Lot 48: April 2015

April 30, 2015

they are beautiful

today is the day! one of my favorite days!! the day of you are beautiful linkup!! i do hope you will join us or at least get something out or emelia and i's posts! i hope you get something out of our attempt to cultivate a space of self love and positive self image.  
Lot 48

whenever i get down, whether it is on myself or down in the world in general, the greatest fix is to be around children.  i have 8 nieces and nephews, and they are the perfect medicine.  there is a saying "be like a child."  children are non judgemental, they don't care what they weigh, they are generally kind (at least my sweet babies are) and they are purely joyful.  i admire that.  they are beautiful.  inside and out.  

their worlds are run by princesses and trucks and dinosaurs and fun, not by their looks, what they think of themselves, of what others think of them.  when somebody hurts their feelings, they cry for 2 minutes, wipe their tears, and forgive, just like that.  i envy them for that.  i envy them in a lot of ways.  they are beautiful in the way they are able to forgive, in the way they are able to not judge themselves or others. that isn't so much a choice on their part, they haven't exactly learned how to judge yet. 

there is no sound sweeter than children's laughter.  and it can happen minutes after they stub their toe or get a "boo boo."  for me, if i stub my toe, it can lead to thinking "this is the worst day.  this bad thing happened earlier and then this other thing happened and this other thing and now this!! this is the worst day!" and then i can start crying uncontrollably and eat ice cream in my bed and watch friends.  but if i was a child, i would just cry for a second and if i was my niece, the big sister in the picture above, i would be laughing and playing and would have already forgotten that i stubbed my toe.  children are beautiful.

children are beautiful.  i want to be like them.  and i am not just talking about the naps and getting to play all day and having no worries.  no judgements, no holding on to what happened in the past, just joy.  

they are beautiful.

now you linkup! share your story of how you feel beautiful, something awesome you did, anything that comes to mind to promote self love! the next linkup will be may 14!

April 29, 2015

i confess... i am running out of ideas...

Making Melissa

i confess... that i am running out of ideas for posts. i have written soooo many guest posts lately that i have no ideas for this here blog. it is a problem. the only idea i have is for me to interview myself. or for a blog friend to interview me. i am so excited about belinda's blog everyday in may challenge!  this will be so good for me and will be the perfect way to get out of my blog slump.  i feel kind of ashamed because i have written about how i don't believe in writer's block and i don't, i really don't, i know that if i sat and stared at the wall and forced ideas out, they would flow, but i haven't had the energy because i just want to cuddle with my husband or read people magazine or watch tv.  i do believe in laziness.  that sh** is real.

i confess.... that you have no idea how much strength you have until you are forced to be pushed to your ultimate limits and be stronger than you thought you could be. that saying "she was strong because she had to be" is incredibly true.  life is crappy, unfair, beautiful, a roller coaster, and joyful.  last year at Christmas, taran and i had a life plan.  it was intact and it was a solid life plan.  we both had very good jobs and steady, very good income.  our plan was to pay off our debts in two years, save for year and travel to our bucket list places during that third year, then buy and house and start a family.  it was a great plan.  but i remember so well saying to taran "if you want to make God laugh, make a plan."  i knew i wouldn't work.  and then i lost my job, then taran lost his job, other bad things happened, and our plan was completely thrown out the window. but oh well!!! we still have a good life, taran just got offered a new job, i have a job that i love, we are so blessed.  it doesn't matter that our plan was thrown out the window.  i don't care.  i want to do what God wants us to do.  He knows better than we do.  when you are down to nothing, God is up to something.  read that on pinterest. :)

i confess... that birthday season is in session!! we had my brother in law's birthday yesterday, my niece's birthday on friday, my nephew's birthday on tuesday, my sister's on the 9th, mine on the 29th, and my niece's on the 31!! may is a busy month! plus my parent's anniversary is on the 7th!! 32 years!!

i confess... that i have nothing else to confess.  except that i am tempted to talk about how well i am working out but i hate it when people do that so i won't.

and DON'T FORGET that tomorrow is the you are beautiful linkup!!! write something you love about yourself or something positive about your body, something you did that was awesome, anything to promote self love and positivity about yourself!! grab the button and linkup TOMORROW!! don't forget!!!
Lot 48

peace out.


