Lot 48: how i feel about camping and/or hiking

April 8, 2015

how i feel about camping and/or hiking

summer is coming, and that means that people are going to start doing crazy things like hiking and camping. which is insane. i hate nature, i hate camping, i hate spending longer than 2 minutes in the woods or nature or where you would hike.  i have warmed up to it over the years, but i am still loving it.  i never have and i don't think i ever will.  nature is evil.

i know this is ironic to choose ron swanson to express how i feel when i am out in nature, but, whatyagonnado

19 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Expressed How You Feel On Mondays
my initial reaction when someone suggests camping or hiking.
19 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Expressed How You Feel On Mondays
how i feel towards the person who suggested the hiking.
19 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Expressed How You Feel On Mondays
no really, how i feel towards that person.
19 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Expressed How You Feel On Mondays
when i realize that if i want to remain friends with said person, i have to go hiking. i draw the line at camping. see you laterrr.
19 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Expressed How You Feel On Mondays
when we first step out of the car and i realize i am nowhere near civilization.

19 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Expressed How You Feel On Mondays
how i act once i am out in nature

19 Times Ron Swanson Perfectly Expressed How You Feel On Mondays

and yep, that is pretty much how i feel about it.  so if you want to remain friends with me, please refrain from asking me to go to nature.  not gonna happen.  let's just go to a movie instead.  or paint our nails.
and now i want you to meet my friend erica from looking to the stars!  i have been reading her blog for a while and love her honest voice.  she talks about the single life, books, and everything in between.  and she has such a positive attitude about everything!!

Tell us a little bit about what we will find on your blog.  Life? Recipes? Fitness?
On Looking to the Stars you'll find all sorts of things! I love books and movies, so I'll write a lot about that. I've been on a health/fitness journey (probably since I started the blog two and a half years ago) and I'll write about that. I also talk about my family and friends. As I date and experience love I'll throw a little of that in as well. I have a link up that I host on Fridays called Friday Feelings. It's all about how YOU are feeling. I'm also a regular participant in the Write or Die Wednesday link up with The Chronicles of Chaos and Shelly's Cabaret. I love that link up, because it gives me inspiration to write. I want to be a writer (fiction/prose/screenplays) and #WODW started a Writer's Book Club and I joined that. I'm also in another book club that Chronicles started on Goodreads. I really like books :)

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
Oh gosh, this is a tough one. I actually did a similar post with Write or Die Wednesdays and chose Gene Kelly, but I think I'll change my answer. If I could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, I would pick Oprah.  I think she is pretty fantastic. She gives great advice and there are some things that I could really use some advice on right now (relationship stuff). Plus she's an avid reader and I'd love to discuss books with her.

Describe your perfect Saturday
Wake up at 7:30am (this is sleeping in for me) and have a lovely light breakfast. Probably scrambled eggs, an English Muffin, and some fruit.
Yoga at 9am and my women's group at 10:30am
I'll probably putz around town for a bit and hit up Target and TJ Maxx
I'll eventually get home to shower and get feeling pretty. Lounging around the apartment and watching some Hulu is important for a Saturday. I might even sit out on my patio (weather pending) and reading a little bit.
I'd love to get dinner and catch a movie in the evening. There's nothing quite like a movie theater experience.
Depending on what time I get home I'll usually try to read before going to sleep. Writing in my Gratitude journal is also something I have started to do.
I'm all about hitting the hay early and sleeping in (just a little bit) on Sunday.

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or, what is your favorite place you have traveled to?
I haven't been anywhere, really. I went to Canada once and then the Bahamas twice. Other that that I've stayed pretty inland in the USA. So, if I could travel ANYWHERE I would definitely want to go to England, Ireland, France, and Italy. I also want to go to Australia one day. England is my #1 place to visit! The countryside, high tea, the accent, Big Ben, Jane Austen, castles, Shakespeare! I love the idea of London!

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
Trust Your Gut and Be True To Yourself. About a year ago I was struggling with some stuff and I was having a hard time listening to my inner voice. I was trying to be the person that everyone else wanted me to be. So, as a reminder, I got a tattoo of To Thine Own Self Be True on my back. It's in script and all girly with stars and swirls. It's a reminder to be true to who I am and what I want for my life. I think that is so important. You have to put yourself first and love yourself before you can love anyone else.
thanks erica! happy humpday! 


  1. lol!! well I guess there goes that idea if we ever meet! too funny

  2. I love nature and being outside but I can't stand camping. I need to shower on a daily basis and I don't find sleeping in a tent fun. I'd rather have a real bed. That being said I'm all about day hikes!

  3. I love camping in a hotel or motel something with walls and a roof and hot and cold running water and a comfy bed........

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