Lot 48: if i had money

April 27, 2015

if i had money

monday.  blehhhhh..  let's talk about what i would do if i had money, shall we?  let's do that.  that sounds more fun than thinking about how it is monday and the weekend is over and two full days of cuddling with your husband is over. 

 money is nice.  and having a lot of it would be even nicer.  there are so many things that i want to do and see, but you can only do it if you have money! 

the #1 thing i would want to do if i had money is travel to these places. the thing about me and traveling though, is that it is verrry exhausting.  so i like to go slow.  i would want a lot of time in each of these places so i could relax and see everything.  i went to san francisco a few months ago, and when i woke up on the last day to get on the plane to go home, i nearly started to cry because i was soooo exhausted. we had packed so much into so little time, i didn't remember being so exhausted ever.  so if in the future, i would want a good chunk of time in each place so i wouldn't be cranky from exhaustion. 

each of these places are just so gorgeous and appealing and i have always wanted to go!! what are some places on your bucket list that you want to go to? 

a house. my husband and i live in a tiny little 600 square foot apartment right now and i am aching for a house.  we are a few years away from getting a house, but i really can't wait until we get one.  we go to the parade of homes every year so i can fantasize and drool over all the gorgeous million dollar homes and pretend for just a second that i live there. 

i would throw dinner parties! once when i was living with roommates in a house, i rented nice dinnerware and a big table and hosted a dinner party with my friends and it was so much fun! i love to entertain, but there is just no room in the apartment to have anyone over.  and hosting is pricy.  when i hosted that dinner party, i had to pinch pennies to pay rent the next month.  do you like entertaining? 

i would buy out the entire store of charming charlie.  this is my favorite store and i work in the management office of a mall that has charming charlie and i walk buy it every day and i have to exercise such self control! i love how they have necklaces, earrings, purses, bracelets for each color! and everything is so bright and fun! it is such a fun store! 

what would you do if you had money?


  1. Santorini is on my travel list too. You should definitely experience NYC when you can! I love that city.

  2. ALL THE TRAVEL! You picked some great places!

  3. LOVE your travel list! If I had more money, I'd like to be able to work part time instead of full time which monopolizes your life, and travel as much as my heart desires :)

  4. If I had money I would buy my daughters their own home and travel more

  5. I play the "if I won the lottery" game often. It's a fun daydream to have.

  6. I love daydreaming about if I had money. Travel and concerts would be huge for me. But like you said I would love to have fun themed parties that are extravagantly thrown! I think it'd be fun.

  7. That list of places to go to is on point :) I love NYC! I want to go to Italy and Paris SO bad. I would pay off my student loans and buy a house. I often take drives and look at the million dollar homes in my area...it's fun to pretend ;)

  8. Traveling & custom building a home are number one (& two) on my list also! Well, after paying off the debts we have (like our house now, etc).


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