Lot 48: May 2015

May 29, 2015

today i am 25!!

happy happy birthday to me!!! today i am a quarter of a century! woohooo!

i don't want to talk about things that i have learned, but things i am grateful for, because there is so much to be grateful for.

i am grateful for my amazing, truly special, incredibly patient, inspiring husband who makes me a better person everyday. 

i am grateful for my Lord and Savior, who will never leave my side, never ever ever and whom I can pray to at any time of need and who has blessed me beyond my wildest dreams. 

i am grateful for the woman i am becoming.  the growth i have made this past year.

i am grateful for this blog, and the friends i have made through it.

i am grateful for my nieces and nephews, for the joy they bring to me.

i can't do this.

i can't pretend to be happy go lucky right now.

my grandpa passed away last night.  i'm kind of a wreck.  but what i keep thinking is this is the greatest birthday present God has ever given me, my grandpa as my guardian angel.  starting on my birthday.  that is what i am most grateful for on this birthday. my new guardian angel. 

i'm too emotional to talk about what an amazing man he was.  was.  wow.  ouch.  that's why i've been awol all week, we knew we didn't have much time left with him.  

please keep my family in your prayers.  please.  i'm not taking this very well. 

May 21, 2015

what cheers me up

again, i am joining belinda's blog everyday in may prompt what cheers me up a day late! but better late than never as what a positive way to start my day than to talk about cheerful things! 

babies - you know i love my babies! i love being an aunt and nothing quite cheers me up like being with them! this picture was taken a year ago and i can't believe that there are 3 more babies that we have added to the mix since then! my sisters are like baby making machines, they don't stop popping them out.  i love seeing their imaginations at work, i just about die when they ask me to play with them, i love it when they tell me stories, and my achille's heel is when a sweet baby is in my lap and freshly bathed and all i can see is their chubby little arms and legs and feet and i can smell their sweet baby hair.  there is just something about that sweet, sweet, hypnotizing baby smell.  does anyone else know what i'm talking about? 

baths - i love love taking hot baths with a magazine or book and some candles lit and just relaxing.  i do it so often, especially on bad days when i need a pick me up.  it is the perfect way to relax and unwind. 

magazines - i love them all.  cosmopolitan, instyle, people, us weekly, elle, those are my favorites.  i'm one of those people who you could be disgusted by because i read more about jennifer anniston's vacation to mexico than i do about world events and the news.  it's shameful. 

kardashians - i just love them so much.  i used to make fun of them before i watched the show because everyone else made fun of them, and i still make fun of them, because they are so out of touch with reality and so overly dramatic and so ridiculous, but they are sooooo entertaining.  but i just have to get my hands on everything that they have out there.  their books, watch all their spin off series, everything.  i am fascinated by them.  it's like if America had royalty, it would be the kardashians.  because why are they famous?? i don't know.  before i started watching the show, i would ask people why they were famous, like what their claim to fame was, and i just didn't get it.  i still have no idea why somebody decided they should have a reality show.  but i can't stop watching it.  and i just finished reading dollhouse (i can't believe i loved it, i thought it would be crap.  whoever wrote it for them, well done.) and am in the middle of reading kardashian konfidential. guys, i choose the most intellectual books. kay, let's make fun of them with some gifs now. because i love to make fun of them. 

Kim Kardashian Keeping Up With The Kardashian animated GIF

movies about weddings - i have noticed something the last few weeks as i have been watching movies on netflix.  the movies i search for and love the most are movies about weddings.  particularly, will she marry him?  will she not?  oh no! everything is going wrong with the wedding! what will happen!! i love weddings.  i'm a romantic.  i love the cake, the dress, the rings, everything about weddings.  but planning a wedding is NO FUN AT ALL.  any engaged girl can tell you that. 

snuggles with my husband - if this doesn't happen for a day i get really cranky.  i need the snuggles. 

new jewelry
freshly painted nails  - the picture above has both! this nail color is new as is the jewelry!  i love both these things, they are so fun! and when i am at work, i feel more productive because i somehow feel cuter and like looking at my hands so i want to type more and that means getting more work done.  weird right?  wow, i think this post is making me sound stupid.  

