Lot 48: what i would do with $100.....

March 3, 2015

what i would do with $100.....

ravors can be really expensive.  i know i always hate it when i need a new razor and i get the one that has the moisture strip in it so it usually runs around $14.  but the dollar shave club ships quality razors to your door for only $2 a month (not including shipping and handling)  watch their promo video because it's funny and i like it.

i heard about the dollar shave club and wanted to join in on speculating what i would do with $100, because that is about how much your man would save a month by using these razors.   

things i would want to buy

  • a really nice phone case.
  • a new dress, probably from shabby apple
  • $100 worth of gushers
  • $100 dollars worth of gushers
  • a night in a fancy hotel
  • several new spring shirts because i have been wearing the same clothes since i was in high school. and that is pretty sad.
  • presents for my nieces and nephews to buy their love
  • get tickets to a cirque du soleil in vegas because vegas is just a hop skip and a jump away for me.
  • surprise taran with something fun or something he really wants.  but he never wants ANYTHING.  
  • buy all ugly betty seasons on DVD.
  • get a manicure and a pedicure.
  • bribe my best friend not to move away.  oh wait.  it's too late.  she already did.
  • bribe other people to love me.
what would you do with $100?? 

and now i want to introduce you to one my favorite people, kristen from miss southern!! i had the pleasure of meeting back in september when she came to salt lake city for work.  she is just as amazing and awesome as you would think by reading her blog.  i love her voice and her stories she shares on her blog, so don't miss out!! 

Hello Lauren’s readers! I’m excited for some of you to get to know me with a few questions that Lauren has asked me. 

Tell us a little bit about what we will find on your blog. : 
My blog, Miss Southern, is compiled of my random thoughts, recipes, life lessons and the journey of my life as a southern miss. I love to share my life experiences, yummy treats and dishes I’ve made in my kitchen, fashion favorites, my love for sports and fitness and any other crazy thoughts that I have in my heart.  

If you could have dinner with anyone in the world, dead or alive, who would it be? : 
Reese Witherspooon, I just love her. I think she is such a classy successful women that has accomplished so much in life. And she’s pretty adorable, maybe she’d let me tour her closet…and teach me her cute southern accent.

Describe your perfect Saturday.:  
Oh my perfect Saturday…I would peacefully wake up in a big comfy bed after sleeping in but not too late. After a morning yoga session I would meet friends for lunch, spend the day being pampered at the salon and shopping with friends and my sisters and mom. That evening Kyle, my husband, and I would get dressed fancy and have dinner and drinks at a nice restaurant while finishing the evening with wine and dessert by the open fire at a fire pit. 

If you could travel anywhere in the world, where would it be? Or what is your favorite place you have traveled to? : 
If I could go anywhere it would be Italy. I would absolutely love to visit Italy and take a cooking class. Anytime I watch Giada De Laurentiis while she cooks her way through Italy, snacking on cheese and sipping on wine I feel so much jealousy in my heart! I’d also pick up a pair of Italian leather boots while there!  Someday, someday. 
Favorite place I have actually traveled would be Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. Kyle and I stayed right on the beach at resort for seven amazing nights and it was pure blitz. Pretty much any time my toes hit the sand it can be described as a fabulous time!

If you could give advice to your younger self, what would it be? : 
I would tell myself to enjoy playing outside until the street lights came on with not a care in the world more. To skip at least a few more classes in college and to continue on right after my bachelors with my master’s degree, do not wait.

i love kristen! stop over and say hi to her!  happy tuesday! xoxo! 


  1. $100 dollars worth of gushers, a woman after my own heart. That would last me about a week! They're sooo good.

  2. $100 worth of gushers. LOVE it!

    If I had $100 extra bucks, I would buy lots of tickets to Angels games!

  3. My husband uses these razors and I recently started using them too...no joke...I love them! As for $100 I would buy myself some new spring clothes!

  4. I got my husband a subscription for these razors for Christmas, but he's recently decided to go back to his Gillette because these nicked his face too bad :( I even used them on my legs and they nicked me too. I was excited for him to use them because I can see how they would save money (the Gillette's he uses are expenisve!), but I'd rather spend more so he doesn't have a nicked up face all the time.

  5. Oh I would love a $100 to spend on myself but knowing me I would spend it on my girls or grandchildren because that is me


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