Lot 48: don't forget! you are beautiful linkup TOMORROW

April 15, 2015

don't forget! you are beautiful linkup TOMORROW

Lot 48

don't forget! the you are beautiful linkup is TOMORROW! what will you write about?  you can write about anything from self love and self esteem, to healthy body image, to something awesome that happened to you this past week, anything to promote self love! join emelia and i as we try to build a community of women who love themselves.

see you tomorrow! xoxo

ps. guess what! i get to meet emelia on saturday! i am so excited! it just so happens we will both be in vegas this weekend!  i can't wait! what are the chances?! fate!

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  1. I love that you do this. Even though I haven't really participated in it, I always love your posts.


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