a trip to the salon - i love being pampered.  who doesn't?  getting a manicure, a pedicure, hair done, whatever.  but i especially love getting my hair done.  it is really relaxing for me.  i love sitting in the chair, reading a magazine, chatting with the stylist, and there is something about someone combing your hair and blow drying it that is so nice.  any salon treatment is like going to a spa.  spas.  massages are not relaxing for me.  i always get deep tissue ones where i am screaming in pain the entire time because my muscles are always really really tense and when i get a massage, i go to relieve my pain.  massages are not relaxing for me.  but salons are!

what cheers you up? 

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May 20, 2015

the surprise trip

i have the BEST story for you today! it is one of my favorite stories of all time and i can't wait to share it with you!! 

when i was 10, my parents told my 3 sisters and i that we were going to disnyeyland.  what 10 year old kid wouldn't be excited about that?? the night before the trip, we got a surprise, our cousin lindsay arrived! she was coming with us!! even more excitement ensued!! my dad got home from and "errand" (aka picking her up from the airport) and she walked through the door and girlish screams ensued.  lindsay was coming to disneyland with us!! yay!! 

the next morning, the morning we were to make the 10 hour drive to disneyland, my parents woke us all up at 4 am.  we were so confused.  they told us all to go into the living room and what was even more suspicious, my dad had "mr camera" on.  my dad refers to the old family video camera as "mr. camera" because he thinks it's cool..... if mr. camera is around, you know something exciting and good is up. 

we walked into the living room and there were streamers with pineapples on them and my mom had fake leis on them and hawaiian music was playing and she put leis on each of us.  we were so confused.  we all sat on the couch and after much built up suspense because that is what my dad likes to do, my dad yelled "WE ARE GOING TO HAWAII!!!" it was the best surprise.  we all started jumping up and down.  lindsay knew.  we had to leave right then to make the 2 hour drive to the vegas airport as my hometown didn't have an international airport, just a municipal one and the closest one was vegas. 

it was one of the best vacations of my life and was so much fun, one that i will never forget!! 
my sister jessica, the one with her eyes closed (sorry jess) is a lot darker skinned than the rest of us as she can tan like a champ, so the entire trip, people kept asking my mom, "oh my, are all these girls yours?!" and she would say "oh, all but one." and they would point point to jessica and say "this one?" every time hahahahaha lindsay does look more like us than jessica did on that trip because she tans so well. (lindsay is to the left of jessica with the yellow flower in her hair) 

we jumped off cliffs!

we went whale watching! 

i got to drive this boat with this class act fellow and did the hang loose sign because i thought i was the COOLEST. 

and the best part:  we had parrots sit on our heads!!

i remember i was so terrified!!

we went to the polynesian cultural center! 

and the highlight of the trip, i found a tiny lizzard in my bed one morning.  i freaked out.  then put it in the little plants outside the window.

thanks for reading! xoxo

May 19, 2015

what i've learned from my sisters

as you know, i have 3 older sisters.  3 amazing, beautiful, smart, loving sisters.  as the youngest in the family, i've always felt like i have 4 moms.  my sisters are protective, always willing to give helpful advice, and there to lift me up when i am down.  

family is incredibly important to me.  all of us haven't lived in the same city for 12 years, but this past year, we have all lived in the same place!! next month, jessica is moving to arizona, and i really couldn't be more sad about it.  i have cherished this year so much and have tried to take advantage of her being so close.  she has lived in oxford and then kansas for a long time, so it has been so special to have her here and so special to build a close relationship with her 2 (now 3!) kids.  

but there is so much i have learned from them! and i have to write it all down.  and come on, we all know it would make a great blog post. 

not only are my sisters wise and protective, but without them, i would have no idea how to dress. or handle babies.  or be smart. 

