Lot 48: some good positive things

April 3, 2015

some good positive things

i need to list some good positive things, it's that time again.  except for one thing i need to get off my chest.  but hey, it's friday!! i am so looking forward to this Easter weekend! plus, it is LDS conference weekend which means we stay in our pajamas for two days and listen to the leaders of our church speak for 8 hours, spread over four two hour sessions tomorrow and sunday.  it's nice and comfy and often i fall asleep.  and miss most of it.  i actually don't think i have ever listened to all 8 hours.  but i think it is especially special this year that is on Easter. so lots of cuddle time this weekend! 

 | ONE | my mom is here and i am getting to spend some good individual quality time with her the past few days and today.  and i love love love it.  she made me this delicious hamburger soup yesterday that was to die for.  so good.  and we watched  what to expect when you're expecting and it has been so much fun spending so much time with her.  i love her so much.

| TWO | i have to admit that i am very, very disappointed in the results of my you are beautiful linkup. i wrote a very personal, meaningful post to me yesterday for it and i got barely any reads.  it made me sad.  and the past two times, emelia and i have literally had no one linkup with us.  it makes me really sad. i created this linkup to promote self worth and self love, and i feel like i am not making a difference or reaching anyone.  nobody commented even on yesterday's post.  i mean, i get that it was a very religious post and that isn't for everybody.  i get that.  but it was a bust, and makes me sad. but i need to be better at preparing readers and give them the heads up and code a few days in advance to let them know it is actually happening.

| THREE | yesterday was my sister's due date.  we all made it pretty clear what our prediction of the sex of the baby is at her baby shower/girl's night, but i have changed my mind.  i think it is going to be a boy.  london, their youngest is such a fiesty little girl it's unbelievable.  i really had no idea that so much personality and fierceness and fiestyness could fit into someone so little. so i think she is going to have all brothers, because i think that is what fits her personality best. but i just can't wait to meet the little girl or guy!

| FOUR | a year and two months after our wedding, i am finally putting up a gallery wall of our wedding pictures.  i can't even believe it is taking me so long. it was so hard only picking a few prints to put on the wall, i really had to minimize, there are 277 wedding pictures! but i am so excited to get them all up.  we have a mini gallery wall in the bedroom, but this one will be in the living room for all to see. 

| FIVE | i think french is such a beautiful language so taran and i have learned some really beautiful phrases together. it all started with the quote above that i came across on pinterest.  i think that phrase is so beautiful so we have memorized it and learned how to pronounce it and we texted it to each other yesterday while he was at work.  i wanted to learn how to say i love you in french so we learned that too, "je te aime".  now we have all these beautiful phrases to say to each other!  i love it!! 

Looking to the Stars

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  1. I completely understand what you mean about your link up! I didn't know about the link up until yesterday (i'm bad about catching up on my blogs). I reread it today and I LOVE how honest your. Your faith appears to be so strong and I really really admire that. That is something that I work on every day! I have a gratitude journal that I try to write in every day. It helps me to remember the good things of each day. Even when I have a bad one, I know that God has a message for me. All I need to do is listen. *erica*

  2. I think speaking to each other in French is a great term of endearment. I've had it happen sometimes too where I pour my heart and soul into a blog post, only to not have anyone or very few read it. It kind of saddens me, but I also think that the post is still there for me to look back on and reflect on when I want to. Hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend. Best to the new baby that will soon be here.

  3. Our mums are super special, well mine is and I love spending time with her

  4. I'm sorry you haven't been getting a lot of participation in your link up. I know that's tough. I really did love your post the other day, I was just super late getting around to reading it.

    I'm glad you had a great visit with your mom. I hope it was exactly what you needed.

    French is gorgeous! I'm so excited that you're learning some because it really is the most romantic language.


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