Lot 48: they are beautiful

April 30, 2015

they are beautiful

today is the day! one of my favorite days!! the day of you are beautiful linkup!! i do hope you will join us or at least get something out or emelia and i's posts! i hope you get something out of our attempt to cultivate a space of self love and positive self image.  
Lot 48

whenever i get down, whether it is on myself or down in the world in general, the greatest fix is to be around children.  i have 8 nieces and nephews, and they are the perfect medicine.  there is a saying "be like a child."  children are non judgemental, they don't care what they weigh, they are generally kind (at least my sweet babies are) and they are purely joyful.  i admire that.  they are beautiful.  inside and out.  

their worlds are run by princesses and trucks and dinosaurs and fun, not by their looks, what they think of themselves, of what others think of them.  when somebody hurts their feelings, they cry for 2 minutes, wipe their tears, and forgive, just like that.  i envy them for that.  i envy them in a lot of ways.  they are beautiful in the way they are able to forgive, in the way they are able to not judge themselves or others. that isn't so much a choice on their part, they haven't exactly learned how to judge yet. 

there is no sound sweeter than children's laughter.  and it can happen minutes after they stub their toe or get a "boo boo."  for me, if i stub my toe, it can lead to thinking "this is the worst day.  this bad thing happened earlier and then this other thing happened and this other thing and now this!! this is the worst day!" and then i can start crying uncontrollably and eat ice cream in my bed and watch friends.  but if i was a child, i would just cry for a second and if i was my niece, the big sister in the picture above, i would be laughing and playing and would have already forgotten that i stubbed my toe.  children are beautiful.

children are beautiful.  i want to be like them.  and i am not just talking about the naps and getting to play all day and having no worries.  no judgements, no holding on to what happened in the past, just joy.  

they are beautiful.

now you linkup! share your story of how you feel beautiful, something awesome you did, anything that comes to mind to promote self love! the next linkup will be may 14!


  1. This is such a good point! I helped out with the kids at church last week and I just sat there all morning playing with Legos. And when they fell, I just said "Oh no, guess we have to start again and build something even cooler!" And they went from almost crying because it fell to laughing because it was time for MORE PLAYING! Loosing that ability to just see the pure opportunity and do something because it's fun is one of the worst parts about growing up.

  2. Love this, so true! Oh to be like a little child! Your nieces and nephews are PRECIOUS!

  3. Your nieces and nephews are so cute Ang you're right there is a lot we can learn from children (:

  4. Just found your blog from your post on Martinis and Bikinis and I can't wait to read more!

    Also, I may have just creepily followed you on instagram, twitter, and bloglovin...sorry about that!

  5. So true, kids accept you for who are

  6. Children really are amazing and so wonderful to be around.

  7. Lauren, they are all SO CUTE! It's so true that children are carefree and happy....I love it. It's tough raising a young boy..he's at the age where kids are starting to be mean to one another. We keep trying to instill the basics in him so that he learns to love others no matter what and forgive them because they may not know better. Can't they all stay young forever?


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