April 27, 2015

if i had money

monday.  blehhhhh..  let's talk about what i would do if i had money, shall we?  let's do that.  that sounds more fun than thinking about how it is monday and the weekend is over and two full days of cuddling with your husband is over. 

 money is nice.  and having a lot of it would be even nicer.  there are so many things that i want to do and see, but you can only do it if you have money! 

the #1 thing i would want to do if i had money is travel to these places. the thing about me and traveling though, is that it is verrry exhausting.  so i like to go slow.  i would want a lot of time in each of these places so i could relax and see everything.  i went to san francisco a few months ago, and when i woke up on the last day to get on the plane to go home, i nearly started to cry because i was soooo exhausted. we had packed so much into so little time, i didn't remember being so exhausted ever.  so if in the future, i would want a good chunk of time in each place so i wouldn't be cranky from exhaustion. 

each of these places are just so gorgeous and appealing and i have always wanted to go!! what are some places on your bucket list that you want to go to? 

a house. my husband and i live in a tiny little 600 square foot apartment right now and i am aching for a house.  we are a few years away from getting a house, but i really can't wait until we get one.  we go to the parade of homes every year so i can fantasize and drool over all the gorgeous million dollar homes and pretend for just a second that i live there. 

i would throw dinner parties! once when i was living with roommates in a house, i rented nice dinnerware and a big table and hosted a dinner party with my friends and it was so much fun! i love to entertain, but there is just no room in the apartment to have anyone over.  and hosting is pricy.  when i hosted that dinner party, i had to pinch pennies to pay rent the next month.  do you like entertaining? 

i would buy out the entire store of charming charlie.  this is my favorite store and i work in the management office of a mall that has charming charlie and i walk buy it every day and i have to exercise such self control! i love how they have necklaces, earrings, purses, bracelets for each color! and everything is so bright and fun! it is such a fun store! 

what would you do if you had money?

April 24, 2015

five things i wish i could do

friday!!! this week has been kind of rough, i'm not going to lie.  sometimes life gets hard because of situations that you can't control.  all you can do is put on a brave face and keep fighting.  keep moving.

i thought it would be fun to talk about things i wish i could do.  because there are a few things that i feel like are holding me back in life.

1. play any sport.  i think it would be fun to get together with a group of people and play soccer of basketball or something.  but i am sooooo completely terrible at any sport, it is actually really sad.  and kind of pathetic.  i don't know what happened.  but i am the least athletic person ever.

2. play guitar. i can play basic chords, but i am pretty bad.  i learned the guitar by taking a class in college.  my dad is a guitarist and has a band and has played the guitar since i was 7.   when you first start playing guitar, whew! the tips of your fingers hurt so badly! and there are so many tricks and funky stuff that you can do with the guitar that i was never able to get.  the only song i can play is "the first cut is the deepest."  john mayer is a phenomenal guitarist and i admire my dad and absolutely love that i can bring him a song i want to sing, give him the chords, he listens to it twice and can just play it.  one of my favorite parts of going home for visits is jamming with my dad.  he has like a 5 pound binder filled with songs he knows that we can sing and we just go through them.  doesn't matter if he just did a 12 hour surgery and he is really tired or if i'm sick and my voice is shot, he always makes me jam with him whenever i go home. i love it so much.

3. be able to sightread piano.  just look at music and play without making mistakes.  i took piano growing up, and it takes me soooo long to learn a song.  i get frustrated really easily and often don't have the patience to learn the song.  i want to be perfect at it now!!

4. be fluent in spanish.  i took four semesters of spanish in college and i can read okay in spanish and when i listen to it, i can understand about 30% of what is being said.  but i wish i could speak it and listen and read and write fluently.  while busing tables at an italian restaurant where all the cooks and fellow busers only spoke spanish and i was taking my highest level of spanish as well, i was nearly fluent.  i would work all weekend and by sunday night i would dream in spanish.  immersion is for sure the best way to learn the language.  i really miss that.  i could conjugate in every way possible.  it was fabulous.  i think everyone should learn a second language.  but when you aren't around it, you lose it.  it kind of makes me sad.  it makes me sad that we aren't forced to learn a second language in elementary school.  my brother, who was our foreign exchange student from spain, speaks five languages, and when he lived with us, he was 15! that is the norm for europeans.  my children will speak at least 2 languages.  and i will become fluent with them.

5. enjoy cooking and errands.  but i just don't.  i hate cooking.  i really, really do.  i hate running errands, i don't really mind laundry, i don't like cleaning (but who does? monica from friends?)  but i do it.  but not the cooking or the grocery shopping.  i just hate it so much!! taran does it!! i think i can count on one hand the number of times i have done it since we got married.  i feel really bad about it.  i'm a bad wife.

ps. did you catch my guest post over at not entirely perfect this week?  i talk about what i would do if i had money!

pps. did you catch my interview on the lilac linnet?  we had "lunch!"

and now i want to introduce you to one of my favorite bloggers! no, she really is! no lie! i love LOVE how much she talks about tv, a girl after my own heart! kay is my girl! she just renamed her blog and got a pretty new design too! also, if you love pretty little liars, you must read her blog! she is an expert on the show and gives theories and recaps on episodes and everything!


