Lot 48: the family cabin: max's favorite place

May 15, 2015

the family cabin: max's favorite place

hello hello!! happy friday!! did you have a good week?  i hope you did! and i hope you are looking forward to this weekend! just think, only one more week until we reach labor day weekend, and then it's my birthday! in two weeks!  i will be 25 in two weeks!! ahhh! can't believe it.  weird. i feel 18.  anyway. 

i am a few days late to this party, but i am responding to belinda's blog everyday in may prompt from may 9 of "share a favorite childhood memory."  this prompt was easy, even though i am late writing it.  it involves my dog max.  i have written about max here and how he came to be a member of our family (a story that is not to be missed!) and i think most of my most memorable childhood memories revolve around him. 

growing up, when i was a tween, we had a cabin up in the mountains, about an hour from our house.  we had it fully stocked with everything but food so that we could leave and go for a day or two on the weekends at a moment's notice.  the cabin was very peaceful (as i guess most cabins in the mountains are) and it was max's absolute favorite place to go.  

max was so full of life and adventure.  he absolutely loved it up at the cabin.  he would run and chase birds, fish in the river, anything.  he would run as fast as he could up trails in the mountains and swim in the river even if it was winter and there was snow everywhere and the river was below freezing.  he would bark and bark and bark at the fish and try his hardest to catch one.  the cabin was where he was in his element.

one of my favorite memories was when we would all go hiking as a family.  the thing about max was, he was very, very protective.  while we hiked, he would walk ahead of us to, you know, make sure everything was safe. when we got too far behind him, he would stop and turn around, patiently waiting for us.  

max's demeanor and the way he walked always said "i am king.  this backyard is my kingdom."  and that was no different at the cabin. the cabin was on the top of a hill, and he just loooved to stand up at the top of the hill with his shoulders pushed back and his chest pushed out with his head held high as if he was saying "this. is. mine."  that was one of the things that i loved most about him.  he always thought he was king.  it was fantastic.  he was such a fantastic dog.

have a fabulous friday my friends! 

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  1. What a sweetie! I love goldens. They are absolutely THE BEST dogs.


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