Lot 48: if i could live in any time period..

May 8, 2015

if i could live in any time period..

what time period would you live in if you could pick?  for me, it would be the 1800s.  in England.  i might be saying this because i am in the middle of watching the paradise, a BBC series following the lives of the employees who live and work at a department store in the 1800s and is on Netflix.  i've become kind of obsessed with it and stayed up until 4 am watching it when i first got into it.  it's really good.  

but no, i have always wanted to live in this time period.  no plumbing, corsets, and everyone dying so young aside, i think my reasoning for wanting to live in this time stems from the clothes, and only if i was rich and had status or something.  but mostly for the clothes.  

i have always loved the gorgeous dresses from this time period.

the way men dressed.

 {the remaining pictures i screenshot from my ipad}
and the HATS.  they look like pastries.

or cakes.  this hat looks like a little cake, don't you think? it makes me kind of hungry.

another thing i love about the dresses are the fabric on the butts.  i know that might sounds weird, but i love the fabric that bubbles over the butt.
you can see it better here.  i love this one.  so gorgeous!! why can't we live in a time where i can wear dresses like that on a regular basis?? why?

what time period would you live in?

and a little note.... for our next you are beautiful post, we are mixing things up a little.  this time, for our next post, we decided to give you a prompt.  on may 14, your prompt is to write about an act of kindness that you did, as that can make you feel beautiful.  at least, it makes me feel beautiful.
Lot 48


  1. I love this time period as well. I wonder all the time what it would be like to live in a different time.

  2. I love the clothes and the way everyone dressed up for everything. So regal!

    I think I would pick the 20s. There were more modern conveniences, but people still dressed up and had some values.


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