Lot 48: i'm a red, he's a blue

April 6, 2015

i'm a red, he's a blue

i have such a fascination with couple and friends and family dynamics.  have you ever read the color code?  it's a personality test that we have used a lot of in my family.  my dad made me read the book when i was in college and we always like to guess who is what color. in case you have never heard of it, let me break it down, in terms of friends. 

the powerful ones, the doers, the CEOs, the ones who are kind of me.  i'm a red.  a strong red.  i'm always right, i believe i could rule the world if i wanted to, i tend to ignore other people's feelings, i tend to be kind of a bitch.  it isn't in my dna to tread around people's feelings and be kind and be sensitive.  at least, that is who i was a few years ago but i have worked hard to be a kinder, more sensitive, more aware of other people's feelings. moinca is totally the red in the group.  can't you see it?  opinionated, always right, and even monica herself says that she would be a good war leader.  chandler chimes in saying that she would be the first to be killed by her own troop.  very true.  

the caretakers, the nice ones, the most sensitive.  their the ones who you want to have you there when something bad happens and you want your back rubbed.  my mom is a blue through and through.  she is so sweet in every way and is always taking care of everyone.  i think joey is the blue.  he is sensitive, he is sweet, he cares deeply.  his feelings can get hurt easily.  as is my other best friend.  there have been a lot of times that i have hurt her feelings without realizing it. but i have learned to be very careful and to be a lot more sensitive to their feelings. 

the fun ones.  these are the people you want to spend 5 hours with at an airport.  they make life fun.  my best friend is a yellow, and if there is a silent moment, she says "you want to play a game?" or "tell me a story."  i love her for this. the book describes it as they are "have money in the back pocket and don't plan and keep taking money out of their pocket to live with no regard for what will happen when it ends." they are very happy people and i like to surround myself with them.  phoebe is a yellow.  she is always so fun, always happy, always chipper and can make a game out of anything.  i love yellows.   

white:  the peacekeepers.  the chill ones. the ones whom i love hanging out with because i can make all the decisions of what to do and they are cool with it.  rachel is the white in the group.  wow that would sound racist out of context! remember that episode when they say rachel is a flake?  and then monica and rachel go to lunch and rachel wants to go to japanese and monica says "ew, yuck, we are not going there."  and rachel says "okay, well, wherever is cool with me."  i am so monica and my bff is so rachel.

i knew before getting married what color i needed to marry.  given how red i am, i knew i would need to marry a blue/white.  i can't be with someone who won't let me make the decision of where to go to dinner or tell me what to watch on tv.  i need to make those decisions! does that make me a brat? probably.  but it's okay.  everyone has their own personalities and i love decoding the dynamics of relationships and this is the best personality test to do it with!

what do you think?  what color are you?


  1. I took the test and got white.


  2. I'm red, John is white. It's a good match! He's never picked what to watch or where to eat in the 15 years we've known each other. I love making decisions :)

  3. I'm a yellow, and I did a little happy dance as soon as I read the description. I guess that explains it, haha! This si so interesting and so spot on.

  4. i took the quiz and got yellow, but i feel like i'd be more of a blue. interesting!

  5. I am a blue - and couldn't agree more!

  6. I went and did the test I am White.................yes I think mostly sounds like me

  7. Very interesting! I'm totally a blue, through and through.

  8. I'm a red/blue combination, which is a very weird combo. I've also learned to be more of a white in the last couple of years.

    I love your assessment of the Friends. Ross is totally a blue, too.


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