Lot 48: 2 truths and a lie

April 9, 2015

2 truths and a lie

i am stealing this blog post idea from kay! she did it on april fool's day and i loved it so much i wanted to make my own too.  let's see if you can guess my lies!! 

1. i have been to the home of the screenwriter of bedtime stories
2. while dating my husband, he gave me a promise ring after dating for 3 months.  
3.  i was born in california. 

1. my toe nails often fall off.
2. i was once hospitalized and had my appendix taken out.
3.  when i was 17, i broke my wrist by falling while ice skating.

1. i was on the dean's list for two semesters.
2. i took a class called "the history of rock n roll"
3. i was a theater major my freshman year.

come back tomorrow to find out the truths and lies and make your guesses in the comments! 


  1. I took a class called The History of Rock N Roll, so I say that's totally true!

    1. Oh wait...I'm supposed to be guessing the lies - I'm guessing promise ring is a lie; appendix is a lie; theater major is a lie. All complete and total guesses!

  2. Okay, I'm guessing.. You weren't born in California, you didn't break your wrist ice skating, and you weren't a theater major. I'm gonna get these all wrong and I'm gonna be so annoyed, hahaha! But your's were hard! They couldn't all been close to the truth!

  3. Well, the answer to the promise ring, your toes, and your theater major are in your love story and about page :) So... I say not born in Cali, didn't break your wrist, and no dean's list (or that you were on it every semester, but still, lie!)


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