  1. if you are wearing a plain shirt with no pattern, wear a long necklace.  if it is white, make sure it is colorful.  if the shirt is a color, the necklace can be colorful but make sure if matches. obvi.
  2. don't say the word obvi.
  3. the ratio of books you read should be as follows: one fun book, then one book that challenges you and makes you think.
  4. when holding a brand new baby, if their tiny hands are in their face and the baby starts fussing, it is probably because their hands are bothering them. the baby can't stop this because they don't know what hands are.  hold the baby's hands down.
  5. "oh my gosh i can't believe you love the kardashians that is so trashy."
  6. when parting your hair to the side, take your finger at the beginning of the eyebrow, trace your finger up to your hair, then part the hair.  the part must be aligned with the beginning of your eyebrow, where your eyebrow is near your nose.
  7. if you have short hair like i do, you must straighten it because you have wavy hair and some of the pieces at the ends can he curling outwards and some can be curling inwards.
  8. don't buy workout clothes for Christmas.  buy them at the new year because they are on sale because of everybody's new years resolutions.
  9. don't be officially dating a boy until he kisses you.  make him court you and then if he decides he wants to be official with you, then he gets to kiss you.
  10. if you want to move to NYC, have at least 5 grand saved before you go.  
  11. ikea is the best place of all places.  
  12. it helps to have a sister who lived in oxford for a year when you are on your study abroad in london and your class stops at oxford and you have a detailed insider's guide to the university that your sister gave you.  
  13. never talk salary in an interview, unless the job has been offered to you. 
  14. baby powder works great as dry shampoo (i know you all knew this but i knew this before all of you because my sister told me!!) 
  15. when driving through beaver, utah go exactly  the speed limit because the cops are really bored and will always give you a ticket if you are going a mile over the speed limit. 

there are so many more things but that is all i can remember right now!! 

what things have your siblings taught you? 

May 18, 2015

what's holding me back?

what is holding me back? it is such a coincidence that belinda has this as a prompt for blog everyday in may because i have been thinking about this a lot lately.  

as i will be 25 next week(!!!!) i have been thinking about how my life has turned out and what 16 year old lauren would think.  i don't think she would be entirely happy with how things turned out.  i think she would be dang happy with the husband she chose and the cozy and comfortable life she lives.  but there are things that are missing.  things that i love to do that i am not doing.  

there are two things i love to do, that i have a deep passion for: to protect others and to perform.  so different right?  a few years ago, i was serious about becoming a cop.  but i have health issues that would prevent me from doing that.  i started training for the fitness exam and looking into it and i had a friend of a friend that was in the academy and spoke to her for guidance and to figure out exactly how the process works.  but, the health issues, you know.  

then i applied to the CIA and of course nothing happened with that because was just a pipe dream.  when you apply, you aren't allowed to tell a soul that you apply, but since i got rejected, it's fine to  tell you.  in order to be an agent, you have to have combat experience in the military.  and being fluent in another language definitely helps.  i have none of that.  i didn't expect to get right to that, so i applied for web designing and communications positions, things that i could actually do and am good at.  that's where i figured i'd start. 

my other idea was the FBI, but, again, i am not fluent in another language, my major wasn't another language or criminal studies or whatever, so i didn't bother.  my cousin is an FBI agent and i am GREEN with envy.  

and now we have the performing passion.  i've talked about my performing background before.  i performed professionally until my sophomore year of college.  i was good.  but now i suck.  i want to do voice lessons again and get back to where i once was.  i want to do shows again.  desperately. 

and then we have the winner, the big one.  the one i am terrified to do. screenwriting.  when i lived in LA  and passed my modern family spec around, it was received well.  i was told i had talent.  that was a relief.  when i started screenwriting, i really had no idea what i was doing.  all i knew was what i had self taught. what i had observed, what i had learned from not watching tv but scrutinizing the writing bit by bit, beat by beat, line by line.  so when i finally got feedback and i knew i was on the right track, that was a huge relief.  

