Lot 48: i confess.... i need to grocery shop

April 22, 2015

i confess.... i need to grocery shop

Making Melissa

i confess..... that i really hate working from home.  i get really distracted and it isn't as fun.  i like working around people and i get a lot more done.  i am a lot more productive.  but some days i have to work from home.  but i have learned that working on the couch in the living room instead of at my desk in my bedroom is my productive.  just being near bed isn't good.  it's like my bed is taunting me.  "come herrrreeee lauren.  you know you want tooooo.  come snuggle with me and watch a movie."  it's just too tempting. 

i confess... that for some reason when i cross my legs or even don't cross my legs and am just sitting my feet get really tingly.  i don't know why.  it is kind of worrying me and annoying me.  and freaking me out.

i confess... that we really need to make a serious grocery store trip.  we have no hand soap, no clorox wipes, and noooo food.  enough with the chinese takeout and BLTs.  we need to go to the grocery store.  

i confess... that i am still so exhausted from vegas.  that trip was one exhausting trip.  i really did not expect it to be so exhausting as it was.  but oh it was.  i think it was the long 7 hour drive as well that did it.  and the non supportive shoes that i brought to walk around in. #dumb

i confess... that i really want to  see woman in gold.  ryan reynolds and helen mirren? yes please! 

i confess... that i just watched along came polly and the decoy bride on netflix and loved them.  they were both so cute.  i love good netflix finds. 

i confess... i just did the jillian michaels 30 day shred for the first time today and i now reallly reallly jillian michaels.  she was so mean and so unencouraging and seriously said "we're doing this because it's my DVD and so, i can." she was just so cocky and was like "if i am selling a DVD that says ripped in 30 days is this going to be easy?!?" obviously not, but can you give me some encouragement please?  because you are killing me.  next time i do it, it will be on mute for sure. because i cannot stand to listen to her.  i fully hate her.  

what are you confessions? 


  1. I'm not a fan of Jillian Michaels either. I really don't like her attitude. She mean.

    I'm sorry you're not liking working from home, but at least you're figuring out how to be productive. That's a good thing!

  2. Don't give up on the 30 Day Shred! It's really a great work out, and you can always mute it ;-)

  3. I've never tried a Jillian Michael's dvd, it doesn't sound like she's nice but it does sound like a good work out so I might have to try it. Get to the grocery store and buy some food girlfriend! (:

  4. I love the 30 Day Shred workout but I did the same thing and muted it. Her attitude was totally condescending and made me just feel bad. I don't want any of that while I'm working out!

  5. I DO NOT like Jillian Michaels either...and I am feeling the exhaustion post Vegas too. I need another vacation ;) ps...I needed to grocery shop BEFORE we went to Vegas, so imagine what life is like around here this week...hahaha!

  6. Working from home sounds good but I always hear its not all that wonderful. Get that circulation checked!

  7. I've never tried Julian Michaels, because I am pretty sure I would feel the same way! But props to you for going for 30 day shred.


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