Lot 48: hi i'm lauren

May 1, 2015

hi i'm lauren

happy friday! i am so excited to be linking up with belinda for blog everyday in may!! today's prompt is introduce yourself!! what a fun prompt!! 

hi!! i'm lauren!! i will be 25 at the end of the month (yikes!) and work as a social media coordinator at a really really gorgeous outdoor mall! i love it, it is so much fun!  

i married this guy, taran, on february 8, 2014 after dating for a year.  he is the love of my life and i could write a novel about how much i love him.  he is my best friend and my soulmate.  yes, i do believe in soulmates. 

i have a best friend that i've been BFFs with since junior year of high school, her name is patrisha.  we just went to vegas together a few weeks ago for a girls trip.  i grew up in a tiny town 120 miles away from vegas, so i have been there more times than i can count.

i have 3 older sisters and no brothers.  my parents will be celebrating their 32 wedding anniversary on thursday.  they have 8 grandkids: 8 grandsons, 8 granddaughters.  this was taken at Christmas so baby Capri is missing, she was born almost two weeks ago. 

i've been called outspoken, fiery, sassy, pushy, funny, smart, and some bad names too.  but i would say i'm weird, nurturing, and always looking for fun.  i like my sleep, have to always have my nails painted, and can't stand to have dirty dishes anywhere but in the sink. and my guilty pleasure is the kardashians. 

i dressed up as audrey hepburn for halloween last year and my dad heard my voice before he saw me so he turned around and jumped when he saw my brown hair.  hahahah!! 

my hometown is a desert that gets up to 120 degrees in july and august and has an excellent man made lake in it.  we got a boat when i was 14 and have used it so much it is kind of falling apart.  it works properly, but the seats are ripped a little and so is the carpet.  by looking at it, you can tell it has had many a good time on it.  i'm not a skier or wakeboarder, i like to stick to tubing and cliff jumping.  

in my senior year of college, i did a theater study abroad in college.  it was one of the best times of my life.  i will never forget it and i still to this day remember almost every second of it.  it was such a magical time.  i lived in one of the most exciting places in the world, and i sure wasn't there to do homework, i was there to play and explore, and oh ho i did!! i took full advantage of my time there and still miss london sooooo much.  i'll go back someday.  look out for my post coming soon about my experience being in london for the royal wedding!! 

and speaking of theater.... 

if you want to go waaay back..... i used to be a performer.  i performed at regional repertoire theater with performers that would come from broadway and then i performed at an amusement park for a summer.

the amusement park show was a variety show.

les miserables.  
we were the best whores.

little shop of horrors.  i was one of the narrators.  the only time i got to play a black woman.  it was awesome. 

the sound of music.  this was at the repertoire theater where we did this show and the les miz every other night.  my dad had a standing joke "don't put on the wrong costume! don't go out as a prostitute when you are supposed to be a nun!" the closest any of us got to that happening was a cast member started putting on her nun costume on les miz night until i told her "katie!! it's tuesday!! what are you doing! it's les miz night!" 

my freshman year of college i majored in theater until i realized i didn't want to be unemployed my entire life and major in something stable so i switched to communications.  but then i got a new dream.  i wanted to be a comedy writer. for television.  never figured out an easier way to say that.  which makes me look like a fool.  sitcom writer.  writer of the jokes.  writer of the funnies, the laughies, the hahahaaha-s. 

so i moved to LA and did an internship at two production companies.  it was incredible and i really don't know how to describe it.  to learn about the business i love to my core was... just.... wow.  i learned so much.  i passed my script around to producers and lots and lots of people to learn what i was doing wrong, if i was any good, i read books on screenwriting, i read scripts until my eyes bled. 

while in LA, there was a very hot script being passed around that everyone wanted to buy and produce.  after i read it, i jumped up and yelled to everyone in the office "THIS MOVIE HAS TO BE MADE!!" i got a lot of weird looks and i didn't make any friends after that. 

the script was the imitation game.  since living in LA, i haven't written much because LA really drives you to follow your dreams and write like a mad woman, but what am i saying, there are no excuses.  i am in the middle of writing a screenplay.  so.  ya know. there we go.

and now you know all about me! now you tell me about yourself!! happy weekend!

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  1. Wow, Your life totally intrigues me--so glad I found your blog!! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I had a boat growing up too. It was my favorite thing ever. Some of my favorite memories were on it. My dad sold it a couple years ago though. Fun link up!

  3. OMG Les Mis! I am so jealous I love that show but I've never gotten to be in it! I did a little theater in high school, seriously some of the best memories! I was a nun in The Sound of Music too!

  4. I'm a former theatre kid myself! And your wedding pictures are just stunning. :)

  5. This is such a fun prompt. I always love learning more about bloggers I follow, and your wedding photo is beuatiful!


  6. Blog EVERY day in May? Hmmm....I might have to try this....

  7. What a life, what great photos and what can one say other then someone rocks...............and it isn't me

  8. Oh my goodness I am so glad I found your blog. New follower! <3
    *Your wedding picture is gorgeous, girl!


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