Lot 48: vegas weekend!!!

April 21, 2015

vegas weekend!!!

hey! vegas weekend!! it was such a fun weekend! but so exhausting.  we packed a lot into one day! i went with my best friend patrisha! we had been to vegas a million times and hadn't had a girl's weekend in 3 years, so it was long overdue.

i drove to my hometown and stayed the night at my house on friday night and we drove the 2 hours to vegas in the morning. the first things we saw when we got there was the elvis wedding chapel.  seemed appropriate. 

and look at the sign in the window! so funny! 

patrisha lived in taiwan for 18 months and speaks fluent chinese, and there is a great asian market that we stopped at so she could get her fix. i walked in with her and was overwhelmed by the smell of fish and started gagging.  "nope! nope! waiting in the car!" i grabbed the car keys and ran.  i hate the smell of fish, but this smell was overwhelming. yuck. 

we stayed at the bellagio!! i was so excited because it is one of my favorite hotels and i had always wanted to stay there!! 

the room was soooo nice!! i fail at life and didn't take any pictures of the bedroom but it was so nice!! there were buttons to close the drapers on the windows and the sheer drapes! 

huge bathtub! 

huge shower!! 

and they had robes in the closet!! so fancy! 

we took the monorail to the m&m factory but it was a ridiculously long walk.  we had to walk alllll the way through bally's and alllll the way through the mgm grand our feet were hurting soooo badly. 

when we got there, i got to meet emelia!! it was amazing that we got to meet! what are the odds that we were in vegas at the same time?! co creators of you are beautiful linkup  finally get to meet! she was so nice and her fiance chuck was so awesome!  i am so happy that i got to meet her!

i loved this cute little slot m&m dispenser!  

i think patrisha has a crush on mr red

then ms. brown visited! 

then we went to the coca-cola factory!

we got the tray from around the world, which allows you to taste coke flavors from, well, around the world! some tasted sooooo bad.  i liked the one from japan and southern africa.

the one from italy tasted like acid.  mixed with cough syrup and hell.

outside, i had to take a picture with the female olaf. 

it was time for some serious pool time so we went back to the hotel to soak up some rays at the gorgeous bellagio pool.  this was the walkway to the pool! 

this was the exclusive pool that you had to reserve a chair and there were waiters that took your order at your chair.  pretty much my dream.  but it was closed by the time we got there so blehhh. 

hot tub!  


then we went back to the room to get ready for the night.  we had tickets to cirque du soleil's mystere and had to find some dinner in the hotel because our feet were really mad at us and we didn't want to walk far.

 i had curled my hair that morning but it was so dead by this point.

what kind of blogger would i be if didn't take pictures of my food?  the waiter asked us what we were going to do that night and we said we were going to mystere and he asked if we were just going to hope around to clubs and we just nodded along but we were both thinking "ummmm.... bed? the show is at 9:30!! what are, 18??" we are both grandmas and don't like to stay up past 10 pm.  and we also don't drink and aren't comfortable in clubs.  speaking of which. 

i got these tweets while we were in vegas.  HAHAHAHHAH i tweeted back to the free drinks ones and said "all the virgin daiquiris we want?!?!" and you can see his response.  we both just laughed at it.  like i would ever call that creep from my own phone so he could have my number.  the only way i would ever call him was from a burner.  i am pretty comfortable in clubs, i have been to countless, but trish isn't.  and i have always wanted to go to TAO.  you  just go and dance and TAO and my wedding ring is the magic men repeller. 

i walked into the beautiful theater and an usher told me "there is no photography in the theater" and i said "ooookay" then sneaked like 12 pictures.  no pictures? BA! yeah, right. 

serves me right, i guess, because all the pictures are pretty bad anyway.  this pic is from the very end of the show, i have no idea what is up with the giant snail.  
the show was absolutley amazing.  so much gymnastics and acrobatics!! the only other cirque show i have seen is beatles love which was much more theatrical.  

trish fell asleep right at the end of the show.  i didn't cause i ordered a diet coke a dinner.  but as we were walking out of the theater, i held onto trish's shoulder and closed my eyes and blindly followed her out of the theater to the valet.  we were soooooo exhausted.  it was 1 am utah time by the time we got to bed and we had been up since 8 am. 

the #1 thing i wanted to do in vegas was go to serendipity.  the movie is one of my favorites and i have always wanted to go to the restaurant, so when i heard they had one in vegas, i was sooo excited.  i had to have the frozen hot chocolate! so in the morning before we left to go home we walked next door to caesar's.  we had to be on the road by 11 vegas time and we didn't get to serendipity until 10, and the wait for breakfast was 20 minutes.  so we sat at the bar.

everything was so expensive and we were so out of money. with only two hours away from home and with snacks that could tide us over, we just got the hot chocolate to split. look!  they had $1000 sundae! i asked if it had gold on it, like that dessert jack gets in season 3 of 30 rock.  it does. 

we were surprisingly speedy at serendipity so we had time to go to the conservatory. 

 after i drooled at the harry winston display.

as i mentioned, patrisha lived in taiwan for 18 months, and saw asian trees behind the check in counter so she knew the conservatory would be asian themed.  she was really excited when she saw this display.  and it smelled sooo nice!! 

it was just an amazing weekend in vegas but man was it exhausting! i was so glad that i didn't have to work on monday because i was sooo tired! i woke up on monday morning and my feet still hurt!!

here's to many more awesome girls weekends with my bestie in the future!


  1. How fun, super jealous that you got to meet Emelia! :)

  2. I haven't been to the M&M place since I was little! When it first opened. I also haven't seen Mystere since it first opened either haha.
    Love Bellagio, we're eating there Friday! But we're staying at Caesars.

  3. oh Vegas, you're fab. We stayed at the Venitian which was lovely but such a surreal place. Only spent a few days there but it was such good fun.

  4. That looks like such a great weekend! I'm glad you were able to go and enjoy it!

    The Bellagio is amazing. I really want to stay there.

  5. Looks like you had so much fun! I love Vegas, and we always love staying at the Bellagio! I could sit there and stare at the gorgeous fountains outside my window all day. :)

    That Asian theme at the Conservatory is so pretty!

  6. It looks like you had such a great time. The pool at Bellagio looks fabulous andnI love the guy trying to lure you to the club with free drinks.

  7. Yay looks like you had such a great time!!! I love, love, love your photos!!

  8. All these photos make me want to go to Vegas soooooooooo much

  9. I love reading through people's Vegas trips because I'm currently planning my own right now. That frozen hot chocolate. MUST. That looks delicious. Nutritious for the soul too. I'm so happy you and Amelia got to meet up! It's great meeting blog friends in real life. Pretend wedding photos hahaha.

  10. Pretend wedding photos sound so fun! haha I love it. Mmm I'd like a frozen hot chocolate right about now too!

  11. It looks like you had a great time, I'd love to go to Vegas one day. I can't believe the $1,000 sundae - I wonder how many people actually order and eat that?

  12. Looks like a fun-filled trip and that's so great you got to meet Emelia! The hot chocolate at Serendipity looks so good. I will have to check that place out when I go in July.

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