but that was 4 years ago.  the way it usually works is, in order to get a job on a writing staff of a show, you have to have an original pilot.  an original piece that you have written.  some showrunners and head writers (they are the boss of the show, the person who decides everything, hires, fires, decides on costumes, scripts, props, everything from a to z) accept plays, screenplays, but usually pilots.  i have tried twice to write a pilot.  the problem is, what show do i want to create??? ahh!! a show about a small town girl sheltered from her small town life living in LA and not knowing anything about anything or a show about professional video game players? (like i know ANYTHING about that).  what show do i want to create?? i have no idea! can't i just keep writing specs! donald glover got his job writing for 30 rock by his spec scripts! "but lauren, writing pilots shows you know characters.  creating characters from scratch shows you know how to write them. writers need to know their writers can do that." said a producer to yours truly once.  grrrr. 

and now, i'm in the middle of writing a screenplay (a screenplay! for a movie! not tv! who am i?!?! i don't write movies! i write for tv!!) because i have a topic that i am passionate about that i need to get on paper that i need to show! the! world! to! raise! awareness! 

but look at the quote above! there is no reason to be scared. i am the one who is holding myself back.  don't write the screenplay for others.  write it for me.  because i need to get this experience on paper.  i need this screennplay to be written.  i need this screenplay to be out there, and hopefully be made somebody so i can break stereotypes and show people exactly what said thing means. 

yes joanne!! you are right!! i am the one holding myself back!! MAGIC!! it is in me!! write the screenplay! i don't believe in writer's block, remember? i am sure i can come up with an original show idea.  because joanne says that power we need is inside ourselves.  so there we go! tada! i'm hereeeee!!!!!!!! 

screenplay here i come! singing lessons here i come!! auditions for shows here i come!! 

[in oprah voice] introducing lauren paaaaackerrrrr!!!!!!!!!!

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May 15, 2015

the family cabin: max's favorite place

hello hello!! happy friday!! did you have a good week?  i hope you did! and i hope you are looking forward to this weekend! just think, only one more week until we reach labor day weekend, and then it's my birthday! in two weeks!  i will be 25 in two weeks!! ahhh! can't believe it.  weird. i feel 18.  anyway. 

i am a few days late to this party, but i am responding to belinda's blog everyday in may prompt from may 9 of "share a favorite childhood memory."  this prompt was easy, even though i am late writing it.  it involves my dog max.  i have written about max here and how he came to be a member of our family (a story that is not to be missed!) and i think most of my most memorable childhood memories revolve around him. 

growing up, when i was a tween, we had a cabin up in the mountains, about an hour from our house.  we had it fully stocked with everything but food so that we could leave and go for a day or two on the weekends at a moment's notice.  the cabin was very peaceful (as i guess most cabins in the mountains are) and it was max's absolute favorite place to go.  

max was so full of life and adventure.  he absolutely loved it up at the cabin.  he would run and chase birds, fish in the river, anything.  he would run as fast as he could up trails in the mountains and swim in the river even if it was winter and there was snow everywhere and the river was below freezing.  he would bark and bark and bark at the fish and try his hardest to catch one.  the cabin was where he was in his element.

one of my favorite memories was when we would all go hiking as a family.  the thing about max was, he was very, very protective.  while we hiked, he would walk ahead of us to, you know, make sure everything was safe. when we got too far behind him, he would stop and turn around, patiently waiting for us.  

max's demeanor and the way he walked always said "i am king.  this backyard is my kingdom."  and that was no different at the cabin. the cabin was on the top of a hill, and he just loooved to stand up at the top of the hill with his shoulders pushed back and his chest pushed out with his head held high as if he was saying "this. is. mine."  that was one of the things that i loved most about him.  he always thought he was king.  it was fantastic.  he was such a fantastic dog.

have a fabulous friday my friends! 

