh I love Tangled! Those games she came up with are adorable! Love your skirt, I want a tulle skirt so badly, haha!


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