Lot 48: REVEAL: 2 truths and a lie

April 10, 2015

REVEAL: 2 truths and a lie

welcome back friends! did you read my post yesterday of 2 truths and a lie?  did you make your guesses?  

1. i have been to the home of the screenwriter of bedtime stories yes i have! when i interned in LA! 
2. while dating my husband, he gave me a promise ring after dating for 3 months.  true!! i loved wearing a promise ring. we were so committed to each other i didn't want to have the awkward ask out and say "i have a boyfriend." awkward. 
3.  i was born in california. nope i was not! born and raised in utah! 

1. my toe nails often fall off.  that's what happens when you are a dancer for 12 years.  they fall off alllll the time. 
2. i was once hospitalized and had my appendix taken out.  false! thank goodness! 
3.  when i was 17, i broke my wrist by falling while ice skating. i have actually broken my wrist 3 times, left wrist each time.

1. i was on the dean's list for two semesters.  nope!  only 1 semester! and that was the semester that i was interning in LA and took 3 classes about the entertainment business with my internship program.  i obviously loved what i was learning and the classes were pretty easy.  that's the only time i got a 4.0
2. i took a class called "the history of rock n roll" yes i did! and it was the most fun i've had in a college class! the only way we were graded was by the tests.  the professor wrote a book of allll the details of the curriculum and we had to memorize things like "what was the song that elvis wrote when he had only 10 minutes left in the studio?" 
3. i was a theater major my freshman year.  i wanted to be a performer all growing up.  then i woke up and realized i didn't want to be unemployed my whole life. 

happy friday!! 


  1. My toe nails fall off too lol. And I was a dancer as well.


  2. What a fun post! A class on the history of Rock n' Roll sounds fun!

  3. Ouch for your toenails and wrists! I've never had either happen to me or broke a bone for that matter.


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