Tell us a little bit about what we will find on your blog.  Life? Recipes? Fitness?
My blog is a little bit like my life, which is all over the place! I hesitate to group my blog or myself into a category, but I guess you could call me a Lifestyle blogger. You'll find some things about my life, but you'll also find a lot of beauty, a lot of sports, the occasional recipe, and sometimes I blog about blogging. 

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be?
The list of people I'd want to have dinner with who have already passed is longer than my to-do list, so I'm going to choose someone who is still alive. I think I'd have to choose Sophia Bush. I've loved and admired her for years and years and I would just bet that a dinner with her would be full of incredible conversation and inspiration!

Describe your perfect Saturday
While I'd love to say something wild and crazy, my perfect Saturday would just be filled to the brim with warm sunshine, my fantastic friends and family, and laughs. So many laughs, because I think laugher can cure an awful lot of ailments. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or, what is your favorite place you have traveled to?
I could go on and on about my insane list of travel wishes, but currently I just absolutely need to go to London. I just currently have this ridiculous obsession with the British at the moment. I'm ridiculous, I know.

if you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be?
"It gets better." I think it was definitely something I wouldn't have believed or listened to, but definitely something I needed to hear. I tell my younger siblings all the time that it gets better and that none of the bad stuff lasts, because it doesn't.

have a fabulous weekend everyone! i am looking forward to this one being much more relaxing than the one before

April 22, 2015

i confess.... i need to grocery shop

Making Melissa

i confess..... that i really hate working from home.  i get really distracted and it isn't as fun.  i like working around people and i get a lot more done.  i am a lot more productive.  but some days i have to work from home.  but i have learned that working on the couch in the living room instead of at my desk in my bedroom is my productive.  just being near bed isn't good.  it's like my bed is taunting me.  "come herrrreeee lauren.  you know you want tooooo.  come snuggle with me and watch a movie."  it's just too tempting. 

i confess... that for some reason when i cross my legs or even don't cross my legs and am just sitting my feet get really tingly.  i don't know why.  it is kind of worrying me and annoying me.  and freaking me out.

i confess... that we really need to make a serious grocery store trip.  we have no hand soap, no clorox wipes, and noooo food.  enough with the chinese takeout and BLTs.  we need to go to the grocery store.  

i confess... that i am still so exhausted from vegas.  that trip was one exhausting trip.  i really did not expect it to be so exhausting as it was.  but oh it was.  i think it was the long 7 hour drive as well that did it.  and the non supportive shoes that i brought to walk around in. #dumb

i confess... that i really want to  see woman in gold.  ryan reynolds and helen mirren? yes please! 

i confess... that i just watched along came polly and the decoy bride on netflix and loved them.  they were both so cute.  i love good netflix finds. 

i confess... i just did the jillian michaels 30 day shred for the first time today and i now reallly reallly jillian michaels.  she was so mean and so unencouraging and seriously said "we're doing this because it's my DVD and so, i can." she was just so cocky and was like "if i am selling a DVD that says ripped in 30 days is this going to be easy?!?" obviously not, but can you give me some encouragement please?  because you are killing me.  next time i do it, it will be on mute for sure. because i cannot stand to listen to her.  i fully hate her.  

what are you confessions? 

April 21, 2015

vegas weekend!!!

hey! vegas weekend!! it was such a fun weekend! but so exhausting.  we packed a lot into one day! i went with my best friend patrisha! we had been to vegas a million times and hadn't had a girl's weekend in 3 years, so it was long overdue.

i drove to my hometown and stayed the night at my house on friday night and we drove the 2 hours to vegas in the morning. the first things we saw when we got there was the elvis wedding chapel.  seemed appropriate. 

and look at the sign in the window! so funny! 

patrisha lived in taiwan for 18 months and speaks fluent chinese, and there is a great asian market that we stopped at so she could get her fix. i walked in with her and was overwhelmed by the smell of fish and started gagging.  "nope! nope! waiting in the car!" i grabbed the car keys and ran.  i hate the smell of fish, but this smell was overwhelming. yuck. 

we stayed at the bellagio!! i was so excited because it is one of my favorite hotels and i had always wanted to stay there!! 

