Lot 48: what i would do if i had a million dollars

March 11, 2015

what i would do if i had a million dollars

**i originally wrote this post for geez louise.  plus, have you clicked on all my links to get a free kotex 3D capture core sample?** 

today, i am going to talk about what i would do if i had a million dollars.  i know i couldn't do all of these, so these are each one by one situations.  i know i couldn't buy a mansion and travel through europe.  so these are all 5 different things i would do with a million, yeah?

buy a mansion.  oh the glamour!  i love mansions! who doesn't, right?  when i was dating my husband, we went to the parade of homes.  we saw this absolutely GORGEOUS mansion that is like a dream.  we went there twice and i was so in love with it.  i had been wearing a promise ring for months and a proposal was near.  i told taran, my husband, "i want to get engaged here."  they had this adorable little gazebo in the backyard and it was surrounded by all these pretty trees and it was just so beautiful.  i told him i wanted to get engaged there.   nobody was living in it, the construction company just built it, so he called the company and they said it would be okay for him to use the gazebo!  he decorated the pathway with beautiful tiny candles in bags and hung fake garlands with pretty flowers (all per my mom's suggestion) it was so beautiful.  and duh, of course i would love to live in a mansion. 

travel through europe:  who wouldn't want to travel through europe?  given my recent travel experiences, i have learned that i get really cranky after 3 days of walking and sightseeing so i would want to do it at a slow pace.  it becomes not fun anymore when you are so exhausted and your feet hurt so badly.  my sister and her best friend went to DC and they walked until literally her friend's feet bled.  not for me.  i would want to do it slowly.  and if we had a million dollars, we could right?  i would want to see greece (especially santorini, above) germany, paris, amsterdam, prague, venice, florence (already been to rome) all the hot spots.  i think i would just follow casey's list and go that way.  

pay off debt + put a downpayment on a house because realistically, my husband wouldn't let me spend a ton of money until we pay off our debt.  so this seems like the most realistic solution.  that man is so responsible and careful with money.  it's good, but also, i just want to go to europe.  we really want a house but don't want a house until our debt is paid off, so if we won a million, that is probably what he would make us do. 

give it to charity:  this is the children's hospital in my city, i would give all the money to that hospital.  it is a really good hospital and is ranked nationally in some categories.  i would want to give the money to a place that counted.  like a hospital or a homeless fund or something like that.  

follow maroon 5 through their entire tour.  we had plans to go see maroon 5 next month and had our tickets bought and everything.  but now that i have lost my job, we can't afford to go.  it breaks my heart.  it really does.  i hate it.  i wanted to see them sooooo badly and every time i listen to their new album (which is their absolute best) i imagine seeing them perform it live.  it totally breaks my heart that we can't go see them.  we had to put our tickets up for sale.  we were going to see them in LA, which is the tour stop that is closest to us.  heart.  broken.  

thanks for letting me take over today! i hope you stop by my blog soon! 




  1. That first house..can I even call it a house? Magical!

  2. Fun post! Oh my gosh that first house is gorgeous! I would definitely want to pay tithe to our church, pay off our debt and then probably have some fun! :)

  3. You got engaged at the parade of homes house? I didn't know that!!

  4. If I had money I would travel more and live in nice house

  5. I would pay off student loans and then buy a house, though in this market I might wait a couple of years, until we know more of what is actually going to happen with real estate. I would invest a large chunk of the rest of it, though I have no idea how, off the top of my head. That much money is beyond what I know how to invest right now, so I'd read some good books and talk to some good people.

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