Lot 48: a random act of kindness

May 14, 2015

a random act of kindness

hello friends!! today is you are beautiful linkup day with me emelia! today we mixed it up a bit by giving you a prompt: write about a random act of kindness.  i know acts of kindness always make me feel beautiful, as i am sure they do for you. grab the button and join us! or just read the stories that will hopefully perk up your day! 
Lot 48
the other day when i got home from work, i got out of my car and was walking through the courtyard to my apartment. my hands were full and i had gotten home later than i had wanted. as i walked along the pathway of the courtyard, i passed a little boy on a scooter who was crying. i briefly looked at him but kept walking, assuming that he was with the group of people that was ahead of him. but i got a feeling that i should stop so i did. i turned around and asked the adults ahead of him, "is he with you?" they said "no, i don't know him." 
my hands were completely full of my purse, my leftover lunch, and my computer.  i knelt down in front of this little boy and asked him what was wrong.  all he said was "mama."  he was hispanic, so i assumed he didn't understand me.  i took two years of spanish in college, and there was a time when i was busing tables while taking spanish that i was nearly fluent because i spoke it non stop with the cooks and other busers at work.  but that was a long time ago, and i was really, really rusty.  i pulled out my phone which had google translate on it.  i kind of remembered how to say "where is your mom" or "where do you live" but i wanted to make sure i was getting it right.  but first i called my husband to get all the stuff from my hands so i could help the kid.

regardless of me using google translate and for some unknown reason my brain kicking into it's dusty archives of spanish, the kid wouldn't respond.  all he said was "mama" over and over again.  i said it in english.  i said it in spanish.  then i said a prayer, because i was getting nowhere with the kid and i really wanted to help him find his mom.

at our apartment complex, what i love about it is in the courtyard, there are dozens and dozens of kids playing together at all times.  one girl came up to me and said "what are you doing?" i said "i'm trying to help him find his mom but he isn't talking to me." she responded "i know where he lives. right there" and she pointed.  by this point, my husband had come back out of our apartment to help and i looked over at the apartment she was pointing to.  there was a little girl on the patio and said "hey that's my brother!" so my hubs and i took him up the stairs to his apartment and his mom answered the door and he ran right inside.  the mom was grateful and it felt so good to get that lost boy home.  he looked so scared.

i hope you linkup so i can hear of a good deed you have done.  and it doesn't have to be done to someone else.  it can be a good dedd that you have done to yourself! after all, this linkup is all about self love! the next linkup will be may 28!

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  1. Awww, that poor little guy! He's so lucky to have had you come along and care about him!


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