the room was soooo nice!! i fail at life and didn't take any pictures of the bedroom but it was so nice!! there were buttons to close the drapers on the windows and the sheer drapes! 

huge bathtub! 

huge shower!! 

and they had robes in the closet!! so fancy! 

we took the monorail to the m&m factory but it was a ridiculously long walk.  we had to walk alllll the way through bally's and alllll the way through the mgm grand our feet were hurting soooo badly. 

when we got there, i got to meet emelia!! it was amazing that we got to meet! what are the odds that we were in vegas at the same time?! co creators of you are beautiful linkup  finally get to meet! she was so nice and her fiance chuck was so awesome!  i am so happy that i got to meet her!

i loved this cute little slot m&m dispenser!  

i think patrisha has a crush on mr red

then ms. brown visited! 

then we went to the coca-cola factory!

we got the tray from around the world, which allows you to taste coke flavors from, well, around the world! some tasted sooooo bad.  i liked the one from japan and southern africa.

the one from italy tasted like acid.  mixed with cough syrup and hell.

outside, i had to take a picture with the female olaf. 

it was time for some serious pool time so we went back to the hotel to soak up some rays at the gorgeous bellagio pool.  this was the walkway to the pool! 

this was the exclusive pool that you had to reserve a chair and there were waiters that took your order at your chair.  pretty much my dream.  but it was closed by the time we got there so blehhh. 

hot tub!  


then we went back to the room to get ready for the night.  we had tickets to cirque du soleil's mystere and had to find some dinner in the hotel because our feet were really mad at us and we didn't want to walk far.

 i had curled my hair that morning but it was so dead by this point.

what kind of blogger would i be if didn't take pictures of my food?  the waiter asked us what we were going to do that night and we said we were going to mystere and he asked if we were just going to hope around to clubs and we just nodded along but we were both thinking "ummmm.... bed? the show is at 9:30!! what are, 18??" we are both grandmas and don't like to stay up past 10 pm.  and we also don't drink and aren't comfortable in clubs.  speaking of which. 

i got these tweets while we were in vegas.  HAHAHAHHAH i tweeted back to the free drinks ones and said "all the virgin daiquiris we want?!?!" and you can see his response.  we both just laughed at it.  like i would ever call that creep from my own phone so he could have my number.  the only way i would ever call him was from a burner.  i am pretty comfortable in clubs, i have been to countless, but trish isn't.  and i have always wanted to go to TAO.  you  just go and dance and TAO and my wedding ring is the magic men repeller. 

i walked into the beautiful theater and an usher told me "there is no photography in the theater" and i said "ooookay" then sneaked like 12 pictures.  no pictures? BA! yeah, right. 

serves me right, i guess, because all the pictures are pretty bad anyway.  this pic is from the very end of the show, i have no idea what is up with the giant snail.  
the show was absolutley amazing.  so much gymnastics and acrobatics!! the only other cirque show i have seen is beatles love which was much more theatrical.  

trish fell asleep right at the end of the show.  i didn't cause i ordered a diet coke a dinner.  but as we were walking out of the theater, i held onto trish's shoulder and closed my eyes and blindly followed her out of the theater to the valet.  we were soooooo exhausted.  it was 1 am utah time by the time we got to bed and we had been up since 8 am. 

the #1 thing i wanted to do in vegas was go to serendipity.  the movie is one of my favorites and i have always wanted to go to the restaurant, so when i heard they had one in vegas, i was sooo excited.  i had to have the frozen hot chocolate! so in the morning before we left to go home we walked next door to caesar's.  we had to be on the road by 11 vegas time and we didn't get to serendipity until 10, and the wait for breakfast was 20 minutes.  so we sat at the bar.

everything was so expensive and we were so out of money. with only two hours away from home and with snacks that could tide us over, we just got the hot chocolate to split. look!  they had $1000 sundae! i asked if it had gold on it, like that dessert jack gets in season 3 of 30 rock.  it does. 

we were surprisingly speedy at serendipity so we had time to go to the conservatory. 

 after i drooled at the harry winston display.

as i mentioned, patrisha lived in taiwan for 18 months, and saw asian trees behind the check in counter so she knew the conservatory would be asian themed.  she was really excited when she saw this display.  and it smelled sooo nice!! 

it was just an amazing weekend in vegas but man was it exhausting! i was so glad that i didn't have to work on monday because i was sooo tired! i woke up on monday morning and my feet still hurt!!

here's to many more awesome girls weekends with my bestie in the future!