Lot 48: the surprise trip

May 20, 2015

the surprise trip

i have the BEST story for you today! it is one of my favorite stories of all time and i can't wait to share it with you!! 

when i was 10, my parents told my 3 sisters and i that we were going to disnyeyland.  what 10 year old kid wouldn't be excited about that?? the night before the trip, we got a surprise, our cousin lindsay arrived! she was coming with us!! even more excitement ensued!! my dad got home from and "errand" (aka picking her up from the airport) and she walked through the door and girlish screams ensued.  lindsay was coming to disneyland with us!! yay!! 

the next morning, the morning we were to make the 10 hour drive to disneyland, my parents woke us all up at 4 am.  we were so confused.  they told us all to go into the living room and what was even more suspicious, my dad had "mr camera" on.  my dad refers to the old family video camera as "mr. camera" because he thinks it's cool..... if mr. camera is around, you know something exciting and good is up. 

we walked into the living room and there were streamers with pineapples on them and my mom had fake leis on them and hawaiian music was playing and she put leis on each of us.  we were so confused.  we all sat on the couch and after much built up suspense because that is what my dad likes to do, my dad yelled "WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!!!" it was the best surprise.  we all started jumping up and down.  lindsay knew.  we had to leave right then to make the 2 hour drive to the vegas airport as my hometown didn't have an international airport, just a municipal one and the closest one was vegas. 

it was one of the best vacations of my life and was so much fun, one that i will never forget!! 
my sister jessica, the one with her eyes closed (sorry jess) is a lot darker skinned than the rest of us as she can tan like a champ, so the entire trip, people kept asking my mom, "oh my, are all these girls yours?!" and she would say "oh, all but one." and they would point point to jessica and say "this one?" every time hahahahaha lindsay does look more like us than jessica did on that trip because she tans so well. (lindsay is to the left of jessica with the yellow flower in her hair) 

we jumped off cliffs!

we went whale watching! 

i got to drive this boat with this class act fellow and did the hang loose sign because i thought i was the COOLEST. 

and the best part:  we had parrots sit on our heads!!

i remember i was so terrified!!

we went to the polynesian cultural center! 

and the highlight of the trip, i found a tiny lizzard in my bed one morning.  i freaked out.  then put it in the little plants outside the window.

thanks for reading! xoxo


  1. Oh my gosh such a cute surprise! Your parents are so sweet for keeping it a secret like that!

  2. When I went to Hawaii last year I wanted to go to the Polynesian cultural center but Tim was not interested in doing so which I found very annoying, a surprise like that is wonderful


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