Lot 48: i confess that....i re-gift

April 1, 2015

i confess that....i re-gift

we're moving to oklahoma!! ahahaahaa april fools! worst prank ever, but i had to do something. 

i confess........ that today is a big day for me but i can't tell you why

i confess....... that i love taking selfies

i confess......... that i love getting all dolled up just for the heck of it

i confess......... that i almost have a six pack.

i confess.......... in my year of blogging i have made more friends, learned more things and enjoyed it so much more than i ever thought possible

i confess......... that i have a few multiple household items that we got for our wedding that i have been giving to my friends for their weddings.  i'm a regifter, but they left no receipt so they are just going to no use!

i confess.......... that i got a new job! i am so excited and love the staff and the work that i will get to do.

i confess......... that i wish i had more sponsors because i LOVE helping other blogs grow and making new friends! so go ahead and take 50% off all ads with code ONEYEAR!

i confess......... that i love watching keeping up with the kardashians soooo much.  and all the spin offs.  and a liiiiitle ashamed to admit it.

hope this wednesdsay you get no mean pranks, only fun ones! happy humpday xoxo

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  1. CONGRATS! You got a job girl?! WAY TO GO! I also love watching The Kardashians...hahah!

  2. Congrats on your new job! That must be a HUGE relief and joy! I hate to admit it, but I do find myself watching the Kardashians late at night when nothing is on and enjoying it more than I would like.

  3. Congratulations on the new job!!!!!! That's awesome!!

  4. Congrats on the job!!! The Kardashians is a guilty pleasure of mine too. I cant help myself!!

  5. Congrats on the new job! Sponsorships are a good way to help a blog grow. I've been blogging for over five years and can't imagine not doing it now. The online blog friendships I've formed are wonderful.

  6. I'm loving these confessions. I love watching the Kardashians as well, it's just too funny & such a guilty pleasure. Congrats on your job! And my mom is like the queen of regifting haha, no shame in that.


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