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May 14, 2015

a random act of kindness

hello friends!! today is you are beautiful linkup day with me emelia! today we mixed it up a bit by giving you a prompt: write about a random act of kindness.  i know acts of kindness always make me feel beautiful, as i am sure they do for you. grab the button and join us! or just read the stories that will hopefully perk up your day! 
Lot 48
the other day when i got home from work, i got out of my car and was walking through the courtyard to my apartment. my hands were full and i had gotten home later than i had wanted. as i walked along the pathway of the courtyard, i passed a little boy on a scooter who was crying. i briefly looked at him but kept walking, assuming that he was with the group of people that was ahead of him. but i got a feeling that i should stop so i did. i turned around and asked the adults ahead of him, "is he with you?" they said "no, i don't know him." 
my hands were completely full of my purse, my leftover lunch, and my computer.  i knelt down in front of this little boy and asked him what was wrong.  all he said was "mama."  he was hispanic, so i assumed he didn't understand me.  i took two years of spanish in college, and there was a time when i was busing tables while taking spanish that i was nearly fluent because i spoke it non stop with the cooks and other busers at work.  but that was a long time ago, and i was really, really rusty.  i pulled out my phone which had google translate on it.  i kind of remembered how to say "where is your mom" or "where do you live" but i wanted to make sure i was getting it right.  but first i called my husband to get all the stuff from my hands so i could help the kid.

regardless of me using google translate and for some unknown reason my brain kicking into it's dusty archives of spanish, the kid wouldn't respond.  all he said was "mama" over and over again.  i said it in english.  i said it in spanish.  then i said a prayer, because i was getting nowhere with the kid and i really wanted to help him find his mom.

at our apartment complex, what i love about it is in the courtyard, there are dozens and dozens of kids playing together at all times.  one girl came up to me and said "what are you doing?" i said "i'm trying to help him find his mom but he isn't talking to me." she responded "i know where he lives. right there" and she pointed.  by this point, my husband had come back out of our apartment to help and i looked over at the apartment she was pointing to.  there was a little girl on the patio and said "hey that's my brother!" so my hubs and i took him up the stairs to his apartment and his mom answered the door and he ran right inside.  the mom was grateful and it felt so good to get that lost boy home.  he looked so scared.

i hope you linkup so i can hear of a good deed you have done.  and it doesn't have to be done to someone else.  it can be a good dedd that you have done to yourself! after all, this linkup is all about self love! the next linkup will be may 28!

May 13, 2015

reminder: tomorrow you are beautiful! with PROMPT!

REMINDER!! tomorrow is you are beautiful linkup but with a twist! 
tomorrow's linkup will be a bit different.  we are giving you a prompt! tomorrow, write about a random act of kindness you have done! nothing makes me feel more beautiful than doing something kind for someone else.  and i am sure it helps you feel beautiful too.  

i do hope you will join us tomorrow or at least get something out or emelia and i's posts! grab the button and we will see you tomorrow!!  
Lot 48

May 8, 2015

if i could live in any time period..

what time period would you live in if you could pick?  for me, it would be the 1800s.  in England.  i might be saying this because i am in the middle of watching the paradise, a BBC series following the lives of the employees who live and work at a department store in the 1800s and is on Netflix.  i've become kind of obsessed with it and stayed up until 4 am watching it when i first got into it.  it's really good.  

but no, i have always wanted to live in this time period.  no plumbing, corsets, and everyone dying so young aside, i think my reasoning for wanting to live in this time stems from the clothes, and only if i was rich and had status or something.  but mostly for the clothes.  

i have always loved the gorgeous dresses from this time period.

the way men dressed.

 {the remaining pictures i screenshot from my ipad}
and the HATS.  they look like pastries.

or cakes.  this hat looks like a little cake, don't you think? it makes me kind of hungry.

another thing i love about the dresses are the fabric on the butts.  i know that might sounds weird, but i love the fabric that bubbles over the butt.
you can see it better here.  i love this one.  so gorgeous!! why can't we live in a time where i can wear dresses like that on a regular basis?? why?

what time period would you live in?

and a little note.... for our next you are beautiful post, we are mixing things up a little.  this time, for our next post, we decided to give you a prompt.  on may 14, your prompt is to write about an act of kindness that you did, as that can make you feel beautiful.  at least, it makes me feel beautiful.
Lot 48